TaLa Nee of Pleiades: Absolute Absolution

Greetings dear ones,

I am Tala Nee, emissary and representative from the Pleiadian High Council, speaking to you on behalf of all those who love you within the Pleiadian star system, the galaxy, and within all of the spiritual realms of mastery and oneness. We step forward today to speak to you about Absolute Absolution.  This is the time you now find yourselves within, both on a personal level and as a collective.

On a personal level, some of you are much deeper into this process than others, and so, the extent of this information will hit closer to home for you than it does for the collective.  As you know, the collective is in the varying stages between sleep and awakening.

When we speak of Absolute Absolution, we refer to the absolving of judgements that you may have levied against others, against the world external to you, and even against yourselves, dear ones. Now an absolution is at hand, for your growth quickens with every passing moment.

You’re finding it more and more difficult and uncomfortable to sit within the energies from which judgments flow. We do know that many of you are diligently working towards clearing judgement from your consciousness in its entirety so that you can be the most compassionate and loving beings possible; so that you can be of service to your world.

We applaud you for this, for it is the great work of mastery. And you are indeed upon the pathway of mastery, dear ones.

In order to achieve this Absolute Absolution, one must first absolve all that which is within themselves that could be held up to the light of judgement. This requires you to love each and every part of yourself, especially those parts of you that you’ve judged so unfairly in the past.  It takes a great loving of all parts of oneself to release the tethers of judgment, and then to extend this out to your world at large.

This will bring you ever-closer to the heart of the Law of Reflection; not only understanding intellectually, but knowing on a deeply embodied level that all those you see in your external world are but a reflection of your own divine oneness, the divine source spark that is within you.

In order to move forward within your awakening, an absolute absolution is required.  The pathway of ascension requires a heart untethered by the weight of judgements…a heart that is open and full of compassion, understanding and empathy. As many of you who’ve been walking this pathway may know, compassion and empathy within a 4th density consciousness looks much different than it does within a 3rd density realm of illusion and separation.

Learning this lesson is part of the pathway to mastery and to fully awakening out of your collective illusion. We would say unto you, be gentle with yourselves, and keep doing the work you’re doing in your efforts to grow, awaken, expand, and bring all those disparate parts of yourselves back into your heart to be loved in unity and oneness.

As we extend this message to your collective humanity, this Absolute Absolution is also well along on its unfolding. As it permeates the entirety of your human race, in its initial stages, this absolution yields chaos. Just as many of you may have individually experienced this chaos within, and sought various pathways to finding more peace and balance, so too does your collective humanity need to do so.

It is well upon its way. There are so many individuals upon your planet that are doing great work in this regard.  Yet, as you very much know, this is not being advertised.  It is not being shown in your mainstream media, and it’s not being promoted.

There is still very much a collective agenda in trying to keep you separated and asleep. Part of it is intentional, but part of it is very much the status quo for those individuals refusing to let go of that which they find comfortable, even if it does make them unhappy.

And so, this Absolute Absolution within your collective will take some time to break through the chaotic underpinnings that exist.  This is necessary in order for the reformation of the information fields of consciousness and the various systems within your collective and societal structures to reorganize into a higher form.

There will come a point where a sort of mathematical threshold will be reached, and then this absolution will permeate with grace and ease.  Great change will occur in a short amount of time.

You are deep within the unfolding of this absolution, and those of you who are reading this hold the potential to affect many upon your planet in a positive manner to help quicken the pace of this unfolding for your collective.

We stand here on the other side of the veil, your dear brothers and sisters from the Pleiades and those of us on the Pleiadian High Council, ready to provide love and assistance to you and to all upon your planet who reach out to us. Upon our parting, we wish to say to you, beautiful ones, that you are loved, and we are always here when you need to speak with us.

Now we shall take our leave, Namasté.

**Channel: Ben Rafael Guevarra