Lady Grace: Living Life in a State of Grace

What is grace and how can it be defined.? The adjective ‘graceful’ describes a person or movement which brings to mind a feeling of serenity, peace and harmlessness. A person who is graceful moves harmoniously in their environment without causing disturbance or harm. They are often admired by others and attract attention just by their presence.

To live with grace, and within the Law of Grace, is to move from day to day with respect and sovereignty, treating every day as a gift and one’s body as a temple. It means that one is devoted to, and can find time for things, people and practices that will enrich, enhance and give meaning to their lives. These people do this without being drawn down into drama, ego and petty concerns that lower one’s vibrations.

When one lives in a state of grace, one can view every person as an individual, honouring their journey and allowing them to be who they are without judgement or condemnation. It is not necessary to like all people, but those living with grace find it easier treat all people with respect and an impartiality that will allow one to stay centred in love and to be treated the same way in return.

I am Lady Grace, the Archeia of Archangel Uriel, and I am here to assist you to bring more grace into your lives and into your heart. To be able to do this, you must at first learn to forgive the past, yourself and all of those who may have hurt, betrayed or injured you in some way. This can be a difficult task but, when undertaken and achieved will reap many rewards.

The second thing you must do is to look within your inner sanctum and find peace – with yourself and who you truly are. Strip away any pretence and see yourself as a Being of Light on a journey of self-discovery and learning that, while it may have been littered with mistakes and painful transgressions, has led to this moment of hope for the future and realisation of empowerment to change, transmute or release anything that no longer serves you in this lifetime.

The third thing you must learn to do is to learn to trust yourself and your path, to be grateful for what you have and to see the world as the temple in which you have been given the honour of inhabiting.

You may be the clumsiest person you know but still be living in a state of grace! All it takes is awareness of self, connection to the All and an open heart.

I AM Lady Grace!

**Channel: Victoria Cochrane


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  1. Gem Ascending

    ✨Amen! So be it. Thankh you for sharing! To Love Light, Light Love and continued Grace among all.✨