Focal Point; From 3D To 4D And 5D Part 29

November 2021 ushers us in a special karmic period, the FOCAL POINT of our transition, when some of our long-term programs come to an end and others are formed.

The activation of the new 5D crystal grid, the increased energy flows through it from the Central Spiritual Suns of the Local Universe, the Milky Way, and Helios, the tripled intensity of Earth’s core radiation – all this and much more will give special power to the stellium’s impact on us in November.

This month marks the end of the eclipse season on the Gemini-Sagittarius axis. For us, this is an opportune time to take stock of the past year and a half and to understand how we have implemented our experience and knowledge gained over the past 9 and 18 years.

At the same time, in November, there will be throwing of energy to our future evolutionary trends in the Taurus-Scorpio pair that will set the character of 2022-2023.

November is a period of deep rebooting, reassessment, summing up, and getting results. Based on them, we will define our desires and values, develop big plans and strategies, and look for new ways to implement them in the next 1.5 years.

This period will begin with the New Moon on November 4, 2021, and end with the New Moon on March 2, 2022. Its character will be determined by:

 Eclipses (November 4, 2021 – January 2, 2022 season);

 Venus retrograde loop (November 18, 2021 – March 2, 2022);

 Mercury’s new retro loop (December 29, 2021 – February 24, 2022).

All the while we will stay in great instability, uncertainty, and volatility.

To live the next three months effectively, we should not rush things. There is no need to set goals where we want to achieve results quickly, but rather concentrate on changes and fine-tuning of existing cases, projects, and relationships.

We need to be prepared to adapt to ever-changing energy conditions and event circumstances.

And also to constantly check with our inner compass, asking ourselves questions: “do I want to do what I do”, “does my life (my work, my relationships) fit my life criteria, values and meanings” and “how can I change what I am not comfortable with”.

In November, the next trends of big completion, taking stock, getting results, and reevaluating the lessons learned will determine:

1. The final eclipse season on the Gemini-Sagittarius axis opens on the New Moon on November 4 and will last until the New Moon on January 2, 2022.

It will definitively set the record straight for the changes that we have been experiencing not only in the last 1.5 years, but it will also complete the 9.5-18.5 year cycles that had the Moon’s Nodes in Gemini-Sagittarius.

This cycle’s eclipses (of Moon in Taurus on November 19 and of Sun on December 4) will demonstrate how successfully we have applied our accumulated experience, knowledge, and expertise to the current world where the need for decision and action speed, variability, and multichannel information is paramount.

2. The first eclipse of this cycle will occur on November 19. Since this will be a Lunar Eclipse, which folds before the Solar Eclipse on December 4, it will carry the energy of completion, highlighting our results as brightly as possible.

At the same time, because the eclipse will occur in the new zodiacal pair Taurus-Scorpio, it will also signify to us completely new trends in our development.

Its success will depend on our resilience, courage, realism, willpower, ability to overcome crises and keep the blow, the balance of the material and spiritual.

3. Venus retrograde loop will begin on November 18, 2021, and end on March 2, 2022, covering the 12 to 27 degrees of Capricorn.

As the main aspect of Venus during the retro-loop period will be its conjunction with Pluto which will be repeated three times, it will deeply reset and transform our attitudes, habits, and lifestyles of the past 1.5 years, in anticipation of a new evolutionary coil.

As part of its loop, Venus will move backward from December 19, 2021, through January 29, 2022. This is a most important and challenging time when we will have to delve particularly deeply within ourselves in search of answers to sacramental questions about what is truly precious to us.

Venus retrograde loop at its focal points will be associated not only with the end of the Gemini-Sagittarius axis eclipse cycle but also with the beginning of a new cycle on the Taurus-Scorpio axis.

During her retrograde period, on January 18, 2022, the nodes will change signs. Venus and its renewed value concepts will be the link between our past and our future.

It, as the ruling planet of Taurus, where the Lunar North Node determines the vector of our evolutionary development, will offer us renewed models. These models will have new stability of the Air Age of Aquarius which will continue to integrate more and more deeply into our lives the transit of Uranus-reformer in Taurus.

On November 5, Venus moves into Capricorn where its retrograde loop will take place. This will occur during the New Moon in Scorpio which opens the eclipse season.

It will immediately turn on the program of fateful scenarios for us in the next three months. All the events it will bring at the moment of its ingress into Capricorn will set the agenda for this transitional period – the change of our evolutionary trends.

Venus retro-loop will begin during the Lunar Eclipse in Taurus on November 19. It will simultaneously end one cycle of our development and begin another.

In November we will feel more acutely how our old life loses its meaning for us. We will acutely want to start a new one, to achieve the intended achievements and victories.

