El Morya: Unimaginable Things Are About To Happen

Beloved people,

the day when the light of heaven reaches your hearts is approaching. The moment of truth is getting closer and closer.

The grace of God is becoming effective on earth and people are gaining direct access to a wealth of knowledge and truth hitherto unknown to them.

In a short moment, in a moment of world history, you will receive an overview and insight into the events of the time for a short time – long enough – so that you can make the final decision for the light and love.

Something completely unimaginable is about to happen and will inflame the hearts of people for what is essential.

Many will realize and just as many will think this moment of revelations is a dream and will not believe it.

Thus, on that day, every human being will choose his timeline and he will thereupon find himself on the corresponding earth.

Ascension or descent will be decided by each person in the hours described here.

Heaven opens and the angels of light and the angels of love appear. Even though the “Messiah deception” (part 1, part 2, note JJK) is being prepared by the dark forces, on this day you will be clearly able to distinguish true from false.

Deep down, each person will know whether they are dealing with a true or false revelation – and so I say to you:

Do not fear for a moment and prepare for that day through meditation, prayer and turning directly to God.

That is all you need to do. Contemplation, however, is indispensable so that you can see and perceive what is real and make the right decision in these hours announced to you here.

The days until this event are short, the days until the revelation are numbered.

I love you infinitely.


**Channel: Jahn J Kassl

**Translation by EraofLight.com


23 Replies to “El Morya: Unimaginable Things Are About To Happen”

  1. Angela Kay Eddy

    This is spot on. Eye has not seen nor ear heard the things the Lord has prepared for those who love Him and are called according to His purpose. A year ago I received the white light by grace. Since then I have been taught every hidden mystery in scripture by Holy Spirit only, just as apostle Paul says. Everything he said would happen I’ve had to go through. Those purifying fires are real. The terrestrial and celestial bodies are real. You have nothing to fear. God is love and light. If it doesn’t speak love it’s not true. I could write 50 books and still have more to teach but in the end we will all be taught by God. However, I am here to help guide in the days ahead. Angelaedddy16@gmail.com I have given everything I have to God and will do anything I can to help bring His children home. You are so loved beyond imagining and there is a Purpose for your pain.

  2. AlwaysLight

    There will come a time were the separation of frequencies, those who wish to change and move up and those who wish to continue to play in 3D and all its illusions, will come, and is coming fast. I believe this message is simply saying that, it is not fear based in my view. At some point, people have to step out of being a spectator of waiting for what might happen next, and take full responsibility for being an ascended creator. This is a big jump, and in my view, many are not ready, but also many are. I believe it is those that focus inwardly and know they have full creator ship over their reality (and no longer blame this or that person for doing this or that) are the ones stepping up to go for it. I believe that in the 5th and higher, your reality mimics your energy instantaneously, so you have to have a good command of your self and the vibration you hold, otherwise your experience will be a mess and you’ll likely drop back down. So this is not about denying and resisting that which doesn’t comfort your existing thoughts on how this should go, we all signed up pre-birth to be here for this, to get ‘ourselves’ ready and help those who wish to be helped. The earth is not going to wait for anyone anymore. It’s time to take our power and direct it properly, as a master over our own reality…. Being afraid of this message could point to the idea that some have partied and bobbed along and now realize that the end of term exam is in a few days, and they haven’t been studying, and it won’t be delayed… If you wish to join 5D, you must go inward and start being who you really are… There are masses of help available to you, but you need to take the reins and go for it, no more time for mooching around and complaining…

  3. Max

    Master El Morya’s channeling is talking about the event and those disclosures that are about to happen.

    I do not see Evil in this channeling, unlike some of the comments, especially when he advocates:

    “Do not fear for a moment and prepare for that day through meditation, prayer and turning directly to God.”

    I think that is positive.

    Question is: Are we prepared for what is about to happen?

    Your view will depend on how your perceive this information. A messenger of God, in my view, will always steer you in the right direction.

    Thank you, Master El Morya.

    1. Daedalus

      Fully agreed. And Im one of those who is inclined not to trust channelings initially. This was the only one that left impression on me because it didnt put dates, it never propagated fear or ultimatums.

      The message was left clear, self-empowering. Unlike many other channelings that went into weird and often proven false directions.

      As for other commenters, I think many of them are just plainly used to “love and light” disinformation that false channelings caused. This DOES NOT mean that authentic ones doesnt exist – so they go into another extreme, wrongly assuming.

      It doesnt matter. What I feel within myself and see happening around myself gives me all undeniable proofs that we are in such intense unveiling period that it cannot be compared to anything else we went through our lives. And when that day / moment comes, everyone will have a clear choice…

    1. GEE

      This is “FEAR.”
      I leave for a few weeks and you’re still pushing FEAR, LIES, and BS. nothing good is happening or will happen………..

  4. Madeleine

    I truly believe its time for the Movie to end and the evil ones permanently removed from planet Earth. Tomorrow is the 2nd October? Red October We pray and trust in God Amen

  5. Daedalus

    Interesting… and it has sense.

    The only way to see the truth is through the complete surprise – but even bigger thing is to be surprised with the realization we already know the truth and always did.

