Adamu Declares Victory!

A startlingly unexpected new perspective from Adamu!

At the time of recording this transmission from Adamu (November 2021), the story of humanity, here on Planet Earth, seems to have reached a very dark ebb. It appears as if all the world’s power structures and authorities have suddenly gone utterly insane. It appears as if they have suddenly collectively turned psychopathically against humanity. Nothing they are doing makes any sense at all!

Or does it?

In this presentation, Adamu lays out exactly how their behaviour can be understood. How it all makes sense. And it’s a very dark, dystopian picture that he paints!

So how then is he declaring victory?

Because he certainly is! Victory for you. personally. For humanity collectively. For the planet. For the galaxy… and beyond!

It’s a bold declaration that really needs to be heard!

Prepare yourself to have your perspective shifted!

The video IS a bit over an hour long but your time will be well rewarded. Understand what is going on in the minds and the motivations of the planets dark, secret elite… and discover how their plans are failing them. It can now be revealed that it is only a matter of time before all their plans collapse like a house of cards. Discover how, even these dark plans of theirs, ultimately serve the purpose of the Light.


1. Please enjoy this video and share it widely. This video cannot be shared upon any of the big social media sites as it will immediately be censored. To this end I have created an easy link to this page that you can share:

2. Please excuse my puffy eyes. I was trying new contact lenses. Bad idea!


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3. This transmission from Adamu is only the latest chapter of a much greater work. It is highly recommended that you explore the whole series, at your leisure, to gain a much deeper understanding of the world situation and of your place in it.  The whole “Adamu Speaks” collection can be enjoyed for free here:

17 Replies to “Adamu Declares Victory!”

  1. Monica Lopez

    Most of the people I read on these post are too stuck in 3D still, do your inner work, fear is your enemy.

  2. Ben

    I wish there were a block feature for the comments section, or remove the section entirely. Same usual cast of characters making their usual sh!tposts.

    1. Steve Riley

      Go back in time and those same people would have been full of positivity and praise for these articles. But the more you awaken the more you realise that there are far more fakes peddling lies mixed in with half truths than there are honest people conveying real communications.

    2. John Sutter

      You need to go to Twitter, there you can fill out a hurt feelings report whenever someone states an opinion you don’t like and get them suspended or banned. So I don’t believe this Zigzag is legit, to be a love bunny do I have to agree with every post here?

      Honestly, I watched this guy’s video hoping to find out something positive and believable.

      Why can’t you tolerate other opinions?

    3. Daedalus

      You took the effort to write and post that comment of yours above. And you had a choice to ignore the comments entirely. Everyone has that choice.

      The comments were already turned off for one time before, but mainly because the comments went overboard into insults. Then they got turned back on by owner.

      Its not about canceling and turning off anything here – its about your own choice, which you obviously dont follow proven just by your above comment. People express their authentic stances here – some wouldnt like it what they hear, but same way, their stances could also be disliked in others.

      Acknowledging or ignoring something is that everyone has a choice on and should act on. Wanting to shut down and censor whole sections just because you dont like what you see is wrong.

      1. Fred

        If they do not like a specific person’s comments – they do NOT have to read them. duh

        If you don’t like a tv show, you turn off that channell.

  3. John

    Look inside yourself for every answer nothing outside of yourself matters anymore exept to love all as you would love yourself drop trying to fix everything and let it be as is have faith that all will go well despite what is going on outside of you for you have true power over only on thing and that is you

  4. Rafael Ferreira

    I confess that I can’t read anything on this site anymore, I don’t feel good reading anything, it’s as if my soul alerts me 😳

  5. Daedalus

    Overall, Im more disgusted with stance of various fake “love and light” peddlers lately.

    Including various fake sources like COBRA that play a game with their followers and every single time the followers take a bait and repeat the mistakes. Do people really think a human resistance faction with higher tech would put coded messages through some blog ? Please …

    There are people dying from vaccines and OTHER diseases, especially cancers, because now those having cancer have much lesser chances than even before, because tyrants in charge have decided so. What will “light forces” tell to relatives of those who died and who will die ? Will they tell them “this was their choice” ? Will they tell them “we have won, everything will be ok” ? Do they even comprehend how lives of some people turn into a living hell ? Anything that they could have said, nothing of it will matter to those people…

    Soon, very soon, as this year ends, there will probably be drastic reactions to all tyrannical moves of various governments. If there is no higher justice, people will get truly desperate and at one point there is potential for more folks to be killed or some places to go into total unrest. There is action and reaction …

    If I lose someone from my own family, I cannot guarantee anymore I will be passive even regarding the violence against those who manipulated and imposed such tyrannical moves.

    I dont think “light forces” understand this and they never understood it, they were here just to lull people into false passivity. But true light forces … their moves are much more felt and seen.

    Some folks will keep ongoing with passivity, and I call for active stance and starting depriving the cabal to maximum, as much people are capable at the moment, from the monetary influx. The more people deprive them, the faster they will lose control. The irony is that if everyone stopped paying taxes in sudden and coordinated way, the whole system would be brought down in record time. Unity of action if necessary. The cabal and cabal underlings would have no chance or choice in such scenario.