However, in this month, our future is not yet definite and is just taking shape. And before it enters into force (in March 2022), we have to finish what we started, terminate what we planned, get rid of the unnecessary burden of the past.

This is what the entire month of November will be about, under the influence of the Lunar Eclipse on the Taurus-Scorpio axis. Especially the last decade of November, which is the waning phase of the Venus loop when the planet is still going straight ahead, but slowing down as it completes its current 1.5-year cycle with the Sun.

This period began on June 3, 2020, during the first eclipse of the cycle on the Gemini-Sagittarius axis: the Lunar eclipse in Sagittarius. Until the next conjunction of Venus with the Sun on January 9, 2022, when a new 1.5-year cycle will begin, we, under the influence of waning Venus, will take stock and get results.

We need to part with what is no longer relevant, valuable, and important to us: end business and personal relationships that have outlived themselves, to quit unloved work, close unprofitable projects, pay off debts.

These are the main trends of November, against which all our events will unfold. At the same time, the month can be divided into two parts according to the incoming energies and tasks that we have to work with:

November 1 – 21. Scorpio time: crises, dynamics, willpower struggles, overcoming, and breakthroughs.

November 22 – 30. Sagittarius time: optimism, big results, finalizing major projects of the year aimed at development; final agreements, new ambitious and long-term ideas and plans for next year.

Now more details about each energies’ phase of November 2021.

November 1 – 21: Scorpio Time

November meets us with the powerful energy of Scorpio which was activated by the Sun when it moved into this sign on October 23 and amplified by the new 5D crystal grid of Earth and the entire cascade of Spiritual Suns.

We are entering a difficult, controversial time, one of the most difficult of the year when life tests our strength and hits us in our most vulnerable places, or rewards us for our strength of will and ability to withstand crises.

Throughout the period, our resilience, physical and mental health, and personal safety will be under high stress.

And all of these areas will remain in focus until the Sun leaves Scorpio on November 22.

This year, Scorpio’s timing will be particularly challenging.

First, there will be a Lunar eclipse during this period. It will occur on November 19 at 8:57 UTC in 28 degrees of Taurus-Scorpio and will be the focal point of the month’s tension.

The eclipse will vividly highlight all of our themes, questions, plots, plans, and intentions that take shape during the New Moon. It will occur on November 4 at 21:15 GMT in the 13th degree of Scorpio.

The key feature of the New Moon, which opens the eclipse season, will be a violent conflict of the luminaries (Sun and Moon) with Uranus and Saturn (the exact aspect of the opposition between the Sun and Uranus will occur on the New Moon on November 4 at 23:58 UTC). This will make unexpected blocking situations, a major storyline during Scorpio and the eclipse season.

We need to understand that their energies are pushing society and each of us directly affected (especially Taurus, Scorpio, Aquarius, and Leo) toward the next phase of radical reform and fundamental renewal of our habitual lives, as required by the major conflict of Saturn and Uranus in 2021.

Second, following the Sun, Mercury and Mars will continue in intense confrontation with Saturn and Uranus. Under their energies, the entire period of November 1-21 is a time of great crisis, conflict, struggle, and overcoming.

Mercury by New Moon will complete its retrograde loop after final aspects to Jupiter (November 1) and Pluto (November 2). This finalizes all the hang-ups of September and October and puts the finishing touches on issues that have been pertinent to us for the past 1.5 months.

Immediately following the completion of the loop, Mercury will move into Scorpio on November 5 at 22:35 UTC where it conjunct Mars on November 10. Their combined energies, especially Scorpio’s piercing power, will help us in overcoming difficult circumstances in life.

Mercury and Mars have exact aspects to Saturn on November 10 and 11, and to Uranus on November 13 and 17. Situations on those days will either highlight our greatest strengths or, conversely, expose our weakest points and problems.

On a personal level, depending on how developed our willpower center and how high our energy level is, how well our system of spiritual values is built, and how firmly we have developed mechanisms of overcoming crises (external and internal, personal), events will occur:

– Either in the form of serious obstacles in the implementation of plans, up to complete suspension of business activities due to external events or conflicts with superiors and authority figures (boss, husband, father); large financial losses and damages; the pressure of creditors demanding payment of debts; health impacts (covid, injuries, fractures, traffic accidents);

– Either through crisis and taking responsibility, we will reach new heights in our personal or professional affairs; enter a position where a serious workload is expected; receive a well-deserved reward for our work, patience, and perseverance; recover our past investments or get old debts; increase our productivity and performance by following a well-prepared plan, routine, and discipline.

Working concurrently with these influences, the Sun and Mercury in hard square to Jupiter (exact aspects to November 15 and 21) will define the magnitude of crises and conflicts, making them public, increasing the uncertainty and ambiguity of our plans, disorienting and blurring our perspective. Provoke us to make major mistakes that can cost us our reputation, deprive us of our position in society and authority.

