New Realm of Reality

Greetings! From heart to heart in this moment we speak, I am KejRaj. The information expressed here is that of my perspective, my point of view. For all truth awaits you in your heart. Tune into the light within you.

We have long past the point of no return on this journey of upliftment. Each and every day more and more souls are becoming open to new ideas, new ways of life. More and more souls are beginning to understand that what we have today, this way of life, is not normal at all, and that they have been purposely mislead to for millennia.

For every soul that begins to question this reality, this brings the collective closer to that which we aim for and all desire, world peace. The closer this will bring us all to the breakthrough, snapping out of the amnesia, dissolving the old illusion, and assisting Creator by being ready for his/her purest form of light/love. For receiving the wave of the most refined light from the heart of Source Creator through the Great Central Sun of this Golden Rose Galaxy, to Earth and humanity, uplifting all into a new realm of reality.

As we move forward, with the energies intensifying from one moment to the next, the most important thing we can do is concentrate on the heart. Stay heart centered, focus within. We say this because the outer world is a reflection of your inner world.

As the light increases so does the speed at which the 3D Earth Matrix is deconstructed.

What is happening now is the letting go of the old, and making room for the new, energetically and physically.

Mother Earth is doing this through changes in weather patterns, floods, earthquakes, volcanoes and other ways, that are becoming more frequent and noticeable to all of her inhabitants.

While humanity is releasing through anger, in all its different forms. The things that you held on to for so long, hate, fear, anger, judgement, and all the outdated popular beliefs of humanity, all is quickly collapsing from within you. This is why you see what you see in the outer world.

Once again, all of this is leading to the one powerful wave of energy that many have come to know as the Event. When this wave of energy is released from the Creator’s heart, in that moment, the veil will be lifted. A splitting of worlds will occur here. There will be many who will transition from Earth, and will incarnate on other planets.

There will be those that ‘fully’ ascend, they will realize in an instant that they are in the new world. They will become invisible to many that remain in the 3D Earth Matrix. You will also have those who know they can ‘be free from 3D Earth’ at the moment of their choosing, but they simply choose to stay behind to assist the rest.

Earth is now fully ascended into her 5D Body Divine Matrix. She has completed her transition into the 5D Body.

What this means is all of her inhabitants are also in the 5th Dimension. However, it is only a memory, their concept of the old world that remains of 3D. They are simply perceiving a 3D world that is no longer present, and refuse to release the attachment out of fear. The release of the 3D aspects are gradual, so as not to cause mass fear and panic. It is but a matter of time that even their memory of the old will begin to become blurry, they will realize that the Earth 3D Matrix has been dissolved.

Many will come to understand that one must completely free the self of the old in order to experience the new. For in the reality of the New Earth, there is no room for hatred and division. You must focus on transforming the old version of you through the heart, as well as with the new light that is available to you now.

We say to you there is no turning back, let go of all the illusory fears, hold your light as we move forward. You are in for some great surprises, one after another. Wave after wave we are reaching the shore, sooner than many may think.

From heart to heart, KejRaj.

23 Replies to “New Realm of Reality”

  1. TheNOWTeam


  2. Deborah

    BOLDLY fully LIVE. Let go and BE = focus on the present moment.

    Release the past and future “IFs.” There is no fear in the Light.

    Fill your mind with thoughts from the heart / Light.

  3. Daniel

    This resonates very well here and now. I’m seeing more love and unity everywhere and a beautiful Earth with brighter colors and health. I Love and Thank you KejRaj!

  4. Douglas A James

    The demos locking down states forcing masks and jabs but John wants to attack Republicans who represent the majority of awakened.. so John you support the actor playing Biden you support the hate groups BLM antifa as they burned cities and killed.. you are angry at the Patriots who call this out and stand up against the vax masks and are walking away from their jobs to preserve their bodies. Yet you dont believe Kej Raj and all the other texts that explain the shift .. ? Take care 51% in the heart is all that one needs to shift ..

    1. John Sutter

      Douglas, the Republican party is false opposition. Can’t you figure that out? If I am critical of the Republican POLITICIANS not the voters, it in no way means I support Joe Biden BLM/ANTIFA.

      I consider the Republican party to be the party of betrayal.

      1. Lara

        John, your approach here and elsewhere is a grounded — and questioning– one. Wisely so. Groundedness and critical thinking do not often make for popularity in the “ascension” community, however. But then, life is not a popularity contest, is it? Especially when so much more is at stake…. I share your frustration.

        Best to you, Lion, from a very grounded Unicorn.

