Whistleblower Says Nearly 50,000 Medicare Patients Have Died From Covid Vaccination

Medical freedom rights attorney Thomas Renz has announced that nearly 50,000 Medicare patients died within 14 days of getting “vaccinated” for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19), but these deaths were never logged or published in the government datasets.

The reason for this is that the government does not consider someone to be “vaccinated” until 14 days after they receive an injection. This means that if a person who took a Wuhan Flu shot dies 13 days later, that death basically disappears down the memory hole.

Renz made the announcement on behalf of a whistleblower with access to the true data who came forward to blow the lid on this major coverup. What is essentially happening is that the government is burying covid vaccine deaths by using a deliberately faulty metric to track them.

In a presentation, Renz explained that he is currently involved with multiple lawsuits filed against numerous federal agencies that are engaging in fraud while violating people’s medical freedom rights.

The whistleblowers pulled their data from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), which contains the records of some 59.4 million Medicare beneficiaries. Broken down by age category, here is what it shows for “persons who died within 14 days of a COVID-19 vaccine:”

• Younger than 81 years old: 19,400 deaths
• 81 years of age and over: 28,065 deaths

In total, this amounts to 48,465 deaths – and likely more since the data Renz presented is already outdated.

“This is raw data,” Renz said. “There’s no analysis.”

“Do you want to know why 14 days is important? Because if you die within 14 days, you’re not considered vaccinated.”

Vaccinated deaths are being falsely called “unvaccinated” deaths by CDC

Because of how the data is contorted by the government in this manner, there is plenty of room for fraud. Perhaps the most egregious as far as the plandemic restrictions go is tabulating vaccinated deaths as “unvaccinated” deaths.

Every individual who takes a Fauci Flu injection and dies within the first two weeks is categorized by the government as an “unvaccinated” death. This is how the media is getting away with telling everyone that the unvaccinated are the ones dying.

“According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), one is not considered as being ‘vaccinated’ until 14 days after their completed injection regimen, raising the question of whether government authorities have been classifying these fatalities as something other than vaccination-related deaths,” writes Patrick Delaney for LifeSiteNews.

All of this information from CMS is available to honest journalists, assuming honest journalists still exist. This writer certainly tries to be one.

The so-called “fact checkers,” however, are not. As far as this writer can tell, not a single one of them has brought up this data tabulation discrepancy, and all of them continue to spread the lie that the unvaccinated are the ones getting sick and dying.

This raw data dump exposes the “scumbag ‘fact checkers,’” as Renz calls them, for the liars that they truly are. One does not need to be a statistician or anything special to interpret this simple data showing that far more people are dying from the injections than we are all being told.

Unbelievably, fake news outlets like USA Today are already claiming that they have “debunked” this raw data, calling it misinformation. But it really speaks for itself.

“Remember: these are ‘side effects’ that the government, media, and social media continue to tell the public that are not happening, they are lying,” Renz warns. “There is no question they are lying. The mantra of ‘safe and effective’ must stop after today’s information.”

**By Ethan Huff


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  1. John Sutter

    We are witnessing, in real time, a mass depopulation operation unfolding in front of our very eyes. The carnage in the coming months will be horrific.

    The Demons carrying this out are desperate because they know if a substantial portion of the population refuses this death shot they will face justice for their crimes.

    Justice can only come at the end of a rope. Don’t look at that as something negative I am advocating, look at it as Denonic psychopathic mass murderers moving onto to another life perhaps to learn why they were so wrong in this one… although if they are part of this source energy of infinite love how could they have committed such atrocious crimes?