Happy (International) HelpEachOtherOut Day

Greetings, fellow lights. So I just invented a day: It’s called the International HelpEachOtherOut Day. And it’s for you and me and for every body (in town!)

More often than not, us lightworkers feel super lonely. Not that we really are such in truth, but that doesn’t always show up in the ways that we want it to, necessarily. Thankfully, we all have each other to count on at the moment, and we have a wonderful comments section courtesy EraOfLight.com. So, today, let us all share our thoughts right here and now and uplift one another, say what?

Feel free to join in with everybody else in the comments section and share your challenges, victories, or anything else that is on your mind that can either help you or help another move forward! Above all, feel free to share the love, the gratitude and the group hugs! (Exactly what we could all do with at this time in particular!) At the end of the day, we will very shortly have to assist the rest of humanity in similar ways in any case, so this should be a great practice session for everybody regardless! But above everything else, we need to feel that UNITY and ONENESS within us, regardless of our religious, political, social, and spiritual beliefs; and right NOW sounds like just about the right time indeed to express it, learn from it, grow with it, and, above all, enjoy it!

If you too are facing any challenges with regards to healing, forgiveness, unconditional love, realizing abundance, maintaining a positive mindset / frequency / vibration at this time, shadow work, tuning into your heart / truth or anything else during this time for that matter; just about NOW would be a great time indeed to mention it — because someone or the other can most definitely help you out in here!

I sincerely and heartfelt-ly thank you all for joining me on this grand journey of epic proportions. You are all loved! (And more than you ever know!) Also, a huge shoutout to KejRaj for making this platform available to us all, ALL of our collective gratitude to him for this!

In Infinite Gratitude and Love…
Don Spectacularis

10 Replies to “Happy (International) HelpEachOtherOut Day”

  1. Mina

    These are indeed trying times, especially with all the dross that is rising up to be cleared. Personal and family relationships are being pushed to the limit. The lesson: learn to take the high road – not reacting when others seem to intentionally push your buttons, forgiving and being silent both in thought and word, envisioning the ideal in all situations. Most importantly, self love and care. Blessings to all.

  2. Terry

    I for one would prefer a contact manifestation of one of my spirit guides. If Just one spirit guide of each person made themselves more real and helpful to the individual there would be unconditional love for the Galactic friendly ET folks when they start to make themselves known.

    1. Don Spectacularis

      I was thinking the exact same thing today! Unfortunately, these things usually accompany the “you chose this mission knowing full well this would happen”, and the “this path has to be walked alone” type messages. And while that may be true, it indeed doesn’t make our challenges any better! Sending you a virtual hug nevertheless! <3

    2. Linda

      I believe this did happen to me and in a public place. I too had asked for a visit and it finally happened. I was the only unmasked person in a business that posted the mask mandate was required. A woman also without a mask suddenly appeared a short distance away from me and in front of others. She looked directly into my eyes as she moved towards me with a warm smile that I felt. As she moved by me it was as if she was gliding and acknowledging that the two of us were the same. She left through the door and disappeared. No one around me seemed to see her but I’m only guessing about that. Ever since the experience I’ve tried to wear the same look on her face and to carry her same energy when I see others. It was a powerful lesson and I’m thankful for it. I wish it could happen again!

  3. Mavimor

    Merhaba; her sabah siteye girip yeni yazılarla güne titreşimimi yükselterek başlamamı sağlayan tüm ışık varlıklara ve buna kanallık yapanlara selam olsun. Minnettarım🙏 Yalnız olduğumu düşündüğüm çok zamanlar oldu. Şimdi burada yalnız olmadığımı görüyorum ve bu bana güç veriyor. Hepinize Türkiye’den kucak dolusu ve kalpten sevgiler selamlar.Işıkla kalın sevgili dostlar.💜💜🤗

  4. Claudia


    My team has kept pointing out to me when we discussed the likelihood of “first contact mass hysteria scenarios” and how to handle it, to not use many words but instead REPEAT short&simple sentences to FIRST OF ALL REASSURE PEOPLE that “they” have not gone crazy… that ONLY their minds haven´t been prepared TO TRANSLATE the sudden change of reality… and to not go “higher” than that (like no science unless that person is a scientist) but only “WIDER” as in maybe WHY this person didn´t know about this event… (all for very logical reasons…)

    The way we adress/meet this moment is of importance FOR US TOO and more than worth looking at BEFORE it happens.

    So why not talk/share/know about it whilst it´s NOT QUITE too late yet… and also I`d very much appreciate to hear from others if they maybe have ideas I´ve not heard about yet… AND and and…

    Anybody interested?

    1. Don Spectacularis

      So the reality that I’m visualizing right now is a HAPPY mass hysteria. In that people in this version of reality are super EXCITED to be receiving our galactic friends from above. This is made more so palatable by the idea that the first few versions of ETs would be human-looking to almost-human-looking. Their photographs, followed by videos are released beforehand so that the masses are VERY well prepared for what to expect.

      In my version of reality, the journey from disclosure to first contact is done slowly enough to get everyone on Earth on board as to what to expect; and quickly enough so that us lightfolk don’t feel like we are waiting forever for this. So, in my mind, something like a good 2-4 year period from disclosure to First Contact should do the trick.

      The most important thing for US (as lightworkers / lightwarriors etc.) is to hold the light and the space (and the visualizations) for all of this to proceed smoothly, and, above EVERYTHING else, sharpen our discernment the closer and closer we get to their descent. Hope this helps. Cheers! 🙂

    2. manormachine2

      hey there fellow candle holder. I have a ton of experiences that have put me in the realm of answers over this past 36 months. I for one have a thick past of lost time, slips through the vail into parallel lands, and as of recently a skill for saying things that rapidly change the texture of my surroundings.

      The Holy 🔥 is wild being that we are usually alone in our walk to knowledge of our place.

      Love you all to bits and look forward to the flight with you all.

      1. Claudia

        “Taking in your comment” released sth for/from me dearest “manormachine2” and that felt like your energy was talking to “me on a level” that I was denied access to until YOU&NOW. The picture I saw was that of a dungeon though that funnily enough came with A HUGE SMILE, suggesting the story about myself I was hoping for.

        THX DARLING… I definitely owe you sth… 😘… 😁