More Than Half of Unvaccinated Americans Say Nothing Will Change Their Mind

The results of a poll reveal that more than half of unvaccinated Americans say “nothing” will change their mind about getting the jab.

Researchers in Boston, New York and Barcelona found that 53 per cent of participants who hadn’t been vaccinated won’t be convinced by anyone to take the shot.

13 per cent said they may be swayed by advice from a close friend or family member, while 9 per cent said a recommendation from a family doctor could change their mind.

“Conservatives, people living in poverty, and those who worked outside the home were more likely to be against vaccination, the survey data showed,” reports the Daily Mail.

The fact that the survey was conducted in April 2021, before the ‘delta’ surge and the announcement of the Biden administration’s vaccine mandate scheme is telling.

Over 6 months ago, the poll found that 21 per cent of respondents said they did not want to get the vaccine.

Current figures show that around 20 per cent of U.S. adults remain unvaccinated, meaning that only around 1 per cent have been convinced during that time.

As we highlighted earlier, unvaccinated Americans working for companies with more than 100 employees are set to be punished by being forced to wear masks at all times indoors.

While a slim majority of Americans say their minds can’t be changed when it comes to getting the vaccine, the number is significantly higher in Germany.

As we previously reported, 90 per cent of Germans who haven’t taken the COVID-19 vaccine say they won’t get it, with only the remaining 10 per cent saying they will “probably” get it or remaining undecided.

**By Paul Watson


10 Replies to “More Than Half of Unvaccinated Americans Say Nothing Will Change Their Mind”

  1. Sharilyn H

    Thank you John Sutter for that info about viruses…that is all very interesting! Thank you for the research websites too.

  2. TeeLight

    There is no way the number is 80%, and if it is true, then nearly all the deaths are now occurring only in the jabbed.
    Insanity continues..
    For now

    1. John Sutter

      Yes, I think they trying to create the consensus that everyone is getting it and therefore should get it.

      Just like they rigged all the polling to show Hillary was winning in a landslide in 2016 when the opposite was true.

      1. Deborah

        A nurse on the virus floor said ALL people there have been vaxed.
        They give them remdesivir to kill them. She goes home every night and cries.
        She spoke to a doc. (he laughed at her concern), and said we have follow protocol.

        1. John Sutter

          Yes, Deborah, I have a surgeon’s video that discusses Remdesivir and the murderous psychopath Dr Fauci. It is a toxic poison, nothing more. It cause kidney failure in 40% of the patients in just 5 days.

          Most MD’s have no idea what they are doing. They don’t care, don’t know and don’t want to know. Stay as far away from them and the hospitals as possible. The hospitals are Charnal houses and the MD’s Satanic executioners.

  3. John Sutter

    Well, if they really did jab 80% of the US population then the USA is doomed. There is going to be a lot less people here in a few years or even months. Everyday I’m amazed at how stupid Americans are.

    I see no hope in any of these channels or statistics.

    1. Sharilyn H

      I so agree with you John Sutter…on every point! Esp the last … I also have been amazed at the stupidity of people…they dont even research to see what is in these so called shot vials…we keep learning new info as the truth is surfacing. Per former Pfizer researcher/analyst…there is Graphene Oxide (LEAD), parasites, AND there are 12 formulations in Pfizer brand. So is the experimental vaccine to find out how many poisons or LEAD does it take before we kiel over???

      1. Sharilyn H

        Karen Kingston…see her interview on StewPeters.TV. He is great interviewer … check out Dr. Jane Ruby and many other great guests!

      2. John Sutter

        Yes, I watch Stew Peter’s. Also, Dr’s Kaufman and Dr Cowan have teamed up and made a great 4 part series on COVID19 Myths. Covid‐ Also, Dr Kaufman has a very good documentary on debunking germ theory.

        I studied Biology in college. I never really bought the unfounded claims about viruses, because they never fully explained how viruses replicate and infect other hosts. According to virology viruses are intercellular. They use this very unscientific method of what they call virus isolation that was invented by John Enders 70 years ago. It’s the method that kills their laboratory cell cultures not the sputum from sick people that they just assume contains a virus. When virologists are asked why they use this ridiculous method to kill the cells with toxins and starvation they say it is because viruses exist only inside cells.

        Then how could they possibly infect anyone?

        Viruses are not pathogens, just the end product of the death of a cell.

        So this vaccine, and all vaccines, have nothing to do with a virus.