  6. Wayne Hansen

    “Thus, on that day, every human being will choose his timeline and he will thereupon find himself on the corresponding earth.”

    It takes transportation to go from one Earth to another Earth but this article gives no details about this.

    1. Susla

      One earth to another earth?. Only shifting timeline. Who knows what kind of transportation is needed for shifting timelines 😉 ?

      But this could be a message meant to stir, to create fear, that one is not getting on the right timeline. Fear is not divine, fear is from evil channeling, posing as divine.

      I think divine Morya would say that there are always another “transportation” to a better timeline, whenever you are ready to go there. In my experience divine, and masters are never so finite as this channeling.

      Besides that some channelings can be from evil, disguised, some channelings are filtered through a human with flaws and baggage.

      1. Claudia

        Well, isn´t it funny how we all “seem” to know what can´t be known yet? Like for me nothing is outside of divinity, not even evil. (CAN´T BE if one believes in “ALL IS ONE” right?) FROM THERE my guidance taught me to “look at fear” AS A MISINTERPRETATION of vibration bc “supposedly” each time I experience “fear” THE REST OF ME is moving thru some field/-s of “shaky vibration”.

        Now “I” KNOW that parts of me are “FROM DARKNESS” but that doesn´t mean they´re less divine than “THE GOOD ONES”. In fact I´d say that ALL OF US are made from both polarities lol (since it still takes MALE AND FEMALE to produce a baby “for example”…) but most of the commenting people here are expressing they still believe in “X-MAS” or “THE DIFFERENCE” of good&bad… and what can/might/will that mean?

        Tbh IDK… but I KNOW that it WILL have consequences… but most of the commenting people don´t believe “in consequences” … they rather interprete A WARNING article AS “from the dark” which so far&to me wouldn´t be a problem because IN MY WORLD it´s a true statement either way since none of us from here can yet tell “the difference”.

        Now I “BELIEVE” in each of us BEING OUR OWN EARTH too because “somehow” the human body is “a mirror image” of our own individual world. (When that lesson was taught “I” or my Inner Teacher were a little drunk and no lesson was ever given twice.) “Timeline” is sth I CAN not imagine, let alone “shifting” timelines… maybe bc it reminds me of THE LYING BARON of MÜNCHHAUSEN… lol.

        Anyway… we´ll soon see who&what shows up as truth… and I don´t care about the transportation as long as it´s a mobile home… 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

        1. Susla

          Ohhh you talk alot to tire the enemy, just like a democrat.
          However you turn it, divine does not talk fear.
          What I hear is your ego trying to be higher, more evolved, but those types are never very spiritual.

          1. Susla

            Remember all is divine, so when I said you ego is too big Claudia, it is only divine giving you a message of highest truth. No message is dark, and you only attract to you what you have in you, like a mirror.

          2. Claudia

            Thx for replying Susla yet I (= Claudia) am only “the tube” that´s channeling my still a little too big “ego”… but I´ve had nonstop reasons today to assume that the process of synchronisation could finally be finished by “tomorrow” which is “now by now”…

            So I HOPE we´ll never meet again cause I´M SO TIRED of all of this… (lol… NOW I got where your “tiring the enemy” hint was pointing to… 🙏🙏)

    1. GEE

      They’ve said “any day now, it’s days away, etc.”
      LIES, LIES, LIES, all LIES………………

      1. John Sutter

        Yes, this is just one of many big events that were just around the corner and never materialized.

        Remember Trump was the savior and was going to usher in the complete destruction of the cabal, free energy, med beds, NESARA, GESARA….peace on earth bla, bla , bla.

        The only thing he ushered in was the complete destruction of the USA.

        Now, out of office, all he can do is shill the fake vaccine which is a weapon of genocide. His beloved Trumpcine.

        1. Angela Kay Eddy

          John Sutter stop listening to other people and go to your innermost spirit and trust the still small voice. Those who seek God will find Him when they seek with all their heart and soul. Only Holy Spirit and your innner holy spirit can be trusted. I’ve never seen or heard anything else and I’ve been given the hidden mysteries and the transfiguration of the light. Not bc I’m special but to help my brothers and sisters find the Way out of darkness and Home. God loves you. There are so many unseen saints and angels here now. Please hold on for just a bit longer.

          1. GEE

            This is the problem, they have been saying for YEARS “hold on for just a bit longer.”

            Well, my left hand has slipped off and all that I’m holding on with is my right hand’s pinky finger.

            We’re discouraged and weary, and my little finger is about to slip off.

        2. Susla

          Are you angry at Trump because he has shown how corrupt the world is?
          Many wants to live like slaves, me myself I want to know, so I say thank you to Trump for exposing before it is too late.
          I dont think I have ever heard Trump talk about Nes-gesera.
          The destruction is now in Bidens time, he changed all Trump politics, and BIDEN made vax mandatory!.
          Trump is saying; Dont take the booster.

          It is fair you dont like him, but not fair to put out lies about him.

          1. John Sutter

            The website owner won’t allow any criticism of Trump. I answered you, but Trump is beyond criticism.

          2. John Sutter

            Susia, I did not say Trump was talking about Nesara, Gesara, free energy etc. I was referring to many of the articles here and the QAnon people.

            I did not make myself clear.