How To Navigate and Survive The Days To Come

By now anyone in their right mind has realized the plandemic was nothing more than a plan by the global elite and the CCP, Communist China Party, to take down America followed by the rest of the world. America has always been in the way of their plans for world dominance. Socialism and Communism have always been the preferred government of Tyranny. Why? Because when you centralize all the power and wealth into the hands of a few, in this case narcissistic billionaire eugenicists it is easy to control the masses. This includes Global Warming carbon credits benefiting and giving control to the very same people creating the problem. The same people suppress clean, fuelless energy, safe, inexpensive, natural cures, frequency medicine, “med beds”, anti and counter gravity all of which if allowed would create a quantum leap in evolution, global peace and prosperity.

The first step in world dominance is to disarm the masses, then create a plague, a war followed by generating as much fear as possible through the media, mainstream and social media, followed by offering a solution to the very problem you created. It is called the Hegelian Dialectic. Problem, Reaction, Solution.

That is how you control the masses. It also helps to own the fact checkers; owns 1.8 billion dollars of stock in Johnson and Johnson. It was said by Bush senior that if they knew what we did they would hang us from the closest tree. In other words, they fear the masses waking up, realizing what the war and disease profiteers did and hold them accountable. In their minds the people are the enemy and they have declared biological, cyber, economic and physical war on the people.

Let that sink in, this is why they do beyond despicable things most people cannot wrap their head around. Fluoride in the water, carcinogens in the food, gas and food shortages, chemtrails, psychotronic warfare with 5G, now the vaccines which are experimental gene therapies in a witch’s brew of toxins, carcinogens, parasites, along with an operating system that can be externally controlled all of which is putting those who got the jab on a timer.

Anyone look at the ingredients before you took yourself and your family down to get the jab so you can virtual signal while going to sporting events, bars and restaurants you have always had the right to do?

Might want to read your Constitution. Neither the President or Congress can make a law that goes against the Constitution and voids your God given rights. Your right to choose your medical treatments, your right to travel unrestricted, your freedom of speech, right to make a living etc. The next homework lesson is to look up the meaning of a mandate. Mandates are not laws, only strong suggestions, “those mandated have to agree upon.” Do not comply and do it in mass. One more homework lesson is, know the Nuremberg Code. You cannot coerce or force any medical procedure. Did you know billions have been spent with bonuses and penalties to enforce the lock-downs, mask and vaccine mandates? From Politicians, to Governors right down to your school boards. Many politicians are major stockholders in the vaccine companies. It is called collusion, conflict of interest or bribes for the layman.

None of this has anything to do with the public’s health and well-being and it is all illegal. If you have not figured it out yet it has to do with vaccine companies making billions and the global elite’s population control programs. Billionaire eugenicists have made it very clear they want 80 to 90% of the people dead, gone, off the planet. Bill Gates, who is from a long line of eugenicists said vaccines will solve the overpopulation problem. In the global elite’s doctrine they spell it out. We will create a virus, we will generate fear through the media, the cure will be deadly and the ignorant will march themselves and their families to the slaughter house. Their depopulation goals are all written in Stone, the Georgia Guide stones. Despite all this there will be those in ignorance and denial that will march themselves and their families to the slaughter house and demand everyone else follow them leading the way to their total enslavement and eventual demise. If you don’t believe any of this just look up the ingredients.

There are other secret ingredients, parasites, secret patents, etc. none of which belong in the human body. In fact, 16 out of 26 ingredients are in Tide laundry Pods. All of these ingredients fit perfectly in the global elites and the CCP’s take down America and population reduction goals. According to Stanford research, masks create secondary pneumonia, brain damage, organ damage, and psychological disorders. The mask and vaccine mandates along with the lockdowns are their weapons of choice. They have spent billions to implement them, much of which was your taxpayer dollars. All for a disease the CDC calls a mild flu with an average 99.98% recovery rate, even higher with the children which are either asymptomatic or totally unaffected. The vast majority of hospitals are now filled with the fully vaccinated with covid and adverse side effects. Miscarriages have risen 366%, cancer is up 2000%, men and women are becoming sterile. FACT

Want to end this? Follow the money and hold those at the top accountable. Those enforcing the lockdowns, mask and vaccine mandates are committing treason. They are either in ignorance or willingly carrying out the global elite and CCP plans to take down America. They are in violation of the Constitution and the Nuremberg Codes. The plagues will never end until you stop the plague makers.

The solution now is to stop any further damage by stopping the vaccines. Hold those accountable for the damage and use their profits to create clinics globally to clear these toxins out of the body with a myriad of procedures. The protocols are given here.

