Mira of the Pleiades: The Next Steps

Greetings I am Mira: I am pleased to speak with you today to give you a short report on some vital information.

I am from the Pleiadean high Council and have been devoted and dedicated to the Earth’s ascension by working with the Earth Council for many years now.

I am pleased to announce that our presence is very close and nearby. Everything is in place for the next steps for earth’s freedom as well as for yours. This makes all the difference in the world and in our planetary system, as well as, for all of life. The horrendous control of the earth is about to be completely released. Much has been done already. There will be a lot of work and cleanup that is required while rearranging much of  life on the earth.

We are grateful and delighted with the assistance that has been given from all of creation. This is our most important project. We admire our ground crew for your hard work. We are moving forward with the speed of light, and before you know it with the blink of the eye, your lives will be different. You have earned your freedom and you’ve held a steady light even in times of fear and darkness. We applaud you!

Yes, the best is yet to come! When the brightest lights, minds and hearts of God joined together for this huge transfiguration of the earth, they are unbeatable! It’s been long, hard work for all parties involved. The rewards are beyond description. The beauty is beyond belief. The love and peace that passes all understanding is yours for the taking. Safety and protection, abundance and joy, and blessings are yours to behold. All of this and so much more will have made it all worthwhile.

The earth is an exceptional planet. This Ascension process that you are going through is nearly complete. The earth herself is sighing a breath of relief like a mother who has just given birth to her baby. She has tolerated abysmal treatment from dark forces and an unconscious humanity. Now humanity is awakening, and they are beginning to see what the earth has had to experience. Look at what has been imposed upon the bodies of many people on the planet. This is a planetary emergency and that is why we are allowed to speed everything up and bring it to completion. We believe you’ve had enough and so have we!

Anything that is less than a completion of this evil would be insanity. We hear that word often and we agree with you. The lack of respect for life, for each other, for the planet, and every aspect of life is atrocious. We know there are other words for this behavior but there’s no point in belaboring what the forces of evil have done.

We are here to work with you in peace, love and harmony for your new earth and your new lives.

We love you can we bless you.

I am Mira.

**Channel: Valerie Donner


13 Replies to “Mira of the Pleiades: The Next Steps”

  1. caroline

    Bless all the brave military and white hats and off world beings for making this possible. Much love to you all

  2. Angel

    At this stage in my life I Think please put on that 5g towers…I am so tired. My family (in Netherlands) believe the gouverment and took the vaxxes…my little sister took it after finnaly in good condition … 3 years fighting again cancer. Today I was for a visite…and she name me for being negatieve.. about people. Cause I dont trust the healtcare. My vriend get sick in 2015 died in 2018 after bad hospital experiment – I feel deeply that they experiment on him-. he kills himself cause he had pain everyday.

    So, I am home now, after visite my family who are good people..but hey are brainwashed..but I can not take it anymore that they believe the mainstream media.. .they do not want to hear my storys from people I know..3 dead and 6 are bad health after the vaxx..and I now that is a low frequency thought..but I am; thinking..put on the 5g and let it all end. I am so tired

    1. Susla

      So because you are tired, everybody else has to die too?
      Some of us know that war can last many years, and this war has lasted many years.
      I expect x-mas 2021 to be good, and most will have discovered the truth.
      I expect spring to be a clean up of evil people.

      Many families are sleeping, mine too, my friends too, and I just dont hang out with them, as it is too much stress when they know so little, and are so sure that there is no corruption. Also they are carrying virus from their jab, so another reason for me to not hang out, until the war is over.

      I am grateful for seeing more and more people waking up. Telegram (app) makes it easy to see more and more people wake up, so many channels proving news, from the world, including the protests in Nederlands.

  3. Daedalus

    Its pretty straightforward what needs to be done …

    This is now rapid crumbling of the old patterns of thought. Mentalities of many people shift from misery to abundance. Technologies will need to released very soon to crumble the old systems of control. Even just one single free energy direction will be enough to spark everything else into motion regarding the technological unveiling.

    For monetary systems, just abolishing the taxation IMMEDIATELY will bring a massive relief to many. And the money isnt important anymore as technologies are unrolled – so the money could be used to establish the massive technological projects, and then completely abolished in less than decade.

    The moment when monetary pillar of control loses grip on pretty much almost whole population, is the moment when all changes, as noone will have any “excuses” anymore.

  4. David

    Thank you Mira, ready and with you, we have all come this far, let’s finish this…and all look towards a bright future. Namaste

  5. Andrea Whittingham

    Comforting words and much needed..
    I do have a lot of fear regarding our freedom being taken away because of the vaccine situation and pressure to get it, makes me sad, angry, and upset this is all happening beyond our human control.. 😔

  6. Haraldur Guðbjartsson

    Thank you for the beautiful message.
    Light peace love and truth with agape.
    Let the light shine.

  7. Wayne Hansen

    “We admire our ground crew for your hard work.”

    It is nice that you compliment us but we do not know what the plan is with statements like this:

    “…with the blink of the eye, your lives will be different.
    …huge transfiguration of the earth…”

    Transfiguration means: change of form or appearance into a more beautiful or spiritual state.

  8. Malissa

    Mira & ALL All Livn Life

    Nova Gia Source Luv Prevails

    Hold Steady SouLite’s

    Spark Wills Flame God Wins

    Keep Arising 1 Luv Consciousness

    I LUV ALL that Is

  9. Madeleine Donaldson

    Comforting words. Yes we truly have been wrung through the Mill in the past 2 years and beyond. Our love for the Lord never waivered, in fact it grew stronger. Bless you and love you always Amen