      2. Lara

        Sorry, I wanted to add that as someone outside the US (and therefore not as embroiled in your country’s political setting), a number of us agree with your political assessment. Party politics word-wide hinges on controlled opposition, the ILLUSION of democracy, and the ol’ divide-and-conquer. Bill Hicks called it “puppet on the left, puppet on the right….”

        We humans have been played by the elites and other forces for a very long time. The sooner we wake up to that fact and realise that no current political party was set up to serve us, the better. We will not change the system from within the system.

        Hard as it is, we are here on Earth to build a better world – not to escape into la-la land from what we came here to do. And no political party is going to fix it for us.

        1. John Sutter

          Exactly Lara, we in America need to abandon the Republican party, all they do is work against us while giving the appearance of opposition to the left. It’s all one party.

          The Republican party exists to protect the gains made by the left/Communists.

    2. Daedalus

      Hes actually right about that. And I speak this as a non US citizen.

      Its pretty much the same story everywhere – you have two evils within two party system to make a polarization of people, while one party is smaller evil and other is bigger.

      However, that doesnt mean that there arent good people in both parties. It just means the foundations of the parties are compromised.

      It has also shown on latest voting on infrastructure, where a bunch of RINOS on regular basis shown their allegiance to the Uniparty.

      In truth, there are three parties – Vast majority of Democrats and at least half to majority of Republicans present a Uniparty, the controlled creation of cabal. The third party are true Patriots and they present minority of honorable people in power positions with majority of population.

      Dont believe the MSM numbers – theyre fake, just like everything about them is fake. Media is 99-99.9 % in service of evil.

      Either party and the “Uniparty” doesnt matter anymore. This is bigger than them, and many people have finally awakened to the fact of being manipulated and controlled.

      What I think next is ? I think literally sabotaging the governments that work against people by people themselves is the way to go. Eventually, it will lead to point where majority is united around the fact they dont need to pay taxes. Irony is, if there would be unified view around this right now, and in coordinated way, the people could take down the whole system in less than a week. The governments blackmail everyone with taxes and dependencies, now they want to blackmail with vaccines, and even your children with vaccines – where is the red line ? Not so far, it could have been already crossed in some countries.

      My advice : keep sabotaging the Beast system in any way. Deprive the governments of any income. Cut the dependencies wherever and whenever possible. That way, the people will jointly starve the Beast and bring it down.

      1. Paul

        I feel for the people that think trump is the second coming
        Controlled opposition I’m afraid

  5. Penny

    We all need to let go of the old way of “ thinking” )))

    Ego says ; wrong /right,….. being judgmental in all things.

    Why not for once.. Just breathe deeply and think…

    I love myself, I love who I am, I love my sharp edges but I will learn

    to temper them…. because they are only hurting me.

    I deserve to feel love of self without any inner pain.

    Look within instead of outward and truly see .

    Love yourself John Sutter you deserve to be happy. ❤️

  6. Gem Ascending

    ✨Thankh you KejRaj Love for sharing. Indeed, many of us are perceiving new realities and the victory of the Light!✨Love and gratitude to high vibes everywhere!✨

  7. John Sutter

    I believe this is all fantasy on your part. Only a tiny fraction of humanity will go poof into the 5D world of Love Bunnies and Unicorns. The rest of us wail and gnash our teeth waiting for death on a 3D Glitch Earth soon to be shut down by someone.

    I’ve been questioning this reality for a long time. I’m still here slugging it out, maybe I’ll survive this coming war, maybe not, but I see no indication anyone is going anywhere good.

    I assume you are one of the 60 million headed to the new hippie Earth with flowers in your hair and love on your mind all the time.

    I guess I’ll have to take off once my meat sack expires and find a new meat sack somewhere else. I wanna be one of those 24 ft Lyran Lion people so I can open up a can of whoop ass on these slimy Reptilians, or at least these damn Republicans.

    1. Derek

      If we need a Lion, you will be the first to be called. LOL. Hang in there buddy. You are perfect as you are.

    2. Deborah

      September I was making progress then, October came and it was very very challenging. I’m beginning to see a spark, faint as is it, it’s still a spark. How long it takes to become a flame is any ones guess.

      I get very frustrated too, but hang in there and focus on the good and the great future you are creating.

    3. Christina

      John, you are so awesome. I look forward to your responses every day. You keep kicking ass please. I’d say what did the fluffy love bunnies and unicorns do to get called out, but that’s okay. Without you, we’d never get anywhere.