At the same time, through Sun and Mercury in harmony with Neptune (November 12 – 18) and Pluto (November 17 – 21), we can activate our creative energy, inspiration, spiritual inner strength, and belief in the best.

If we act according to great inspiring objectives filled with deep meaning, draw on our accumulated wisdom, experience, and knowledge, show the strength of will and spirit, treat everything philosophically, derive valuable experience from everything that happens, and see in it new opportunities, then this turbulent time will provide us with chances of success.

During this challenging period, we will be supported by the purposeful energy of Venus which will be in long harmonious conjunction with Mercury and Mars, helping us to negotiate with others, to be productive and active, to act with purpose.

A dynamic Venus trine with progressive Uranus, which will become exact on the day of the Lunar Eclipse on November 19, will help us make business partnerships with people from scientific, informational, or technological backgrounds. Bring unexpected good fortune or a life-changing encounter with extraordinary individuals.

November 22 – 30: Sagittarius Time

On November 22, at 02:34 UTC, the Sun moves into the optimistic, ambitious sign of Sagittarius. This will change our outlook and mood to a more upbeat one after a tough marathon of challenges during Scorpio Time.

We will enter the Corridor of Eclipses, a special fateful period when everything that happens has a high degree of predetermination and is deeply rooted in the past, and our choices, decisions, and actions have a major impact on our future.

Especially since at the moment of transition into Sagittarius, the Sun finds itself in conjunction with the South Lunar Node (November 23, at 15:39 UTC), a karmic focal point associated with our past, and accumulated experiences.

As we approach the Solar eclipse in Sagittarius on December 4, we will feel more and more like we are about to take an important exam which we have been preparing for the last 18.5 years when the South Node was also in Sagittarius.

This exam will test not only our knowledge and experience but, most importantly, our ability to communicate it to others in a language they understand, as required by the Moon’s North Node in Gemini.

The Sun will be followed by Mercury moving into Sagittarius (November 24, at 15:36 UTC). The period of their upper conjunction will begin, when the planets move side by side at a minimum distance, leading up to the peak of the unfolding of all the business and plans laid out at the lower conjunction on October 9, 2021.

The exact moment of Mercury and the Sun’s contact will be November 29, at 04:39 UTC, in 8 degrees Sagittarius, and this conjunction will bring us positive results all through the last decade of November. And not just the last 1.5 months, but the past 1.5 years, and even 9.5-18.5 years, as focal points of our path that has brought us to this day.

During the last ten days of November, we can receive fateful information, meet important people, and find ourselves in the right places and with a favorable coincidence of circumstances. All this can strongly influence us, change our outlook and worldview.

Since the Mercury-Sun conjunction point forms a harmonious sextile to Saturn (exact aspects on November 30 and December 1), late November-early December is the best time to make final arrangements, sign agreements and contracts that have been discussed and prepared for a long time.

It also is a good time to lay the foundation for our future projects that will begin next year: to successfully present plans, strategies, and present documents, models, and business plans that have been carefully and thoughtfully prepared.

November 29 can be especially auspicious when the Moon in Libra forms harmonious aspects to Saturn, the Sun, and Mercury, locking them into a stable positive bi-sextile configuration.

In late November and early December, the special destiny atmosphere will intensify. It will inspire us and support our activity with a harmonious trine of Mars and Neptune (exact aspect November 29), which will close with a bi-sextile to Venus (sextile of Venus and Neptune on November 30).

But we need to remember that the Eclipse Corridor is not suitable for new, raw, ill-conceived, and unprepared decisions that can fundamentally change our lives.

At this time, our perception of reality could be distorted, and it will be difficult for us to see the whole picture. In these conditions, there is a great danger of erroneous decisions which may turn out to be fatal for us, and we will have to deal with their consequences for a long time.

The realization of spontaneous ideas that come to us at this time, it is better to postpone until after the eclipses, especially if there is a lot of risks, adventurousness in these ideas. Or they are based on unverified facts and data, rely on unreliable information, or come in the form of tempting offers from false talkers, blowing dust in the eyes.

So will be the strong influence of the dark karmic focal point of Lilith which moves through Gemini and opposes the Sun and Mercury.

The last Lunar quarter (the week before the Solar eclipse), which begins November 27 at 12:27 UTC, will be particularly challenging. With each day approaching the New Moon and eclipse on December 4, we will remain in a special karmic zone where the cost of a mistake goes up and the energy to grow and develop new things goes down.

The days of November 27 to December 4 are favorable only for summing up the results and final agreements on those issues that have been discussed for a long time and have been carefully thought through and prepared.

It is very important to observe and listen to ourselves all the time. This way we can get answers to the questions that were not available to us before.

**By Lev