Ashian: Freedom and Breaking Down 3D Grids

J: What would you like to discuss today?

A: We would like to discuss freedom.

J: Unusual! Go for it.

A: Where do you see yourself as trapped? In what ways do you see that you are stuck, powerless or a victim? What do you avoid, and pretend you don’t notice that you are avoiding?

Each beloved person has areas in their emotional world where they feel that they have been beaten, where they have to endure what happens next, where they are without the power to exercise their divinely given sovereignty.

We would like to suggest that this is the time to take back your sovereignty. We are not saying to react, to lash out, or to be reckless. Not at all. Those are 3D responses based on fear programming.

We are suggesting a 5D mastery approach that uses intention and attention to create change and transformation. During your day, if you pay attention to your decisions, you will begin to notice little clues that show where you are bound by a distortion that is not love, but fear.

These little awarenesses are to be noticed joyously. They are inviting you to welcome home the parts of you that, over this and many other lifetimes, have been closed off from your conscious vision. You are returning to your fully healed expression of self, as you move deeper into the ascension energies.

J: Oops! “…move deeper into the ascension energies”? What do you mean by that?

A: Ascension is a process of integrating increasingly higher vibrations of Divine love. This begins slowly, building, growing and expanding, until it finally explodes. There are human experiences that will remind you of this process!

J: Think I’ve heard it all now, coming from a Galactic!

A: We return to our initial point! Fear has been programmed into humanity for millennia. It has become so deeply ingrained in your collective psyche that you are often unaware of just how pervasive it is, and how much it shapes your daily decisions ~ or lack of decision.

Simply by coming into this awareness, you bring embedded negative programming into consciousness. With the intention of healing yourself and humanity, you dissolve the bondage of fear, creating new pathways for choice. In this way, you are assisting everyone; you are freeing the collective consciousness, not just yourself…but everyone.

J: What do we do once we notice it?

A: Dissolving works on two levels. The first is bringing it to awareness: when you are aware, if it is a disintegrating program, it will begin to dissolve as your awareness inspires you to make new decisions. If it is deeper ~ either within you or the collective ~ it will require some patience to work through it, and sometimes energy work is very helpful in this instance.

We would also like to add that the Galactics are assisting humanity by actively dissolving these negative programs at a global level so that each person can rise up and through the limits previously imposed by the distorted negative programs.

J: How are you doing this?

A: Two ways: we are raising the vibration through what would look like collective love meditations with the intention of raising the vibration of humanity; the second way is through work with Starlink to beam an increasingly high vibration into the Gaian energy field.

J: You work with Starlink? I mean, I’m surprised you mention it, you haven’t before.

A: There is much that has not been said before, but you are now coming of age, Galactically speaking. You are about to learn a lot more in a relatively short period of your time that will make the love, care and connection that we feel for Gaia and humanity very clear and apparent.

J: Bring it on!

A: We have!

**Channel: Jennifer Crokaert


6 Replies to “Ashian: Freedom and Breaking Down 3D Grids”

  1. Susan

    I appreciate your messages Jennifer. I do. Yet I have no resonance with the idea that beings and civilizations as advanced as the Peleidians, Archangels, other star races would have any need for a human contraption, a bunch of space junk, to spread the Light and Love vibration around earth. Especially an invention designed to bombard the planet in the life negating/destroying energies of 5G. Just my take on it. Namaste.

    1. Don Spectacularis

      The divine works in mysterious ways. And it uses any method at hand to get its job done. I wouldn’t be too surprised if anything and everything from 5G to the jab was remodified to bring us healing and higher energies. Not saying we should trust these things or anything, just saying that the creator can do things as best suited to match the occasion. And the reasons they could be doing this through lower density contraptions is probably something to do with free will and all of that stuff. Not claiming to know any of this myself, just some speculations at this point.

      What I CAN say for certain however, is that ultimately the game is in our hands; and is being won at the moment by each of us raising our vibration; healing ourselves and planet Earth; spreading love, kindness, forgiveness and gratitude; and taking our individual and collective power back. Hope this helps. Cheers.