Our Choice; From 3D To 4D And 5D; Part 26 

The open heart brings high vibration and survival in 5D. A closed heart emits low vibration and ends by leaving 3D. Such is “sugar, sugar, sugar…” Will it be “sweet”?

Let’s look closely at David Hawkins’ Map of Consciousness Levels. From the middle of the cone, the feelings and thoughts go down and end with a point. THE FINAL POINT IN OUR LIVES.

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And look at the cone from the middle upwards – unstoppable ascension into the Divine Infinity.

Fans of precise measurements and numbers have compared the average frequencies of the Schumann resonance now and a few years ago. It’s a rollercoaster.

Till the 80s this freq was constant and was equal to 7.83 Hz. Then, with approaching and activation of the Quantum Transition (Event) a rapid increase with periodic sharp bursts began:

1998 – 11.2 Hz; 2013 – 13.74 Hz ;
2014 – 16, 5 Hz; 2015-2016. – 30 Hz;
2017 – spikes up to 36 Hz; 2019 – up to 60 Hz;
2020 – up to 150 Hz;
2021 – up to 100 Hz and higher.

For comparison, here are the vibes that many 3D people emit right now:

Woe – from 0.1 to 2.2 Hz; fear – from 0.2 to 2.2;
Resentment – from 0.6 to 3.3 Hz;
Irritation – from 0.9 to 3.8 Hz;
Perturbation – from 0.6 to 1.9 Hz;
Irascibility – 0.9 Hz; rage – 0.5 Hz;
Anger – 1.4 Hz; pride – 0.8 Hz;
Megalomania – 3.1 Hz;
Disdain, Contempt – 1.5 Hz;
Superiority – 1.9 Hz.

Question: to get our vibes up to OUR PERSONAL survival in 5D what “physical actions are needed,” and by whom – the military, politicians, bankers, industrialists or Galactic Committee, Lightworkers, and Lightwarriors?

Specifically: to optimism – 38 Hz;
Acceptance – 48 Hz;
Gratitude – 45 Hz;
Friendship, attempts to love by heart – 50 Hz;
Generosity – 95 Hz;
Heartfelt gratitude – from 140 Hz and higher;
Feeling of unity with other people – 144 Hz and higher;
Compassion – from 150 Hz and higher (pity – only 3 Hz);
Love generated by heart for all people and all living things without exception – from 150 Hz and above;
Courage – 200 Hz;
Love, unconditional, sacrificial, Universal – from 205 Hz and higher;
Neutrality – 250 Hz;
Willingness – 310 Hz; reason – 400 Hz; joy – 540 Hz;
Peace – 600 Hz;
Enlightenment – 700+ Hz.

The more closed our heart is, the fewer sources of energy we can get and assimilate from.

The more we open our hearts to people, the world, and the Source, the more energy we receive from these and other sources, including the energy of subtle qualities, inaccessible to 3D men.

Our ability to accumulate energy alone is not enough on the Spiritual path.

Our main task is to learn how to spend it properly.

We may divide the sources of receiving energies according to the structure of our physical, etheric, astral, and mental bodies. The latter is not common, usually poorly developed.

The higher ones are in an embryonic state.

On the physical plane, we get our energy from food, chemicals (vitamins, drugs), rocks, etc.

On the etheric plane, we draw energy by removing regrets, complexes and blocks, from fulfilled desires, from fresh air (storm, surf, and pine forest), sunlight (in reasonable quantities), plants, animals, other people, elements (air, earth, water, fire, metal), sleep, etc.

On the astral plane – from positive emotions, impressions, good thinking, kind people, the energy of Power Places, egregores, Planets, Stars, and Constellations.

On the mental plane – from stopping the debilitating internal dialogue through hygiene of thoughts and emotions, meditation, concentration, autogenic and spiritual practices, from Love, joy, inner neutrality, and peace.

Those going to 4D/5D receive energy from their Soul and Spirit. With a sufficient level of development, we can use any form of cosmic energy, including the energy of elementary particles.

What are we wasting energy on?

On the physical plane – on the pursuit of money, power, prestige, popularity, as well as a grudge, betrayal, illness, stress, apathy, cynicism.

On the etheric plane – on illness, toxic people, excesses of any kind, suppression of desires and dreams.

On the astral plane – on the full spectrum of negative emotions and beliefs, contradictions, perversions, sects, and cults.

On the mental plane – on chaos in thoughts, split personality, wrong goals and objectives (not on purpose), living against oneself (not from the Soul), lack of positive qualities and aspirations.

