The Angels: The High Council

Before the High Council

You get insights into past lives and outlooks on future incarnations. As soon as you stand before the High Council, you become aware of who you truly are, what you are supposed to learn and what motivates your soul to keep expanding.

The High Council gathers as soon as you have left this earth and shed your body. If you are an older soul, the High Council exerts influence on your accomplishment and your ultimate perfection.

With endless love, the members of the High Council assist you; with endless patience they build bridges of awareness and raise you up with their loving energy, gently and powerfully at the same time, to a more comprehensive perception.

• The High Council is pure wisdom and pure love.

• The High Council brings healing and awareness.

• The High Council strengthens your luminous energies, and you look into the mirror of your soul.

• The High Council refrains from opinions, evaluations and judgment.

• The High Council is part of your spiritual family; it is the source of your source.

• The High Council awaits each individual who keeps climbing up the ladder of awareness with their own strength and wisdom, kindness and compassion, love and light.

• The High Council reminds you in case you have forgotten, and encourages you when you believe you have failed.

• You stand before the High Council after each life, and together you look back and you look ahead.

Life after life, deeper insights are revealed to you, and you are entrusted with greater missions.

Life after life is looked at in the light of God.

Awareness is created and healing is given.

Until you are ready to be reborn, you are secure.

Until you return to this earth, you are taken care of with wisdom and love, so that you can master the upcoming life and reach perfection.

Who are you before life, and who are you after?

Spiritual divine consciousness that has willingly limited itself until it wishes to experience its limitlessness once again. Life after life you get closer to this goal.

The High Council accompanies your soul on your journey back to God. On both sides of the veil everlasting life is all around you.


**Channel: Jahn J Kassl


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  1. Douglas A James

    So.the archon reincarnation tech jas nothing with us coming back lifetime after lifetime via a false light simulator and the veil that on 3d earth?? What is truth??