The Star Races Part 1: The Pleiadians

In this post, I would like to share with you the frequency of the Pleiadians. The Pleiadians are a powerful star race that has been present in humanity for a very long time.

Pleiadians work exclusively with the heart chakra

I have observed as I co-create with them and travel to their realm, that they only have the heart chakra activated. “Only” is a very small word, because it is extremely powerful! Witnessing their unique energetic frequency signature will literally shift our field into feeling more love.

On their home planet, they actually breathe from their heart, they don’t breathe from the nostrils and mouth as humans do.

The prana, the life force energy enters their heart portal, therefore connecting them to higher frequencies of love. They breathe high frequencies from their heart, receiving and giving back love through the infinite circle of creation.

Pleiadians live in communities

The special frequencies of the Pleiadians are anchored in communities and divine service, in helping each other and uplifting their entire realm as one.

They have males, females and children. Everybody lives together, which is wonderful to witness.

When Pleiadian frequency is very strong in humans, we can see that these humans are naturally drawn to serving others, they love ‘community spirit’ and tend to need to be part of a tribe where they feel that they belong. They may be healthcare professionals, therapists and healers. It can be anyone who has a strong sense of service as their mission.

What do the Pleiadians look like?

Pleiadians are very beautiful and also very diverse in their appearance. They have a humanoid physical form, the colour of their skin, their hair and their size is very varied.

Which dimension do the Pleiadians reside in?

Pleiadians exist between the frequencies of the 4th and 5th dimension. Some of their ascended Masters reside in higher dimensions. This is similar for humans. Some humans reside in 3D, some reside in 4D but more and more humans are learning about 5D frequencies.

It is the same for all our star friends, they reside in different frequencies depending on their own pathways of evolution.

Many of us co-create with Pleiadian frequency

We co-create with the Pleiadians even if the Pleiades isn’t our main star system. It is wonderful to call in our Pleiadian friends from a place of utmost love and respect.

They have been working with humans for thousands of years and know us well, so it is easy to connect with this amazing star race. It is often the first star race that channels connect with.

When we call them in, it is going to take their time and energy to come into our field and create a connection with us. So we only call them in for a clear purpose, with the intention to serve and embody our mission.

The Pleiadians can help us channel energy and magnify our heart portal

Pleiadians are so loving and compassionate. They are here to teach us how to anchor the templates of Love, service and compassion (amongst many other things) in our reality and how to give and receive more love.

They can also help us understand how to give without feeling depleted and how to magnify our heart portal so we have more power and love for ourselves and others.

When our heart field is open and vibrant we are also more naturally protected.

I know that a lot of people who serve others feel depleted of energy afterwards. If that is your case I would like to invite you to ask the Pleiadians to come and help you.

Not necessarily by protecting you, but by connecting to a greater level of love. They teach us to channel energy directly from the Earth and our soul, rather than from our energetic systems.

Pleiadians use the heart portal to fully connect with their planet. They teach us to use the heart portal to be fully connected with planet Earth and to vibrate with her.

Pleiadians are here to help us be anchored in this reality that we have chosen

If you are here reading this post you have a physical body. This means that your soul chose this reality. So many of us Starseeds just want to escape Earth and go back to the star system we came from.

But you are not there now, you are here on Earth! You are an Earthling! Until we reclaim our love for physicality, our connection to physicality is going to be hard. We will struggle to feel connected to the Earth, to our bodies and to others.

Pleiadians are here to teach us greater embodiment in love 

Isn’t Earth beautiful and mesmerising? Isn’t Earth perfect?

Aren’t humans magnificent? Even though they can be clumsy and unconscious, people are doing their best with what they have. Humans may not have many keys, but they still try their best.

Pleiadians have taught me to have compassion so we don’t bring separation between ‘us’, who are in the spiritual path, and ‘others’ who are not!

They bring unity in the field, everybody is on their own unique path. We might be on a different path to another person, but we can love and respect them anyway. We can be joyful no matter how shitty things seem to be around us.