We must be clearly aware of all the “holes” through which we lose energy; learn to accumulate it; increase the basic level of energy; spend it expediently – on our self-realization, Spiritual development, good deeds, helping, and caring for others.

Many 3D people have cut themselves off from most energy sources and survive only on the energy vampirism, sleep, drugs, booze, and food. Very rarely are they briefly fueled by positive emotions, states of happiness, and just plain good spirits.

How to help those who live only physically, and didn’t care about all these “invisible vibrations”?

Who should drag these people, contrary to their wishes, to 5D, the vibes of which will be comparable to radiation for them?

How to feed a hungry person if a hungry person simply does not want to take the offered food?

There is a wake-up program and there is a program to prevent it.

Awakening begins with taking responsibility for our lives and at least some interest in the meaning of our own existence.

We don’t want to take responsibility? No problem, men in suits and those behind them will take it for us. They will shape our reality in a way favorable to THEM since we refuse to do it.

And they always are extremely hungry, if to speak in a moderately clear text. They feed on our fears, hatred, division, greed, and other viral programs.

If apart from these programs there is practically nothing in us, then who is to blame?

Do we want to remain fodder? No question, we will continue to be it by trolling, hyping, breeding, and feeding attention to hysteria.

Don’t want to? Then we will begin to change ourselves and our worldview.

Everything is simple and transparent. Everyone has received signs and hints and gets them in full.

And now let’s look around. Do we know many people who are really ready to take responsibility or change in order not to be fodder?

If someone voluntarily sacrifices himself to the System, then who are we to interfere? And who still has the Soul that makes them human, or was it replaced by a set of voluntarily accepted template programs?

We can endlessly refer to our blocked memory and lack of information, to means of suppression and control as much as we like, or to dig out the inconsistencies and contradictions of info on different sites and from different authors…

The main question is how it will help us raise our vibrations, think, feel and act differently from before. Ultimately, everything comes down to the PERSONAL CHOICE of each of us, and not instead of us.

Each of us on the Subtle Plane has an aura with luminosity. Now, its average level is 300-400 conventional units (c.u.). However, more and more people have increased it to 700-800 c.u.

It is related not only to the end of the old era and the beginning of the new one, the Great Quantum Transition of Earth and earthlings but also to the desire of people for awakening, intensive inner work, and transformation.

When the luminosity is dark or zero, the person is a corpse or a vampire, or a man in great suffering;

Up to 200 c.u. – a sick person;

200-400 c.u. – a person in a state of internal chaos;

400-600 c.u. -the beginning of a movement towards positive goals;

700-800 c.u. – evenly balanced state;

800-1000 c.u. – creative condition;

Over 1,000 c.u. – talent, the discovery of abilities;

1200 c.u. and above – super-powers (telepathy, clairvoyance, telekinesis, etc.);

2000 c.u. and higher – super-powers (body’s luminosity on the physical plane, traveling between dimensions, in Time and space, ability to morph the matter and energy).

Today, even an official science is forced to agree: a man who does not raise his vibrations dooms himself to soon leave Earthly plane.

First of all, – via person’s spontaneous failures and diseases because his/her’s cellular vibrations are lower in frequencies than the freqs of the planet’s vibes.

To this conclusion of scientists we, alas, see a lot of evidence.

More and more people are dying of heart attacks, strokes, and pandemics.

Because the most crushing blow as a result of the frequency difference is taken by the blood vessels.

How can we protect ourselves from it?

Biophysics and quantum biology answers: we should seriously learn to control our thoughts and emotions. We have to start paying close attention to what we are thinking and feeling all day long.

This is the first step: establish our dominant thoughts and feelings.

The second step is to become aware of exactly what happens to our cellular vibration frequency when we experience certain feelings. David Hawkins’ Map of Consciousness Levels is a great help to take this step.

It is necessary to accept people and the whole world without appreciation. To look at reality through the eyes of Love!

And notice: only now it is necessary to keep ourselves on high vibrations.

Judging by the rapid dynamics of the Schumann resonance, very soon even this will not be enough.

The frequency of Earth’s vibration, and it is already obvious, tends very soon to be at the range 115-205 Hz (and much higher).

And it is also clear that we can cope with rising Earth’s frequencies. No matter how high they go. And we don’t need to do anything exotic for that.

Any thought that we think repeatedly is an affirmation. And our affirmations must be only positive.

Everything we think about in our open hearts is a prayer.

Each of our thoughts, words, and emotion has its own frequency of vibration. What quality of thoughts, words, and emotions we carry in us, that energy frequency of vibration we emit.


Only this choice guarantees us a free exit from 3D to transient 4D and survivability in 5D.

**By Lev

Part 25