Front line doctors

Treatment Protocols

Dr Ardis a much watch

James Gilliland

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10 Replies to “How To Navigate and Survive The Days To Come”

  1. John Robbins

    I know that Greek god Medea is known as the trickster, creator of illusions. So it makes sense to me that once MSM goes down/ is taken out, the rest WILL fall like a pack of cards. No more illusions.

  2. tom

    Please tell who is MSM ? MSNBC, CNN, FOX, and does it include raido and the internet.
    The reason I ask is Big banks and the fed run the world. So if MSM goes down does that fix the problem for the world?

    1. Daedalus

      The MSM is basically every media outlet, 99 % of them and all large media outlets. It includes all – TV, radio, internet, newspapers, regardless…

      The MSM continously feeds lies to the masses and brainwashes huge number of people. Some of the lies especially lately that can potentially have dire consequences are the ones vaccine related. So, if they stop emitting the lies and propaganda, the rest will wake up in short time, and they will have a chance.

      MSM being unable to feed lies to people means that main way of government influence over the people will be out. MSM is there to manipulate the people – but without them, the governments will be faced with rapid unrest and even overthrows.

      The central banks and FED surely are one of main control ways … but the MSM has the effect of pushing for dellusions within the people, causing the massive gaslighting on huge scale. Even if truths would be presented, the MSM would twist and distort them … thats why MSM MUST go first.

    2. SimonSays

      Well if the stupid sheeple people of the world, didn’t rush off to a testing clinic, worried they had the bug because they sneezed, had a runny nose, or sore throat, then there would have been no reason for a covid vax to have ever have been invented. Instead what was/is going around is a severe case of influenza.The bug is nowhere near as bad, compared to the life long side effects of the jab!

  3. John Robbins

    The MSM takedown is crucial. Nothing, no thing is more important than this. Their “loyalty to a pay cheque” is hideously Evil,and they WILL, oh they will pay for it. Cheque mate !!!

  4. John Sutter

    No one will do anything in America. The majority have meekly accepted masks, lockdowns, death jabs, vaccine passports….nothing, absolutely nothing gets them angry or putting up any kind of resistance.

    The normy programming is too hard to reverse, unless they could get the truth from the media, and that will never happen.

    I’m sorry, the dark, the globalists, have won. If I saw any positive indications that there was committed and kinetic resistance there might be some hope.

    I don’t know what percentage of the population is jabbed. I don’t think it’s 90% like they are saying but probably better than 50%, and they’ve made it clear no one will opt out.

    Next the unvaccinated will be declared bio-terrorists guilty of murder. I think this will happen by January.

    1. Daedalus

      Theyre obviously inflating the numbers and percentages of vaccinated everywhere, in every country. Mainly to give fake impression of wide acceptance.

      While the people KNOW within themselves its fake. Dont worry about naive neoliberal large city dwellers – the irony is that it is their decisions that will give them the chance to wake up, or not. But under which cost ? It could cost them dearly, but its what they have chosen …

      More worried about those who got blackmailed with vaccines regarding their jobs, and there are many of them. Many have kids to feed and have no choice.

      Now, my personal theory is that many vaccines were “defused” – but not for all. This is why we see negative cases of vaccinations popping up continously, but not in such extent where people would start dying in mass. The worrying thing is that vaccine trial period is 2 years.

      The army and police has the capability to stop all this dead in its tracks … but notice how police in some countries (Australia especially) have quickly turned into Stasi.

      What I think it will occur ? I think in next months there will be a shock release about negative side effects of vaccines. I also think MSM wont be able to prevent or distort this, so taking down MSM is probably connected to this. The MSM is the only obstacle there – if its taken down, everything else comes down.

      Something about “hijacking” the broadcasts have sense to me … it needs to be shocking, sudden, it needs to be at point where many eyes are turned on particular medias.

      1. Deborah

        A nurse friend on the virus floor in her hospital, said “ALL patients there are vaxxed.”

      2. Maria

        Absolutely right! They all have the same script. I realised that when I read an article in Portugal saying that 80% of the people accepted the Covid 19 measures (lockdowns, masks, etc). And then, I read EXACTLY the same thing about Canada. And I thought to myself… what are the chances. And now recently with the percentage of vaccinated it’s very much the same. Although a lot of people went for it. I don’t think 85% of my country is vaccinated. But they did manage to trick a lot of people with the bans on travel, restaurants, etc, in Summer, and which they changed to hospitals now. Now suddenly restaurants or holiday accommodation is not a problem, hospitals are. I wonder why… 🤷🏻‍♀️

    2. Jacques Vincent

      If i may Mr. John , I would say that what you are saying is 180 degree ( meaning the opposite ) of what you are thinking … Am I right ???