Opening of Higher Heart

The Higher Heart Center is now opening to a much higher degree. The Universal Angel Mary is in charge of the Higher Heart, and during this process the Heart chakra become pure white. (I will go into more details in my White Flame Course). She works with Archangels Chamuel and Charity and the Divine Mother, as we are willing to open ourselves to ever higher levels of love and being loved.

Most of the closure of the heart center, happened, when we refused to forgive ourselves and others, and so often built bastions around our heart, as we feared getting hurt more, or suffering more.

This is a time of a great letting go of all the negative patterns with created with other souls, the trauma, the pain and suffering, the unforgiveness, the shame, blame and guilt. This is as much applicable to us as it is to others. Most often we find it easier to forgive others, than ourselves.

As we move deeper into Unity, Oneness and indeed Harmony and Balance, within ourselves, this indeed is reflected outside of ourselves.

For we cannot co-create Unity and Oneness Consciousness outside of ourselves if this is not found inside of ourselves. What is within, is without.

When the Heart center is fully open, we can only live, and create and relate from the Power of Unconditional love, knowing that every soul is like mirror onto ourselves, reflecting our own face back to us. As we embrace all parts of ourselves, even the one’s we tend to deny or try to deliberately run away from, we indeed experience Oneness in a greater degree.

For as we love ourselves unconditionally, just the way we are, we can love others in the same way.

As we expand in love, our heart center expands, and indeed now LIVE the Love we in truth are, and more than this our soul truth.

Indeed, it is then that the heart center becomes blinding, and expands to shoulder width and even beyond this, and becomes like an inner sun. The inner sun of pure, unconditional love. We become love!

**By Judith Kusel


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