8 Ways to Program your Water for Manifestation


Did you know that the Earth is 70% water? Our bodies are also 70% water!  Have you ever wondered if there was a connection or reason for this?  Water is the element of emotion, intuition, spiritual connections, flow, feminine energy, and it has the ability to cleanse our internal, external and energetic bodies.

The water on the planet and in our bodies connects us to the energies of the element of water.  Water is life and every living thing has water in it.  Water makes the Earth grow and can help humans stay healthy physically and energetically.  Water helps connect us to one another and all living creatures on Earth.

Have you ever splashed cool water on your face when you are feeling stressed or tired?

This is because it’s been passed down through your DNA from your ancestors that water is a tool that can be utilized to refresh and cleanse your body and energetic field or aura.  You may not realize this when you shower or bathe or splash cool water on yourself, but it has been ingrained in our natural instincts.  Water is also a conductor of energy and by keeping your bodies hydrated, you help facilitate the flow of your chi and help your body move toxins out of the body.

Everything emits its own energy signature, including our thoughts and feelings.  When we think anxious thoughts— or feel sad— it can manifest as physical symptoms and illness.  These thoughts and feelings have their own energy and because we are energy, and we are 70% water, these thoughts are actually programming our bodies!

Our bodies take on these thoughts and feelings and change the molecular structures of our energy and physical form.  This doesn’t mean that it’s wrong or bad to have feelings that are less desirable, it just brings our awareness to the power of our thoughts and feelings. Hopefully this information will prompt you to work through the ups and downs of everyday life differently, so that you can keep yourself healthy.  One way you can help facilitate your healing, raise your vibration, thoughts and feelings is through programming your water before you drink it, shower, or bathe in it.


Dr. Masaru Emoto was a Japanese scientist who experimented with water to see if speaking different words or listening to different types of music would create different molecular structures of the water.  He got the idea to do this experiment because he had been using water with information to help heal people’s illnesses.  Basically, he would pinpoint the negative emotion using an MRA machine, then he would add the opposite emotion to the water— and his patients would drink the water— and the negative emotion would go away.

However, people have a hard time believing what they cannot see— and so he set out to find a way to “show” why the right kind of information put into the water benefited people and the planet.  He stumbled across a book about snowflakes which led to him freezing water and looking at its frozen molecules under a microscope to see how different words and sounds changed its structure, if at all.

What he discovered was amazing.  Water molecules did in fact take on different shapes or structures— depending on what it was exposed to.  Positive words and music created beautiful hexagonal water crystals while negative words and music created water crystals that were displeasing to look at.

With this information we know that everything is energy and that our thoughts, sounds and feelings affect the molecular structure of water, in turn affecting our own physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.  Programming water can be a fun and beneficial way to bring about positive changes and it can be done in many ways.  Below I will discuss the different ways you can “program” your water so that it has a beneficial effect on your energy field and physical body when you drink or bathe in it.


  1. Pure Intention. Speak to your water kindly to program water— just as Dr. Masaru Emoto learned to do.
  2. If you are attuned to Reiki, you can Reiki your water.  Reiki is a form of energy healing, and you can use the Reiki energy to transform your water to whatever energy you wish is to possess, by setting the intention before Reiki-ing your water. This is an advanced way to program water, but anyone can be attuned to Reiki. For Reiki 1, you can use your hands to program water with intention and the flow of Reiki Energy. For Reiki 2+, you could add symbols for intention as well. If you use Antahkarana symbol with Reiki, you can use this symbol with Intention. I have Antahkarana coasters I have had made.
  3. If you are attuned to Light Language, you can speak or sing light language to the water, again setting the intention for your desired effect.  You can draw light language symbols on paper and put the paper under your glass, or tape the paper onto your glass or even make a coaster with the symbol on it to program water.
  4. Write something kind or write angel numbers or frequency numbers on a sheet of paper and put it under your glass of water or tape it to your glass.  Speak the angel numbers into your water and let it sit on the sheet of paper for at least 20 minutes before drinking it. Some good suggestions: Joy, Calm. Numbers 528 (for love), Angel numbers 1111 will program your water for Spiritual Enlightenment or 4444 will program your water for Angel Protection.
  5. Listen to solfeggio frequencies with your glass of water near the speaker the music is coming from to program your water for healing.  This will transform your water to hold the energy of the different solfeggio frequencies and the effects they are meant to have on the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies. You can also use the solfeggio numbers, as instructed in number 4.
  6. Drum, use a rattle or use a flute to program water.  Again, setting the intention of the energy you wish the water to possess. Especially if you are attuned to Light Language, you can add this extra layer with intention. If you are attuned to Advanced Light Language, you may have an instrument you specifically use to bring forth Light Language, like the piano.
  7. Switchwords are powerful affirmations that speak directly to your subconscious and bypass thoughts you have circling in your head that might counteract a positive affirmation. You could use FIND-COUNT-DIVINE for increase in money flow. BRING-ON-LOVE-DIVINE will help you find love. TOGETHER-CHANGE will help you align with your goal and release resistance. Switchwords are easy to find with a simple web search, and you can follow this Switchwords link to learn more about them.
  8. Angel Fire. If you know how to use this powerful modality of calling in the Angels with just a thought of colored light, this is an easy way to program your water. You could use emerald green for healing or sapphire blue for truth and protection. Learn how to use Angel Fire for yourself and others with this easy class.


Think outside of the box when it comes to programming water. Using any of the techniques above, you can program water for any of these intentions, or come up with any new ones! I’d love to hear your ideas in the comments.

  • Healing physical or emotional pain
  • Detoxification or to help detox symptoms
  • Feelings of peace and calm, decrease anxiety
  • Energizing for a busy day
  • Help for feeling more connected to your higher self and the spirit realm
  • Protection for transmuting lower frequency vibrations
  • Increase attention span or to help you get work done
  • To increase your manifesting efforts on whatever you are manifesting at this time


The more often you program water to bring about positive change for yourself— the more effective the water will be.  You can even program a glass of water to bring about peace, new growth, healing, health and vitality and use that water to water your indoor plants or your garden.

You could pour the program water into a river, lake, stream or ocean to bring about the positive energy in that particular body of water. You can do all of the above methods to bodies of water to help bring about positive change in the environment and to raise the vibration of Mother Earth.

Our bodies and the planet Earth are not both 70% water by accident, it is because we are connected on a much deeper level.  Through our human evolution, we have forgotten our connection to the planet, and to our Earthly Mother Gaia.

However, at this time humans are starting to wake up and remember the importance of establishing a deep connection with Mother Earth and all her elements.  Programming water for yourself and the planet is a great gift you can give yourself and Mother Earth.  It may seem like a small step— but the more people that program their water for themselves and the planet— the greater effect we will invoke as a collective.  We are in this ascension process together. The more we focus on how we can help one another, the Earth, and ourselves, the smoother our transition and transformation as a collective will be to New Earth in this great time of Ascension.