Ashtar: You Are Not Alone

Our Galaxy is divided into 12 sectors. Earth is located in sector 9. The Ashtar Command oversees our sector of the Milky Way Galaxy. Ashtar is the Commander.

This is Ashtar, from the Ashtar Command overseeing your planet Earth. The destiny of planet Earth is to rise into a planet of Light and ascend with the other planets in your Solar System who are already in the ascended state and just waiting for Earth to join with them so that your whole solar system can rise into a higher dimension. This will soon happen – as people by the millions are now waking up to the injustices being imposed upon them that are limiting their freedom of movement and freedom of speech.

We, in the Ashtar Command, watch over your solar system and are Guardians of Earth. We have hundreds of thousands of fleets overseeing your quardrant – or sector – of the Milky Way Galaxy and we have removed most of the dark forces that have been lurking there. We have given these last few that remain, notice: that if they don’t leave they will be removed by us and put into quarantine on another planet that has been serving as a prison for the dark forces.

Our fleets are numerous in number and we serve the Creator ~ We monitor your solar system and report to your Spiritual Hierarchy all that we see.

There are great forces of Light stationed on your planet at this time – for this is the last hour – it is the last hour of darkness before the dawn.

A great Light is coming to Earth that will raise your people in consciousness and lift your planet into higher realms of Light where you’ll begin to see us and see the Angels and the Ascended Masters. You will truly know that “YOU ARE NOT ALONE”

We oversee your quadrant of the Milky Way Galaxy and we remain until your planet and people rise into the Light and make your Ascension. Then your whole Milky Way Galaxy rises into the 5th dimension. For all planets in a solar system ascend together. And all solar systems in a galaxy ascend together.

I Am Ashtar ~ Commander and Chief of the Ashtar Command. Call on me Beloveds and I will answer your calls.

**Channel: Dianne Robbins


12 Replies to “Ashtar: You Are Not Alone”

  1. Trivia

    Woah John! You sound on shaky ground. Are you alone? Only know brainwashed? There are so many others that did vote for Trump, don’t believe in the v but were isolated! I am surrounded by dems, my husband and 20+ year old kids are vaxxed. All I have is my out of state sister who is strong like me.

    You don’t really want to believe this psychic, do you? She sounds like she’s drawing low vibe demonic sources! You need daily uplifting sources like Era of Light, tuning out MSM, bad influences and mostly tuning into God inside you!

    Pols that have turned against other humans to serve the lowest of the low will have to answer for their crimes. Don’t forget that. Some people want to talk about negative stories to gain a following. Don’t fall for listening to them!

    Source has already won. Keep your mind on whatever makes you laugh, amuses you, gives you sanity every day. We’re all in this together. Don’t give in , this is just the lesser garbage that must be transmuted! I picture all of us standing back to back with our arms crossed. We would stand between children and any who would try to abuse them.

    We are winning, the light has already won.



    1. Samuel

      Hi everyone. I would just like to say, when you come to this site, and read the various articles, just read them, and then get on with whatever else you are doing afterwards. You can either choose to believe in what is written in these different articles, or choose not to. Think of is as a newspaper for each day of the week; you read various articles, and then get on with whatever it was you were doing.
      It’s a shame different people leave negative comments for some articles, like they are trying to badmouth this website. Obviously they are the dark one’s.

  3. Douglas A James

    The ships are here John many photos prove this they are here in massive numbers portaling here via the sun. We are close yes many may transition due to jab but any will go on board ships and be healed. We are in Red October. wwg1wga

    1. scotth9510

      If John wants to believe he’s alone than it’s best to leave him be and when he’s ready to change his beliefs there will be others to help him along.

      1. John Sutter

        I really want to believe this is true because things look really grim. I just spoke to a woman who proclaims psychic abilities, but I believe she is a fraud. She says we’re all screwed, and I’ll be dead soon. Mostly tells you things right out of the news headlines and tells you she is channeling HDB’S.

        She also said the HDB’S said this site is “New Age Hogwash”.

        I don’t believe her either. She is just a scammer for money.

        1. scotth9510

          It’s ok John I understand the doom and gloom agenda of the darkness. Try to do things you enjoy and lift up your spirits. I personally hope I never give in to the dark forces though it’s certainly tough at times.

  4. John Sutter

    Well the dark agenda rolls on. Massive depopulation will destroy most nations utterly by 2023. Currently the psychopathic monsters like Dr. Fauci are drooling over the very soon coming mandates to grab and stab children as young as six months. Soon those that refuse the jab will be denied all means to sustain life.

    A Hellish landscape awaits us…if we survive.

    I don’t believe there is any Ashtar. We are alone.