‘UFO’ With ‘Flashing Lights’ Spotted Darting Above Ocean For Five Minutes

Bright lights spotted “ping-ponging” across the South Australian skyline are believed to be a so-called UFO.

The phenomenon spotted on September 7 went on for 5 minutes on the south coast, near the border with Victoria.

The UFO Hunters website said: “Flashing light moving rapidly over the ocean sighted by me and my partner accelerated quickly to the left then hovered random flashes of light getting bright.

“Then dim it ping-ponged back and forth up and down and then hovered while slowly fading out saw red white and blue colours checked flight radar and nothing was in the air near what we were looking at very interesting!”

There have been several similar reports earlier this year of strange lights in the sky above the continent.

One report from 9News said that strange lights spotted over the over early morning skies in Melbourne back in April left residents believing they had encountered a fleet of unidentified objects.


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  1. Å. Södergren

    How many civilizations are there in an infinite universe?
    Their interest in us is atomic warheads, so we don’t do another Bang Bang.