The Pleiadians give us profound and advanced teachings around these ideas and concepts. They are a fantastic and loving star race.

How to connect to the Pleiadian frequency

I would love for you to connect more to the Pleiadian frequency by placing your hands on your heart and simply breathing from your heart. From this connection, feel the heat in your hands and drop into your heart.

Feel that literally, your heart is breathing. With every inhale, it is like your heart is getting bigger and bigger. With every exhale there is this movement of receiving all the yumminess of our world. As we inhale we open up, we caress and we love and we receive.

When we connect to our heart this way, we reclaim the anchor of abundance residing within the heart field.

There are no limitations to the love we can have for ourselves, our reality, for the plants and animals and for all humans.

Receiving Pleiadian teachings has changed my life. I’ve been trained by one magnificent and advanced Pleiadian to open up the channels of love more and I’m very grateful to have one of their Masters as part of my Council.

Pleiadians and portals

Pleiadians have also taught me how to find portals on Earth. Pleiadians work a lot with portal frequency.

Portals are where humans build their temples. Pleiadians came to show us where the portals are and we started building temples and monuments in those locations. This makes it easier for us to find those portals and allows a place for communities to gather.

More and more portals are starting to be anchored. Some souls are here to help with that and they work very closely with the Pleiadian star race.

Pleiadians love to be in ceremony

Communities gather through prayer and ceremony, which Pleiadians are very big on. If you love ceremonies, call on your Pleiadian friends.

Ask them to help you hold the frequency of love at such a high level that everyone who enters the sacred ceremony space is automatically shifted into a greater frequency of love and connection to the self and to the community present.

People will feel instantly more relaxed, loved and held when they come into the ceremony after you have set that intention and connected to the Pleiadians.

**By Cedrine


5 Replies to “The Star Races Part 1: The Pleiadians”

  1. Mehul

    Anxiety = fear without any specific object – Barbie (in the movie)
    Joy = living in the moment the way, whatever way you most like to
    Escape and seeking pleasure, not joy = When not feeling enough like yourself, actions are taken in reaction to this, seduced by the ego when it transforms itself negatively instead of popping in to be supportive when you need it due to a lack of self care with love.
    Heart Warming love = Very nice to experiance
    Remembering to regenerate a state of being = Can help sometimes
    Generating love yourself, gently, dissolves the fear, disorientations, and all that other stuff created by stress and pain from following the negative ego and being trapped and forgetting more and more of the love which is actually easily available because just kinda easy to do

  2. John Sutter

    By most accounts Pleiadeans are racially akin to European peoples. I’m sure their peaceful loving communities are racially homogeneous.

    We Europeans once had racially homogeneous communities, that were clean, peaceful and orderly. But, then an invasive species in our midst couldn’t stand that. We were multiculturalised. We had all sorts of foreign organisms that rape, murder, cause filth degeneracy and misery forcefully interjected into our societies. This was meant to break us up, to atomize us and to cause constant fear and distrust.

    Now we are second class citizens in our own nations while the organisms that destroy our once clean beautiful cites rape and murder our women and children.

    We Europeans have been targeted for extermination.

    1. Lisa

      That’s so sad that you have such views and goes completely against the loving nature of Pleiadians as portrayed by this article:/

      I hope you come to truly understand that no race is better than another and that acting in unkind or kind ways has nothing to do with skin colour but rather how connected or disconnected a person is to their inner light and love, their true self.

      Some Europeans have been responsible for terrible things in the history of humankind, causing a lot of harm when they’ve gone to other people’s countries as colonisers and imperialists for example – does that make all Europeans bad? Of course not.

      We are all one, all spiritual beings having temporary human experiences. Anger, resentment, bitterness and hate only serve the dark forces and make one’s life miserable. I hope you find love, light and peace within yourself. All the best.

      1. steven smith

        why do you need the pleiadians to teach you love, jesus does the same thing, why dont you follow him?

  3. TheNOWTeam