Why Confusion Continues To Reign and Questions Continue To Linger

Since December of 2017, we have all been told a story… a story about a $22 million “Secret Pentagon UFO Study” and the man who ran it.

But now, nearly four years later, a new book has has turned much of this story upside down.

According to this book, those original stories were all wrong. And what we thought we knew, is not the case. This new book, according to page 160 anyway, aims to simply “correct the record.”

But does it? Should we dismiss the old claims and make room for the new ones? Although not all the original claims are being challenged, which do we choose TO believe and which do we choose NOT to believe?

This is the story about why for the past nearly four years, the saga that has involved AATIP, AAWSAP, UFOs, a ranch in Utah infested by the paranormal, and multiple former government personnel — is still riddle with confusion and lingering quest ions — even with this new book that aims to correct the record.

Stay tuned… you’re about the journey Inside The Black Vault.