Silent Miracles

Miracles happen silently, unobtrusively. They do not make a lot of noise. They gently alight on one, when one is open and ready to receive them.

They do not go where there the most noise and crowds are – for so often miracles happen within the soul – where it finds the most fertile soil to plant the seeds for the greater miracles to manifest into being.

The most profound shifts in consciousness do not make a lot of noise either, and do not come with big bangs and fanfares and roaring speeches.

The most profound shifts happen silently, and like miracles shift everything – perception, inner Being, indeed, it is steeped in profound love and something which cannot be defined in mere words. It goes beyond expression.

At this moment of massive earth changes – the Shift is asking for pragmatic, awe inspired SOULFILLED LEADERSHIP.

It is here within the soul-filled, soul-led leadership, for the soul-filled, soul-ful, soul-love-and-light filled, Being, that these souls will lead humanity into the New Golden Age.

They cannot do or be other than this.

The greatest miracles will happen within the SOUL first and foremost, and then will have a ripple effect outwards.

Yet, when the self-same soul is willing to give it their all, to step into the highest service and be used as an instrument by the Divine, that where-ever the soul goes, miracles will happen.

Again, not with so big noise. Nor with big fanfares, parades and whatever humanity so loves churning up.

In the presence, of the multitude yes, with the soul-felt, heart-felt, mind-inspired moments, when the soul rises above itself into an expanded Higher Soul Self, the miracles will alight silently within the hearts and souls of all it find there, present, and as such it will be that angels are shifting the Soul of Humanity – and silently, silently, the New is consciously rising, rising, rising.

Miracles silently will rest upon those who are open and ready to rise into the Highest of the High and the New.

I have spoken from the depths of my heart, mind, soul and Being.

I will say no more.

**By Judith Kusel


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