Italians Fight Back Against Violent Police While Protesting Vaccine Mandates

Videos out of Rome, Italy emerged over the weekend showing mass protests in the streets over the government’s attempts to mandate vaccines and institute vaccine passports.

The capital city’s Piazza del Popolo was crammed with hundreds of thousands of people protesting the unfolding health tyranny.

The so called ‘green pass’ is being forced on employers in Italy and requires all workers to have been vaccinated or provide proof of recovery from COVID within the last six months, or continual negative tests every two days.

Employers will face hefty fines if they refuse to go along with the system.

During the protests, police got heavy handed and began hitting people with batons, blasting water cannons, and using pepper spray:

Eventually the crowd had enough and began to fight back against the police:

Entirely predictably, the media labeled the protesters as ‘far right anti-vaxxers’:


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  1. world peace

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