Operation 5D Grid Part 2; The Great Quantum Transition

Activation of Earth’s new 5D crystal grid on October 22, 2021, started luminosity of the planet that like a Star radiates its own Light, has sharply increased its general vibration background, accelerating all transformational processes (see – Operation 5D Grid, DNI, 29 October 2021).

Thanks to the Absolute-like Merkaba, Earth now receives and absorbs more Source’s quantum flows of high frequency and power.

All this together has the strongest impact on the planet on the Subtle and physical planes, on all its worlds – mineral, plant, and biological.

Interplanetary Crystal activity has tripled. Its state is closely monitored by the Siriusians’ Lunar base in 23D.

The condition on the cortical layer of the planet corresponds to the sharply increased radiations not only from the Earth’s core but also from the Central Spiritual Suns – of the Local Universe, the Galaxy, and Helios.

Under their influence, the planetary restructuring intensified. It transferred to a new temporal, accelerated program.

The new crystal grid coupled with the dramatically enhanced outer Light flux, allowed Galacom and Argorians to begin new fiery sterilization, i.e. a complete cleansing of Earth from the old 3D energies and the introduction of the new 5D one and higher.

This process was visible in the events of the last days, right after October 22, 2021.

An X.1-class flare from Earth-facing sunspot AR.2.887 was produced across the Sun. Its jet at 15:35 UT on 28 October created a massive plasma tsunami in the Solar atmosphere.

Its eruption was accompanied by a powerful Coronal Mass Ejection (CME). During the flash, a pulse of X-rays and extreme ultraviolet radiation ionized the Earth’s upper atmosphere, causing a strong blackout of shortwave radio communications centered in South America.

Aviators, sailors, and radio amateurs on the dayside of Earth could notice propagation effects at frequencies below 30 MHz.

X-class flashes, the most powerful possible, are fired up to 10 times a year and then the numbers go up: X.10, X.20, and so on. It will not get to X.10 and more yet.

The new quantum tsunami initiated on November 1, when the sunspot AR.2.891 completely turned towards us, triggered a chain reaction of natural cataclysms on Earth’s Subtle and physical levels.

A volcano on the island of La Palma continues to disgorge. Aso volcano in southwestern Kumamoto prefecture erupts in Japan. The Meteorological Agency has declared a level three alert (level five is the highest possible) for the area, warning people not to approach the dangerous region.

Krakatau volcano in Indonesia, on Manam Island in Papua New Guinea, and Karymsky volcano in Russia, Kamchatka, also activated.

Tectonism has increased. One hundred to six hundred earthquakes of different magnitudes occur daily in different regions.

Heavy rains hit northern India, western Nepal, Malaysia, central Vietnam, Sicily, Asir (Saudi Arabia), Abidjan (Ivory Coast), Algeria, Tunisia, the province of Alicante (Spain), northwest England, southwest Scotland and Wales.

Floods and landslides occurred in Colombia. During the week, heavy rains occurred in the departments of Antioquia, Meta, and Putumayo, where severe waterlogging and large soil slides were observed.

Powerful tornadoes swept through east Texas, USA. Vortexes blew away everything in their path. The twisters uprooted trees, tore down power lines and roofs, and lifted everything in their path into the air.

This is how energy cleansing is performed on Earth from everything obsolete and unnecessary in the new 5D world. For general cleaning on the Subtle and physical planes, lava eruptions and powerful downpours exceeding the normal daily annual precipitation rate are widely used.

Beginning in the hot summer of 2021, fire elementals terra-formed the planet’s surface and cleared vast areas of America, Europe, and Turkey.

Simultaneously across the entire Earth, and especially in those regions where active displays of air elementals are not peculiar, strong hurricanes, tornadoes, and storms are launched, removing everything negative in given places.

All these processes are run by the Galactic Committee, involving friendly cosmic races if necessary.

An example, is the Argorians’ operation on November 4th, 2021, at 10:24 AM CET, to steer the quantum streams that were sent to Earth.

On that day, their ships spread out in orbit along the planet’s equatorial line. Reunited mentally, the crews together and simultaneously directed three pulses of LIBRO energy and then three pulses of GREMO power to Earth’s cortical layer.

It was visible how above the clouds the energy waves on the equator line, coming from near-Earth space, and the waves from the planet’s bowels met. Everything merged into a single rainbow.

