Operation In Nepal; The Great Quantum Transition Part 1

The goal of Lightwarriors’ operations in Nepal was to continue destroying the infrastructure that served as the energy life support for Black Archons and their Dark Hierarchy on Earth.

Simultaneously, under the guidance of Co-Creators, the ground team was restoring and putting into operation the facilities that had been built on Earth by Pleroma Beings in the distant past but now are entirely under the Darkis’ control.

The group encountered one such facility unexpectedly on the Subtle Plane while by airline flight crossed Afghanistan on their way to Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal.

As the airliner flew northeast of Kabul, Lightwarriors felt a very strong contact with negative energy.

A quick clairvoyance viewing and express analysis confirmed that their Subtle Bodies had resonated with a huge karmic burial ground in the area. They snagged it like a trawl and took in its toxic substance.

The burial ground was on the Bamyan Plateau, where the largest Buddha statue, a UNESCO World Heritage Object, was once carved into a rock. In 2001, it was savagely blown up by the Taliban.

The Afghan burial ground was used as a depository of karma by a group of Black and Grey space races, who actively dumped it on our planet.

In ancient times, the Bamyan Plateau was a holy place, one of the natural Light Portals. As in other instances, it was taken over by the Darkis and set up a dumping ground for their karma there.

They turned the Bamyan storage into a karmic Portal which emitted a very strong negative energy.

Its radiation poisoned everything around, including people. It was one of the reasons for the wars that went on for decades in Afghanistan.

Upon closer examination of the infrastructure, which at the beginning was a Light Portal, the team discovered that its primary core consisted of the Monadic aspects of Buddha Gautama Shakyamuni and the Logos of our Local Universe.

The structure of Light Temples and Power Places Gautama Buddha had built also in Nepal and India for the realization of his Earthly mission.

It was not only in the current but also his next incarnation as Padmasambhava.

By clairvoyance study of the burial ground, Lightwarriors determined that its core had evolved into a virus that looked very much like the AIDS virus or a World War II naval bomb by its sharp spurs.

After the group members completely purified (burned inside themselves applying the Absolute Light) the karmic substance of the burial ground, they could on the Subtle Plane reach its core and detach the fragment.

Upon splitting it, Lightwarriors discovered that it was composed of parts of the creation Matrices and the wave DNA of a group of Black space races who had dumped their karma into the Bamyan burial site.

It was a constantly operating system. Periodically, the gravesite was automatically turned on and worked as a pump, sucking extraterrestrial karma into itself.

It led Lightwarriors to suspect that this wasn’t just a repository but a more complex Black infrastructure that was using the karmic substance as raw material for something.

The team conducted further research together with Higher Light Hierarchs. They determined that Archons built this Portal, along with the burial ground, for the creation of universal soldiers, made entirely of karma, to take over the planets in the Local Universe.

Immediately after arriving in Kathmandu, all day, Lightwarriors remotely morphed the burial ground karma into a neutral substance of the Causal Plane.

But late at night, the Afghan Portal was suddenly up and running. After all, the group was only cleaning up what it consisted of, not eliminating its structure. They just didn’t have time.

On the Subtle Plane, they saw how this pump turned on and began to actively suck up the karmic substance, pulling it out of the Causal Bodies and creating Matrices of the Black extraterrestrial civilizations. It was an eerie sight.

Another group member, who did not have time for the flight with the team, fell under radiation. Flying near the Bamyan burial ground, she took the brunt of the absorbed karma wave.

As other Lightwarriors found out about it, they immediately came to the rescue. With their combined efforts, they neutralized the entire volume of the pumped karmic substance again, despite the severe nausea and dizziness it caused.

Everybody was interested: did Black Archons manage to create Homo Karmicus? As it turned out, fortunately, no, they did not. Not a single living prototype appeared although they were strenuously preparing for it.

Later, after the return of Black Co-Creator to the Light Side, the whole project was abandoned. But the infrastructure of the Bamyan karmic burial ground continued to function in the programmed autonomous mode.

The Portal had to be destroyed immediately and restore everything that was there originally.

The splitting of the burial ground’s core Lightwarriors was carried out remotely from Kathmandu, at Boudhanath Stupa.

This Stupa is one of the largest in the world and an important center of Buddhism. It contains the remains of Budha Mahakasyapa, who was on earth before Buddha Gautama Shakyamuni.

Energetically it’s a strong and pure Power Place thanks to Gautama Buddha’s Monadic aspect installed in it.

During a very complex operation, Lightwarriors first separated the Buddha Gautama Shakyamuni’s aspect from the Logos aspect of the Local Universe in the Bamyan Portal’s core and brought them out of the natal-creative Matrix of Homo Karmicus.

Then, team members took these Shrines into their hearts and Monads for restoration and purification.

After that, Bamyan karmic Portal was destroyed.

The pumping of extraterrestrial karma through it has been stopped.

The Matrix of Homo Karmicus was annihilated.

In doing so, Lightwarriors did not find any of its field embryos.

It confirmed that the Black Archons did not have time to create an army of clones for them.

The next operation of Lightwarriors in Nepal was the completion of an op conducted in Yemen to transform the Earthly reality. Namely, folding the 3D anti-world and morphing its matter into a neutral primordially differentiated substance (see Operation Cain, Part 2).

The next step had to be the culmination. It was the merging Earthly reality with what used to be the 3D anti-world into a single whole and rebooting the overall planetary reality’s Matrix.

Co-Creators designated Jomolungma (Everest) as the site of the operation. To carry it out, part of the group flew out of Kathmandu Airport in a small Yeti Airlines plane to fly over the Himalayas.

When they were already at the goal, the whole group was so mesmerized by the Himalayan’s beauty that they involuntarily forgot about the op. So only the team leader was working.

He extracted from himself the Reset Matrix previously created from his temporary Monadic body. And following Higher Light Hierarchs and Mahatmas of Shambhala instructions, inserted it into the Jomolungma’s Thin-Material Altar.

Then, Hierarchs and Mahatmas started the hurricane roll-up of the entire Earthly reality into the reloading Matrix. Preliminarily they expanded it to the necessary volume by introducing into it their temporary Monadic bodies.

When the volume of critical mass was “pumped” into the Matrix, the process entered an irreversible stage.

The substance of reality dragged into the Matrix began to interpenetrate into itself. Its density quickly reached a state close to the singularity.

Then set off an explosion that rebooted the planetary reality and the complete unification of its parts.

Immediately after, the transformed and holistic substance of reality spread as a hurricane across the globe. It all took a few minutes, although centuries were needed for its preparation.

Thus, the 3D anti-world on our planet was erased. Now, the entire reality is homogeneous, holistic, and greatly purified.

Co-Creators and Higher Light Hierarchs are now carefully studying the experience gained and the possibility of extending it to the rest of the Local Universe.

And Lightwarriors soon landed at Kathmandu airport. The whole group had breakfast and left for their excursion. The team leader, completely exhausted, collapsed on his bed in the hotel room and did not come out of it again that day.

In the morning, everyone got together again for a new operation related to Buddha Gautama Shakyamuni.

(To be continued)

**By Lev


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