    Starting cutting the monetary influx wherever you can. Not to fall into misery, but what is completely unneccessary. Exploit the legal loopholes whenever possible. Turn the rotten system against them. Sabotage the system from the inside. Dont stand idle by side while they take everything from you – blackmail your governments, so they feel and taste their own “medicine”.

    I repeat – DO NOT go idly and passively into the night, take the stance. What occurs now in just few years will determine if our future is dystopian or truly heaven on Earth.

    1. John Sutter

      Daedalus, here in America they cut you off from not paying taxes. They make your employer take out all the taxes. We in America are not free. At least 50% of our wages are taken in taxes both hidden and not hidden. You don’t own your home either. For instance, if you have enough money to buy your house cash you still have to pay the government “property taxes”. This can range up to $1000 per month or much more depending on the house and location. So, we already don’t have any private property. We already don’t own anything. The government rents us our houses.

      They use money as a means of harvesting our energy and building their world of power, luxury and degeneracy and sin.

      1. Daedalus

        Yes, that occurs in many countries, thats the “standard” way for everyone (except for self-employed) – however, if hypothetically all employers outright refused paying anything to government, the government literally couldnt do anything to counter that and they would crumble very very fast. Even if they arrest many… the prisons have limited capacity.

        The continous inflation and devaluation is present in every single country in the world and its seen as “normal” only by those abnormal in head. People gradually got their purchasing power reduced drastically, and in some communist countries, the living standard plummeted to absolute bottom.

        No police would be able to intervene once the funds for their salaries do not exist anymore … they literally would be left without job. Even more, imagine bunch of people taking large sum credit and never repaying them, acting in unison. They cannot do anything against that. No police will work for no salary. It would crumble really fast.

        The only underline is – unified and coordinated action. The goverments arent so afraid even of protests, they will just barricade themselves in. But theyre afraid of incapability to distribute money, as that means certain doom for them. Theyre also afraid of potential vigilante attacks against them.

        I understand this is very hard, especially for everyone who has family and kids to feed. But the things will only get worse if people dont activate around. The freedoms will get cut gradually more and more.

        In other words, the governments and banks are just a racketeering entity between employers and workers.

      2. The Hermit

        You’re looking for something called a W8-BEN. I’ve tried to post much more information about this stuff here in the past and it was immediately censored. There were a few links to websites in previous comments for those looking for more resources about claiming you Sovereignty. The websites weren’t selling anything, it was just information. It’s just not allowed here, make of that what you will. You can search for a W8-BEN pdf and you should easily find it. The dark side is terrified, friends. It will do anything possible to keep this information, that is rightfully yours, from you. It knows what will happen, because it’s already happening. It’s starving. You don’t need any more outside stimulus to help you claim what is yours. The Light is within you all. Look deep within and take hold of that Sword of Truth that lies within. Your own personal Excaliber. It’s the most powerful weapon ever wielded by human beings and it is un-defeatable. We have all finally been granted that sword again. It’s a tremendous responsibility, but we are ready. Do not let the darkness goad you into fear and discouragement ever again, not now, after how far we have all come. We WILL win friends. Hold the line, hold the light.

        1. Daedalus

          W8-BEN is Certificate of foreign status of beneficial owner for United states tax withholding and reporting, for individual persons. Basically for non-US citizens working for US platform / company, where they report to.

          I know it because I have planned to go that direction … but my country is in same way very bad regarding taxes where they would take mindboggling sums from people based on absolutely nothing, but just plain theft. Some countries have significantly lesser taxes in same way, and could pass easier to work in same way. But not mine.

          It has come to point where I could have great ideas … good talent … I could work hard and dedicated. And the government would literally take 40-50 % of what I have … based on what ? Its an absolute nonsense that MUST go… the criminals and thieves in governments and courts allow this to occur.

          If all countries abolish just federal tax (not the local tax) the things would get much more bearable. You would see jobs sparking left and right, and even more – people making their own jobs. Small businesses would thrive again. People would have clear assurance they would succeed. No more being dependent on larger companies.

          But no – the upper criminals and thieves are there as obstacle. They must go, and they must end up in prisons, or worse for them. The criminals and thieves are choking out all the prosperity from “small people”.

  6. John Sutter

    Now I see. Zigzag is just trying to hustle a quick buck by selling messages from Adamu. If Pleiadeans were truly trying to help humanity why would the go through an interlocutor charging for the service.

    There are many scams out there like this. Hosca Harrison and his non-physical entity “Jonah” to name one of many.

  7. John Sutter

    More of the same, zigzag has nothing new to offer. Look, I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, THERE IS NO VIRUS PEOPLE. Germ theory is a lie, always has been a lie. Stefan Lanka has proved viruses don’t exist. It is the process developed by John Enders that creates pathology not any assumed to be there virus in a sick person’s sputum.

    If Zigzag was truly in contact with some advanced being from the Pleiades he would know this. Instead he just furthers the lie of COVID19 and germ theory.

    The dark side uses these messages to convince you that you’ve won when in fact humanity is being ultimately destroyed in this planned genocide.

    So many good people are just trying to survive and being killed off by this scamdemic.

    It breaks my heart.

    Zigzag is not in communication with some Pleiadean named Adamu.


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