At the equator, Argorians gathered LIBRO energy into a gigantic orb, and then with a powerful pulse opened it. The streams flowing out of it spread across the latitude, and on the reverse side of Earth came together. So was done three times.

Then, Argorians repeated the same op with GREMO energy. It spread out to different sides of the equator. Thus, the near-Earth space was covered by a protective shield.

After that, the operation was repeated in the meridian direction. From the outside, it looked as if on the Earth’s top was put a silver energy ring. Behind it stretched its thin argentic plume.

The ring has reached the equator and began to scroll, ringing it at 360 degrees. Then thin energy went to the South Pole, and so three times.

Then they were replaced by GREMO energies. In the same way, having reached the equator, streams were fixed for a moment, girding it, and they too flowed three times to the pole. In these energies, Earth rotated around its axis like in a cylinder.

It is how quantum waves changed space. They removed the old 3D Hologram that distorted reality with low-frequency energies. The new one is beginning to embed into every fractal. This will take some time.

On the Subtle plane, Galacom has replaced Earth’s old life support system with a new one of 5D. Argorians are carefully monitoring the processes in the interplanetary worlds.

Important events are taking place now at the North Pole. A stream of black one-dimensional energy, like a thick layer, is being squeezed out of the inner space of the planet.

Argorians direct it into quantum transducers. After that, the Earth’s experience accumulated in it will be directed to the development of 1D/2D/3D energies on other planets of the Greater Cosmos.

These were the energies of Earth and humanity as a whole, what was laid down for their development earlier. Now, they leave the planet forever, as spent substances that have fulfilled their function.

Space is being freed for further changes in the power balance towards the Light. Very soon, high-frequency energies of 5D and 6D will begin to dominate on Earth. It is for them that the stage is cleared for further upgrade.

Earth can no longer hold the low vibrations that humanity is emitting.

The Souls who create and amplify these vibes will be sent (and are already being sent) to other worlds.

Gaia is already ascending to a new stage of transformation.

It no longer supports the old format of humanity.

All of her systems are running at full power, like a machine whose engine has been geared to maximum speed.

A man will not be able to move on by the inertia of his habitual way of life. Everyone will face the need to change urgently – work, residence, relationships, thoughts, feelings, perception. There will be no one left who will continue to live in the old comfortable reality. This is already seen everywhere.

If a person starts to accept change consciously, conclude and make decisions, his path will be eased. He will be helped.

During the recent Solar flares and magnetic storms, many of us felt the symptoms of Transition very acutely. Fever spiked up to 38 for literally one day; nausea; floating gait; memory lapses; deja vu; anxiety; fear of getting sick and searching for symptoms; dry mouth; itchy skin; sharp pain in back, forearm, neck when turning body; vibrations throughout the body (especially feet, palms); blurred reality; thirst; torn sleep…

Unusual phenomena become more frequent. Things go missing or appear. Strangers say hello in the street, pals do not notice, or people suddenly appear or disappear. Time speeds up or, on the contrary, hardly lasts. Now and then small luminous dots and large flashes of Light pop up around.

A lot of things are photographically repetitive: details, emotions, cases, plots. It’s a circle of stagnation.

It won’t be like before. Matter loses density more and more each time. Furniture cracks, lamps burn out, appliances malfunction, the Internet hardly lasts. Space becomes gel-like.

These are persistent hints to believe ourselves, to stop playing old games that don’t exist. And those who desperately cling to them are also almost gone…

The indicators of rapid changes are the energies emitted by the pyramids of Giza. On the Subtle Plane, they look like white-milk streams, consisting of tubes, adjacent one to another. They form a single field, very bright, glowing from within.

Some energy conduits are higher, others lower, and all are in continuous motion. Groups of tubes rise and sink as if they are breathing.

At the top of each tube, in a small depression, there is a “pearl” ball. This is the Life energy for the Souls on the new 5D Earth. One tube is one Soul. When the energy ripens, it will spread across the planet. Now, it is in the process of maturation in Giza.

All “pearls” store the Earth’s memory. They originally contain all information about the history of mankind and the planet, its processes, all living things on it.

This energy is the energy of Purity. Many people now participate in its accumulation and development, emitting radiations filled with the purity of thoughts and Souls, sincere love, kindness, tenderness, care, joy.

This is the spiritual foundation of the future 5D Earth.

The speed of 5D energy maturation depends on the amount of mental and emotional flows generated by people.

