Laka: Power As A Limitless Being

Beloved Friends!

We Often Tell You That You Arrived With Nothing And You Will Leave With Nothing.

This Would Be True In All Waking Dreams And Looked At From The Material Aspect, It Would Be True In This Dream.

But There Is A Greater Perspective To Consider!

You Arrived With Everything And You Leave With Everything!

For This Is Speaking Of Spirit.

Knowing Spirit Brought You Here And Projected Your Body Form And All Life Seen And Unseen, You Are Everything!

So You Are Complete And Whole.

You Have Everything Needed To Complete This Journey!

You Are Infinite And There Are So Many Grand Adventures Awaiting You!

Do You Feel It Now?

Are You Allowing Your Soul To Speak And Guide You.

Progressing Through The Ascension Process Will Allow You A New Perspective To Bring A Release Of Trauma Accumulated As Energy Lodged In The Body Form.

Realize You Are Free!

It Is Only The Belief In The Trauma That Holds It There!

Command With Intention That All Has Served You Well And Is Free Now To Leave!

Every Lesson Is Recorded In The Consciousness Of Your Cells And Your Heart Chakra.

Each Perceived Pain Can Serve You Now To A Greater Life!

Being Free In Your Belief Will Cause Familiar Obstacles To Leave Your Awareness And Never Limit You Again For Your Greatest Purpose On The Planet!

There Are No Limits To What You May Now Choose To Experience Within The Context Of Physical Form.

You Have Power.

You Have Choices!

Any Limit Is A False Belief.

But Never Be Hard On Yourself Or Judge Another For The Moment You Believe To Be Real!

Each Is Perceiving From Their Current Level Of Awareness And This, Beloved Is The Best For This Moment!

All Will Discover Their Power As A Limitless Being!

In These Moments Of Upsetting News, Realize This Is The Intention.

To Distort Truth And Interfere With Your Ongoing Preparation To Ascend!

It Is Important To Create Spaces Of Quiet Time To Commune With Higher Self And Become Still And Quiet.

The Greatest Revelations Of Wisdom Will Come Through The Silence Of Your Soul.

Celebrate The Moments Of Your Waking Dream If You Live Alone In One Room, If You Have No Car, If You Have Plenty Of Great Food Or You Go To A Food Bank.

None Of What You Have Defines You!

Be The Best Human Being That You Can Be Each Moment! Share With Another Even If It Is A Smile!

You Are Sacred And Divine.

Connect With The Light That Holds All Creation.

You Are Perfect As You Are!

Allow All Energy To Flow As You Remember Your Purpose!

We Are With You Now And Will See You Through This Dream Into The Grand Awakening!

I Am LAKA, I Am The First Born Of Four Brothers And My Hair Is Long And Black.

I Am The Largest And The Most Quiet!

Our Personalities Are Known To You Now!

NEIOH And KABAMUR Are Your Teachers And Are Best Friends When Together.

AKATU Is The Shortest With Shoulder Length Blonde Hair And Definitely The Wisest And Has The Most Humor!

All Of Our Family Loves You So!

Soon We Meet Again In Great Light!

**Received by Judith