Sananda: The Journey of the Violet Flame

Dear sons and daughters of planet Earth! I am Sananda!

Once again being here is a reason for much joy and much love for all of you. Every time I put my voice to many, I go back as if by magic, to that time when I was on the top of the mountains putting my words, my truths, to many. It is a moment of great joy for me to know that I have a voice again, that today I can speak directly to each one of you, and much more, that I can be so close to each one of you that, as we have already explained here, I can sit in front of you and we can have a good conversation. This is possible, you just have to believe, that you see me sitting in front of you. I will answer each of your questions; you just have to concentrate and open your heart.

Don’t try to see me as a physical being, don’t try to reproduce me; just know that I am there, the form is not important. I can be a small point of light, as I can be a small animal, as I can be just a voice; the form doesn’t matter, what matters is the love that I have in my heart and that allows me to be there exchanging conversations, and ideas with each one of you.

Today you begin a new journey: a journey of learning, of elevation, of knowledge, but mainly, a transforming change in your lives. Some of you have already walked a long path, have done what was asked of you, what was guided; others have not, but are finding it interesting to be here. All are welcome. As Saint Germain said, not all of you will make it to the end, because the journey is not simple. It is simple in its model, but not in the transformation it will bring about.

So I would like, here today, to give some warning to all of you who want to participate in this great Journey of the Violet Flame. You are excited, you are happy, you are like children on the first day of school, where nobody knows each other, everybody is there to fulfill their classes; you don’t yet know the room, where you will sit, with which friends you will be close. So you are all in the yard, shouting, happy, running, playing, waiting for the bell to start the class. So what do I ask of each of you now? Before the class starts, leave all this vibration, this joy, this fun outside the classroom. So for this I am going to leave here some rules, so that we try to make things work with a lot of zeal, with a lot of love, and especially with education, respect, and order.

Imagine that you will start your classes today. This will be the first part of the journey. So this will be the first class.

Inside the classroom there is no messing around, no playing, no screaming, no cute things; only study, concentration, thinking, exchange of ideas, exchange of experiences. So no introductions, no greetings, this is over. From now on everyone is in the classroom.

Those who enter later, enter quietly, without making noise, without dragging chairs, so as not to disturb the concentration of the other classmates.

You missed a part of the story, look for it calmly later. There are too many of you. Imagine if everyone who arrives in class decides to say good morning, to say hello to everyone; the class will never start, and everyone will be distracted from the real subject, from the real purpose, which is study.

I can advance here that this will be a lonely journey, because the change will be individual. Each one will undergo the change in his or her own way. The idea of the study group is for you to exchange experiences. And I ask each one of you: don’t have other subjects in the classroom. The only and main subject is the Journey of the Violet Flame, there are no other subjects.

So I authorize the teachers and coordinators of the class to delete anything that goes against the direction of the studies. There is no need to warn them. It will be deleted. Who doesn’t like quiet classes, organized classes, classes where everyone pays attention to what is being said, it’s simple, just leave the school.

Here it will not be messy, because it is necessary that you make an internal change and comment on your vision with your colleagues. Now what is very important: respect; above all respect for other people’s opinions. Someone has talked a tremendous foolishness, in your view, within your point of view, don’t retract it, don’t condemn it, don’t try to correct it, because he who doesn’t understand is in his own time.

How many of you think you are teachers, because you are already applying the content of the Violet Flame. I ask each one of you to remain as students; don’t try to impose your understanding or your knowledge on others. Everyone is on the same level. It doesn’t matter, because you all have to walk the same road. So it’s no use those who think they are very good wanting to influence those who come after.

I ask you to respect each one’s time, and not try to impose your ideas, your understandings. Everyone will have the right to put forward their opinion, their understanding, and no one will have the right to contest it. The opinion of the other, the understanding of the other is important, so that you can make an analysis of your own understanding, and in the end you can come to the conclusion that that brother is totally wrong, or maybe you saw him in a wrong way, and he saw you in a right way.

Then nobody will be right, nobody will be wrong. When you share your experiences, you help others to see another side of the story, not to dispute, not to recriminate; just to see everything in another way. It is not you who will be leading this journey, it will be Saint Germain. So each one of those who put something that in their view is wrong, Saint Germain will work with them to make them see that they have misunderstood.

It is not you who will teach anyone. The idea is that rightly, different points of view make your consciousnesses broaden. It is not for anyone to teach anything. You will not be the teachers; the teacher is Saint Germain, and when he has to give a message to the class, he will.

So what I ask of all of you who will begin this journey today, or tomorrow, or the day after, is to behave like adults, not like tantrum children, not like children who want to appear, not like children who are afraid to speak. The exchange of experiences is important, it is fundamental, so that everyone realizes that they are capable. And everyone will feel the change; this I guarantee.

I ask each one of you to listen to everything I am saying several times, to comply with the norms and rules. This is not a chat group, this is not a newsgroup; it is a study group, it is a classroom, and within the classroom the teacher sets his rules. So we are here setting the rules. Then I can hear some saying, “But wouldn’t Saint Germain be the one putting the rules?” We are all one.

I am the one who leads the groups, of this large group at this moment. So the rules of the groups are made by me. Saint German is the teacher; let’s say I am the principal of the school, and I put the rules of the school. So think very carefully before you post any messages, and as I said, the coordinators will have my permission to delete anything unnecessary without warning, because they will be following my orders.

So I hope you are understanding. Who doesn’t like orders, who doesn’t like rules, feel free to look for another school, because here there are rules, there is order. I don’t admit disorder. The moment is for interiorization, the moment is for learning, the moment is for transformation. If you want to play, find another playground, not inside the classroom.

I hope I have been very clear. I hope that all of you who really want to follow this journey will abide by these rules. It is not much that I ask; it is simple and easy to do. And be assured, it will be a great journey, for all those who behave. It will be worth following. It will be worth doing.

So, shall we go? Let’s go into the classroom? I am waiting for you for the first day.

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