Las Vegas: Hundreds of Protesters March Against Vaccine Mandate, Clash With Police

Hundreds of Nevadans protested in Las Vegas over the weekend against the governor’s vaccine mandate decree for state workers.

Protesters clashed with police while marching through luxury hotels and shopping centers on the Las Vegas Strip Sunday night.

Protesters marched through numerous luxury hotels, including outside the Bellagio, Planet Hollywood, Bally’s, and the ARIA resort.

Some signs carried by protesters could be seen saying, ‘This will end when you say no,’ and, ‘Fuck Joe Biden.’

Governor Steve Sisolak (D-Nevada) last month ordered all Department of Corrections employees and public health workers get the COVID injection by November 1.

One protester named Brock Abbe said he’s not anti-vaccine, but that he’s marching to protest the vaccine mandate decree.

“I’m here because I’m pro-choice, which means I think you should be able to choose whether you get the experimental vaccine or not,” Abbe said. “Just like if you’re pregnant you have a choice, right?”

“It’s just brutal,” he continued. “As long as they’re able to work from home and away from other people, it just seems strange that they’re being forced to get the vaccine.“

Some protesters were also seen chanting the increasingly popular “Fuck Joe Biden” slogan recently seen at college football games and other anti-vaccine mandate protests in New York and elsewhere.

This comes as protests in New York over draconian vaccine mandates are ramping up after the deadline for teachers in the state to get the jab passed this week.


3 Replies to “Las Vegas: Hundreds of Protesters March Against Vaccine Mandate, Clash With Police”

  1. Kristine Kelley

    So Proud of these Rebels!!! Now Humanity need’s to ask “Why are they wanting us all to get Vaccinated”?…..HMMMMM. Awakened humanity knows, now the rest will follow. AMEN!

  2. John Sutter

    The truth needs to come out about not only this so called COVID19 vaccine, but all vaccines and the medical establishment. Vaccines and most medicines poison us throughout our lifetime and shorten our lifespan. A poison in a small amount is still a poison.

    Vaccines, if they don’t kill our children or make them autistic severely diminish their capabilities, health and cognitive functions.

    Vaccines do the exact opposite of what we are told they do.

  3. Kim

    Encouraging! Proud of those humans fighting for our sovereign rights over our own bodies! May our endeavors to protect our God given rights be blessed by our Creator!! ♥️