Neioh: What Do Pleiadians Say About Roswell?

The Roswell incident is absolutely true and just another Government cover-up.

On the night that this was reported, there was a huge thunderstorm.

There were 3 Crafts from a Planet called ZEP in the area observing and looking for Military presence.

They are completely harmless and were only curious.

They are of low Technology even Now.

As the Crafts flew closer toward the Base, Lightning struck one and this was accurate reporting.

The other 2 Crafts left quickly.

Each Craft had 3 occupants.

The Craft that was hit, exploded into pieces as the Beings fell to their death.

It was reported that there was one Being kept for observation, but all 3 are kept even Now and well preserved.

Pieces of the Craft were studied for years and assembled by the computer generation as to size.

There is a Model built now behind Guarded doors of a Military Facility.

The Beings stand about 4 Feet tall, have large eyes, a slitted nose and a thin, small mouth.

They grieve and feel, and their planet still waits for Disclosure and Truth.

They do not like being studied and cut as though they had no life. They have Families.

They travel in Crafts around the Earth Now but are afraid to come close.

They wait.

Most Military and all US Presidents know the full story and are bound to Secrecy in the Order given.

It is believed people would panic and have fear.

The Truth is, it would be a Gift to people to understand there are many types of Beings and Origins that were Created by the same Sacred Source.

**Received by Kabamur


3 Replies to “Neioh: What Do Pleiadians Say About Roswell?”

  1. Ned MCGRATH

    I heard it was shot down with some kind of laser beam? No wonder the ET’s don’t want to visit us….

  2. pat doran

    This is only PARTIALLY true-. That craft was taken on a ranch near Corona-New Mexico-it that is the incident you are talking about.–long way away from Roswell.AND the story is NOT the simple accident you relate.

    1. Douglas A James

      I heard 2 craft and pencil beam radar interferes with their navigation system.. yes bodies recovered .. craft etc. 1 of many craft recovered around the world