Argorians Update; The Winds of Change

On September 26th, 2021, at 8: 38 AM CET, a squadron of 25D Argorians , transporting Earth to a new vibration orbit 5D, transmitted the following information.

The ships entered the quadrating space of the membrane separating the dimensions. Here, the purification of Earth from negative energy and the formation of a 4D plasma sharply intensified.

Below is a scheme of sequential, step-by-step operation of the Membrane cell filters, configured for plasma separation.

1. The wave quantum energy of the four-dimensional space flows between the hologram plates of the separator. The plates move counter-directionally.

2. By this movement, a 4D quantum field is formed inside a hologram network, operating at different energies. A quantum flow of 4-dimensional space is created.

3. Further, in a single hologram structure, the flux of quantum particles is divided into sub-flows by vibrations. The quantum particles are compressed.

4. After that, occurs a compression (squaring) of the 4-dimensional space and the release of the completed finished 4D plasma.

5. When the hologram plates are disconnecting, the finished 4D plasma is ejected into the four-dimensional space.

This whole process is repeated many times until the Earth’s field is completely cleared and the formation of the transitional 4D is completed.

On September 22nd, 2021, at 9:40 AM CET, Argorians have reported another update on their work with quantum streams directed to Earth.

Below is a figure illustrating the next stage of increasing energies of different spectra.

The rearrangement of the Earth’s magnetic field increases the impact on the interplanetary Crystal (the blue sphere in the center of slant vertical).

The Earth’s passage of this stage influences state of health, since any change in the magnetic field, is highly susceptible for all living things.

The movement of Earth’s axis (gray-blue inclined vertical) is proceeding smoothly, according to schedule, under the guidance of the space fleet security team.

The power of the planet’s Crystal and the flagship of the Argorians’ squadron are involved. The change in the marine environment is controlled by time-cycle programs by Siriusians’ Lunar base in 23D.

On a general background of white energy ASTEMO, the Intelligence plasma of space is formed from new information. The full range of the entire planetary system’s work is combined and adjusted.

The force field of the Argorians’ squadron ships cyclically releases a wave of yellow color SFAS energy (wavy lines in the figure) which helps to adapt new wave pulses in space.

The dark blue GRIKADO energy (the upper torus on the slant vertical) forms the structures of the planet’s life support system.

The planet’s axial channel is filled with the gray-blue BLIKGOR energy. This is the energy of the magnetic interaction of the airplanes.

Energy fields, disturbed during the core’s reformation by force fields, are stabilized. Pyramids-plasmatrons concentrate energy on the cell codes.

In the center of the axial channel, the interplanetary Crystal emits a pale blue with silver color BLISCO energy. It loads into the Hologram a program for the development of intelligence and thought processes.

The red energy ERMA streams expand around the axial channel (red rings in the figure). They form the 5D Matrix and the energy structures of the new matter.

The ultramarine energy FARMS is entering the channel system (the triangle at the bottom left of the figure). It forms mental development according to new programs and levels of consciousness.

The emerald-green KEGINO energy (the lower torus on the inclined vertical), comes out of the axial channel. It transforms the structure and development of matter with changes in magnetic media.

The protective field of the vacuum ring along the equator produces a shift of the land platforms.

On September 25th, 2021, at 9:31 AM CET, the 25D Argorian squadron conveyed the following message:

“We have entered a space saturated by increased Magnetar’s radiation.

Keep an eye on your well-being. Blood pressure fluctuations, immune system, and thyroid reactions are possible.

The stresses are increasing, although measures have been taken to reduce the tension in Earth’s atmosphere. Gamma rays are strong.

Energy deflectors of the Argorians’ flagship trauelevetator are entering the opening state above the planetary complex. Measures to reduce adverse impacts are taken.

A powerful burst of Class A photon radiation has passed over the planet. The electromagnetic field is strained and needs balancing.

Argorians and Mahatmas of Shambhala tame down the excessively amplified quantum flow. This is one of the squadron’s works.

The Greater Cosmos is a living organism. New Stars are born and die in it, releasing vast stores of energy.

Everything lives and breathes in the body of the Creator. Therefore, we constantly have to monitor the state of energies in Magnetar.

The closer a squadron with a planetary complex comes to the 5D vibes orbit in Gerios Galaxy, the more powerful is the environmental impact.

For earthlings, these are the new energies of the third (closest to the Central Sun) sphere of the Greater Cosmos. Human bodies only half changed their properties. Everything is in constant adaptation to the conditions of the new 4D/5D space.

Increased exposure to cosmic radiation negatively affects all living things. DNA and RNA mutation failures occur, and the result may not be as quick as planned.