This, in turn, affects the changes in the life of society that everyone is waiting for.

That is why it is so important today to keep the inner balance and state of harmony. It will accelerate long-awaited events.

The energy of human cognitive dissonance behaves differently. Its yellow-green waves move chaotically, obeying the people’s minds, thoughts, and feelings.

Outbursts of panic and bounce back and forth, sometimes rising its peaks up to 8 meters above the ground. This energy is concentrated more in cities, in places of the greatest concentration of men.

Its fluctuations are determined by the difference in the information people receive. What to believe? One thing is today, and another tomorrow. Whom to listen to? Where is the truth? This energy cannot be calmed from the outside.

Those who are calm do not interact with this energy. It is synchronous only with the vibes of fear, forming karmic knots that become emitters of both energies.

These knots can only be dismantled by inner work, by self-control.

The new 4D/5D space is actively saturated with highly vibrational quantum energies. They burn the evil 3D substance and transform the fields of subtle energies into highly freqs’ matter which can receive and hold Light flows of the Source in their force fields.

As our consciousness becomes more enlightened and our hearts open, the world of the 4D and 5D will open up more widely before us. Therefore, those who are now living, consciously approaching the inner work, are in favorable conditions for the accelerated transformation of their bodies and spiritual development.

Fallen away from the Source, who do not want to wake up and drowned in their comfortable perceptions and habits, will not survive in a high-frequencies of 4D/5D reality. And the world will return to them their illusions and unworked passions in the form of a karmic boomerang.

The extent of transformation of the space around us depends on us. Nature will not give our negativity back in the form of raging elements if our consciousness and Soul will become pure and spiritual.

On November 7th, 2021, at 9:53 AM CET, Argorians’ space fleet transporting Earth into 5D vibrational orbit transmitted the following info:

“We entered the seventh (of nine – LEV) cascading filter between dimensions. This is the space of supersonic waves and pulses of planetary analyzing information scanning. The data on the reaction of standing waves entering the resonance is being investigated by the squadron’s analytical group.

Earth is undergoing global changes in the entire infrastructure. The impact on the planetary complex by incoming pulses from the Gerios Galaxy is intensifying.

Magnetic anomalies and Solar activity mean that the generator under the run of the Lunar Base is injecting increasingly high-frequency energies into the planet’s atmosphere as fast as Earth is ready to receive and transform them.

Human civilization will have to adapt to the increased cosmic radiation. The planet’s clear-up intensifies, and all unprepared bodies begin the process of self-liquidation.

Their environment begins to change drastically. The harsh rays of quantum radiation carry mutations to all living things, but everything happens in doses, regulated by the Highest Intelligence.

The drop of immunity and the new diseases are dependent solely on the capacity of a person to transmute the incoming energy.

Only the one who is pure by Soul will pass the quantum filter purgatory between the dimensions because everything dark and grey inside men starts to burn out under the influence of the fiery energies.

The GREMO energy of Love arrives in large quantities on the planet. It not only revives to life but also makes a selection on the level of consciousness. A cruel, closed-hearted, and aggressive person can’t bear it.

The Gerios Galaxy is saturated with the high-frequency energies of Love and the radiant AETRON Intelligence energy.

Space becomes radioactive for many.

The higher the vibes, the more painful they are for an unprepared person.

It’s necessary not only to have high spiritual qualities of the Soul but the body must also be prepared as well for the higher-level energy exchange.

There are a lot of false theories on the quantum transition based on the judgments of people with three-dimensional consciousness.

There are the Greater Cosmos Laws based on which everything is built.

A mere desire to go to the fifth dimension is not enough. Each Soul undergoes a careful selection for all reincarnations, where its energy potential is considered and weighed. This is monitored by the special angelic structure of the Gerios Galaxy. Everything has to correspond to the harmonious development of the Soul.

At this point, everyone is accounted for and spread out over 16 timelines. But wherever one finds self, it is important to always act according to one’s conscience, keeping the commandments.

Every action the man takes builds the next life. Everything you do, you do for yourself and the Creator. Don’t worry about what people will say. Think about what you will say to the Creator for your thoughts and actions.

It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than to enter 5D with old baggage. Earthly things will remain on Earth, and the Soul will go with its baggage to the Source.

With that in mind, help the Light in your Soul to shine brighter and by your good deeds pave the way to more perfect worlds. In Father’s house, are many mansions, said Jesus Christ.

**By Lev