The Three Messengers; Cosmic Update

On Thursday, November 4, 2021, at approximately 5:15 PM (EST), our lunar orb will become “New” in the Tropical sign of Scorpio signifying major transformative experiences.

It will be in alignment with the planet Mars (aggressive action, potential warfare, impulsivity) and our Sun—both of which are also in Tropical Scorpio.

In the Sidereal system, this alignment is in the sign of Libra which engenders the need for balance, but until balance occurs, there is usually lots of confusion as the scales tip back and forth between various notions.

The solar energetics have been, and will continue to, pour forth with strong flares, potent winds, and neutron counts of Earth/Gaia registering between “Unsettled” and “Storm”.

The ratings of the neutron counts, known also as the “KP Index”, are either “Quiet”, “Unsettled”, Storm”, or “Severe” as calculated by the Oulu Observatory in Finland whose research is highly respected around the world and which NASA publishes on its website that is supervised by Dr. Tony Philips.

In terms of Spiritual Science, however, the message in the cosmic information just given is that humanity is about to witness (and some will be directly involved in) an astounding collective rage that will demand answers to certain forced procedures that have proven to be harmful to the overall health of the planet and its inhabitants.

Even though such demands have been happening for a while in particular places, they will accelerate in the numbers of human beings around the globe who are frustrated, anxious, and depressed and who are now willing to use their third chakra vibrations of “willpower” more assertively (though many will not understand that this is the chakra that is being stirred-up and being given powerful LIGHT because they do not have knowledge about chakras, and therefore, do not understand the word).

It is particularly calming, yet gives energy and vitality to a fatigued or exhausted physical and emotional system, it is excellent in concert with the other stones mentioned while they give courage, fortitude, strength, and follow-thru on what is necessary to be accomplished.

We receive enormous empowering currents of energy from the Sun into our solar plexus—thus, the name for this chakra as “solar”.

The color of the third chakra is yellow.


The recommended flower is YLANG-YLANG.

The suggested essential oils are AMBER or YLANG-YLANG.

Because AMBER is not actually a gemstone but rather is a tree resin which hardens over millions of years, it can be combined with any other crystal or gemstone.

Here is the entranceway to the nervous system and where people may feel “butterflies” when they are nervous due to the adrenal glands which sit atop of the kidneys being activated with a “fight or flight” response, and then, the heart chakra may respond with rapid rhythms. Breath can also become shallow.

The three messengers of SUN, MARS, and MOON can create an activation in the solar plexus which is sometimes uncomfortable, but it happens to get someone to make a necessary move in terms of something in his or her life that needs addressing and not ignoring. These alignments will stir-up the collective.

Twenty-four hours prior to a New Moon is known as the “Dark of the Moon”.

This is when the Moon seems to be totally invisible.

This is the time to plant “seeds of desire” which will blossom at the New Moon or shortly thereafter if such seeds have not been planted several days ahead at the opening of the New Moon Portal.

This is done via writing a special letter to SOURCE or through meditative visualization and prayer (Please see the article on preparing for the New Moon of November for details).

The research of other Spiritual Scientists have analyzed mid-November as the pinpoint for conditions on the planet to reach a height whereby more major secrets will begin to be revealed regarding upper echelon policy-makers and their agendas and when the three messengers that are discussed herein will be truly working in unison for dramatic changes to arise.

This is because we will be approaching the Full Moon Portal.

Because these messengers will also be in opposition to Uranus (sudden upheavals, revolutionary ideas, technology) in Tropical Taurus (material, economy, the planet itself) and Sidereal Aries (impulsivity, erraticism, sudden anger), powerful earthquakes and volcanic eruptions are not unlikely as well as other weather challenges, and economic situations could also become even more problematic, especially since so many people are leaving their employment due to retirements or resignations because of their refusal to go along with inoculation mandates.

Many are being fired. Workman’s compensation money is being denied to those who are fired or who resign. Religious exemptions are being denied in many cases. Even previous medical conditions are being ignored by some employers.

SOURCE is allowing all of this to occur as a lesson in proper treatment of the both the planet and of the creation upon “Her” as well as encouragement to use SOURCE-given free will righteously and correctly.

To repeat a metaphor which has been used previously, a wise parent is not going to gift a child with a brand new car if poor grades have been constantly given on report cards at the end of a school term.

That would be foolish because it would be showing the child that he or she can act in any manner, and still, a reward will be given.

This will make such a child feel egotistical, arrogant, and special and demand to have things go in every arena of life the way that he or she demands.

As further chaos ensues, so will the LIGHT that beams down upon the chaos and which will, however, also soar throughout our physical vessels for cleansing and crystallization.

Let us come into alignment with the space/time continuum of ETERNITY—SOURCE—ultimate elevated super-consciousness—which is not a place, but rather a condition of heightened awareness.

Then we can have increased intuition, calmness, a focused mind, emotional peace, and a constant new state of being— a constant “New Now”.

People may sometimes tire of hearing about SOURCE and LIGHT.

Yet, they are also tired of dealing with chaos and confusion.

Thus, the question becomes: Which would you rather have a steady dose of?

Increasing numbers of the collective are making the wise choice: LIGHT!

**By Dr Schavi M Ali