Argorians are constantly monitoring the processes taking place. Curators of quantum transition actively work. It is important for us to save a life and to elevate it step by step on a new level of vibrations.

Earth has long been ready for it, but humanity, as you see, in mass, does not perceive the new energies. There is a conflict of consciousness of the planet and civilization.

It directly affects the planet. Low vibrational psychic energy intensifies cataclysms, and all living things suffer.

If all people were conscious, there would be no such problems. Everything would go naturally and harmoniously. Too much hate and evil are generated, causing immense pain to Earth.

A great cleansing is coming. Many people are no longer physically can carry this burden.

All our warnings and exhortations are perceived badly. It is unpleasant to observe that even people who believe that they carry the Light do the opposite by their actions.

They violate all the laws of the Subtle Plane, not understanding the structure of Earth. They take upon themselves the role of servants of the Light Hierarchy, stirring up negative energy with their deeds.

Get busy with your Earthly duties. It is on your shoulders to take care of the physical world. Clean up the garbage. Shut down nature-killing industries.

Destroy the weapons, the chemicals, the poisons. There are so many of them already accumulated that if it were not for the intervention of the Supreme Intelligence, you would have long ago ceased to exist! That’s why the changes are so slow.

Everything will be according to the Creator’s Plan. It has separated the grains from the chaff, and the latter is leaving the planet.

Life goes on. A new world on Earth is being built. The fractal of the fifth dimension increasingly unfolds in the space of the planet.

The winds of change will sweep away all that must go away once and for all. The Divine forces of the Greater Cosmos are with you. With you is the Creator, Its energies in the Earth’s field.

These energies broadcast new thoughts. All who are ready to perceive them are a new generation of people, with a different way of thinking where the purity of thoughts and conscience come first. They are a pioneers.

Observers! You are our beacons on Earth. Be aware of all that is happening. Remember, little streams make great rivers.”

**By Lev


4 Replies to “Argorians Update; The Winds of Change”

  1. C

    Thank you Lev 🙏

    “ Get busy with your Earthly duties. It is on your shoulders to take care of the physical world. Clean up the garbage. Shut down nature-killing industries.

    Destroy the weapons, the chemicals, the poisons.” – one small thing that individuals can do that has significant impact is **get out of your cars**. Stop driving, use your feet to get where you’ve got to go.

    Consider the varieties of pollutants the use of vehicles cause – from chemical pollution, light pollution to SOUND pollution – all has negative impact on nature beings and the natural order/rhythm.

    Also: STOP ‘buying and selling’ as much as possible, stick close to necessities only, and reform your thinking as to what the necessities truly are. Expand your thinking and comprehension into the realization as to how much this ‘cycle of commerce’ pollutes the natural order/rhythm – especially due to the fact that so much nowadays is dependent upon internet connectivity and the jarring, harmful “grids” necessary for its functionality. All ‘cash registers’ even are connected. Full stop purchasing and the ‘drop in demand’ has immediate impact. *re-use every bit of packaging possible.

    Be willing to drop your consumption and turn off the lights, power suckers in your home. Every small bit each individual is willing to do – to ‘give up’ has enormous impact and ripple effect.

    Walk through your community and literally clean up the garbage.
    Double or triple the amount of time spent OFF the internet; disconnect everything “plugged in” – including yourself.

    The greatest ‘weapon’ is the human mind; likewise it also has the potential for be-coming the greatest healing salve and balm. We each can choose to do all that we can – and every “little thing” adds up to Big things.

    Nature and God *always win*.
    May Peace and Expansion in Love be Yours, as it is Ours.

    1. George

      I see that C has lots of charges (judgements). The 5D will replace ALL the destructive things.

      We are to be LOVE and LIGHT which does NOT judge or have do’s and don’ts. Religions have do’s and don’ts, not God.

      Do you feel the change in humanity’s overall vibration from the formation of a 4D plasma increasing sharply?
      It has just taken you higher than you have ever been before.

      They are feeling and experiencing, throughout the entire galaxy and universe, the improvement in the vibration that humanity has been creating.

      Acknowledge, let go, and release, we are only serving a higher purpose, all is well.

      Move your heart and your energies up to a higher place, get out of the illusion.

      ALL there is, is ONE……………..

      1. Ben

        There is sooooo much new technology coming soon. Free energy, vehicles run on free energy, med beds, etc.

        Currently, they are cleaning the air, water and food.

        We Light Workers just need to focus on the LIGHT.

      2. Paolo Tancon

        My sentiments exactly George! As we become one in Light and Love, the dross of negativity will be dropped as it no longer serves us.