Grounding For The Incoming Energetics

We are just a few days away from the Autumnal and Vernal Equinoxes in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres respectively in the sign of Libra (Tropical Zodiac) and Virgo (Sidereal Zodiac) which will arrive on September 22nd or 23rd according to various time zones, and planetary vibrational frequencies and amplitudes are erratic—moving upwards and downwards like the proverbial teeter-totter on a playground—a sign of the activations of LIGHT into Earth/Gaia.

Equinox as well as Solstice portals, just like other types of cosmic portals such as New Moons, Full Moons, etc., are especially tuned-up with energetic currents which herald medium-strength to strong solar flares, winds, and coronal mass ejections, which, in turn, activate certain weather conditions on the planet.

Such is occurring presently as “Tropical Storm Nicholas” strengthens as it heads for the USA states of Louisiana, Texas, and the country of Mexico.

Other places around the world are also experiencing storms and floods.

These are times in which to be very “grounded” so that the intensive LIGHT can more easily move through the physical vessel.

One of the ways in which to ground more sufficiently is to eat foods that grow below ground such as potatoes, yams, carrots, radishes, etc.

Another way is to wear malas that come from trees and plants, as has been mentioned before, such as Boddhi Seed or Sandalwood or those which are in some way anchored in water to Earth/Gaia such as Lotus Seed whose stems are strongly rooted below lakes and ponds and whose lovely colorful petals stretch out to meet each morning’s Sun.

Further “grounding” can be accessed by spending quality time in Nature among trees, plants, and water—walking or meditating or affirming reception of the LIGHT by reciting an affirmation several times which has been suggested previously: “I AM BLESSED BY SOURCE LIGHT”.

Sometimes sitting against a tree (weather permitting) and reading verses from one’s particular holy text or journaling or drawing or playing tuning forks or singing bowls creates a comforting healing energy.

When stormy weather does not permit being outside, lighting candles and incense inside one’s home and doing all of the other activities suggested that would have been done outside are still wonderfully relaxing.

This is a wonderful time in which to learn about the various hertz frequencies of tuning forks and singing bowls as they relate to our chakra system in which reside our organs, glands, muscles, and tissues.

Wearing the healing colors of Nature such as the greens of the leaves of trees and plants and the colors of flower petals (roses, gardenias, lavender, etc.) assist in resonating with the beauty of our planet which has come from SOURCE as the “ULTIMATE ARTIST” of all of creation—above and below our planet and throughout our galaxy.

The coming Full Moon in Pisces (Tropical Zodiac) and Aquarius (Sidereal Zodiac) on either September 19th or 20th, according to time zones, will bring influxes of LIGHT which will be opportunities for furtherance of spiritual healing and consciousness elevation individually and collectively.

As has been discussed more than once, the new seasons will usher-in profounder LIGHT-bearing cosmic energetics due to the planetary conditions which are being more dynamically cleansed so that PEACE, LOVE, ABUNDANCE, and HEALTH can become the “norm” on Earth/Gaia.

Many Spiritual Scientists are speaking of the fact that this era of “Kali Yuga” is when the “Energetic War” between TRUTH and UNTRUTH is at its most intense. However, this is also when the opportunities discussed above are most present—the invitation to “level-up” spiritually.

To reiterate a major fact, we are also in the portal of the coming Mercury Retrograde. This is an awesome time (as well as the retrograde itself between September 27th and October 18th) to obtain all of the “grounding” tools necessary and to review various rituals as well as to self-reflect on the importance of nurturing oneself as well as advising that others do the same.

This allows for clearer thought processes regarding the political, philosophical, sociological, scientific, and medical challenges of today. Humanity will need to use its free will in ways that will soothe the planet with loving vibrations—not harm it with oppressive mandates.

If people are not properly “grounded”, clear thought is impossible because there will be too much anxiety and nervousness as interferences.

Then unadvisable actions would be taken that could result in unwanted outcomes.

As we enter the final months of the year of “2021”, there will be an uptick in the forces of imbalance which will require that anchoring into SOURCE LIGHT will be vital. Use this “Now” for preparation so that as the year “2022” arrives with its vibration of the number “6” in Pythagorean Numerical Science will bring family and world community solidarity in appreciation for all of creation and caring for it like the precious treasure that it is and has always been because SOURCE always creates LOVE and BEAUTY.

You will not see it unless you believe it. Remember this scriptural verse: “As you believe, so be it unto you” (Yeshua Ha Messiah), and in terms of things which are unkind and evil and altogether disharmonious, he taught: “Shake the dust off your feet, and let your peace return to you.”

Stay in the LIGHT.
Be wise.
Be cautious.

Be aligned with your HIGHER SELF—SOURCE as your very SOUL.

**By Dr Schavi M Ali