The Elohim and the Star Energies; Are you Connected?

You too may feel a connection with the stars, a sense that perhaps this is not really your home; many people do. So are you part of this Elohimic race or do you come from a planet around another star?

The Native American Indian people of North America believe that their ancestors, the creators of their race came from the Pleiades. The Hopi call these beings the Kachinas, who once mingled with ordinary people but now only live in their sacred mountains. The star group we know as the Pleiades does lie in the same part of the sky as Aldebaran. They comprise a cluster of seven stars which appear to be very close together. This is an optical illusion for the distance across the group, which in fact contains over 300 principle members is about fifty light years across and lies about four hundred light years from Earth. Some of these stars may contain planets, which house life similar to our own. Certainly there has been a range of channeled teachings coming through in recent years claiming to be from a Pleiadian source.

Another star that has attracted attention, particularly in Ancient Egyptian times, because of its brightness, is Sirius. Murry Hope in her book The Lion People talks about a leonine race known as the Paschats which traveled to the Earth in a distant epoch from Sirius, who together with the ‘crystal’ people built a civilization on the Earth. Her descriptions of these ‘crystal’ people are very similar to my memories of the Elohim, our main divergence being the star from which they originated. I am sure that spirits have traveled from other stars that we can see in the sky and perhaps you are one of them.


The only way we can be sure of a direct stellar link is from clear inner memories but there are methods that give hints to which stars we have a special connection. You will need to draw up your astrological chart and then to plot onto it the star positions given here, which is for the standard Tropical astrological chart. Stars move very slowly and the enclosed chart gives the positions of eighteen of the brightest and most significant stars on the two dates of 1901 and 2001.

The first number before the colon is the degree, the second number the minutes. I have also indicated the number of minutes the star moves every year so for example Polaris moves 0.84 minutes per year. If you were born in 1946 multiply 0.84 by 45 (the number of years after 1901), which gives 38 minutes. You will need to add this to the position given for 1901 remembering that there are sixty minutes in every degree.

The degree position for Polaris in 1946 is therefore 27:50 (27degrees 50 minutes). Next put these stars onto your astrological chart noting those stars, which form conjunctions with the planets in your chart or with the Ascendant, MC, Pars Fortuna and any other significant point that you know.

The degree orb or the exactness needs to be, at the very most no more than 2 degrees. For example in Polaris’ case if your Jupiter was in 26 degrees of Gemini in 1946 there would be a conjunctions between Jupiter and Polaris in your chart. You can also note oppositions, which is where a planet is exactly opposite to a star on the other side of the zodiac.

Carrying out this method will probably give no more than one or two stars that are significant in your chart which are the main stellar influences in your life.

 Star  Sign  1901  2001 Minutes moved per year
 Polaris  Gemini  27:12  28:36  0.84
 Pleiades  Taurus  29:01  0:24 (Gemini)  0.83
 Aldebaran  Gemini  08:26  9:49  0.83
 Rigel  Gemini  15:28  16:51  0.83
 Bellatrix  Gemini  19:35  20:58  0.83
 Orion  Gemini  22:06  23:29  0.83
 Betelgeuse  Gemini  27:23  28:47  0.84
 Sirius  Cancer  12:43  14:06  0.83
 Castor  Cancer  18:53  20:16  0.83
 Procyon  Cancer  24:25  25:49  0.84
 Pollux  Cancer  21:51  23:14  0.83
 Regulus  Leo  28:28  29:51  0.83
 Spica  Libra  22:29  23:52  0.83
 Arcturus  Libra  22:52  24:15  0.83
 Antares  Sagittarius  8:24  9:47  0.83
 Deneb  Pisces  3:59  5:22  0.83
 Formalhaut  Pisces  2:30  3:53  0.83
 Andromeda  Aries  26:22  27:45  0.83

As already mentioned four of these stars, Aldeberan, Regulus, Antares and Formalhaut are known as the archangel stars because they were originally located in the four fixed signs in the zodiac. They act as key points in the night sky although your ability to see these stars is dependent upon your latitude and the time of the year.

I would suggest that you spend time studying the night sky looking for those stars that are particularly significant in your chart or indeed any other stars to which you feel a close connection. You can then carry out the following exercise.


Aim: to energetically connect to the vibrational frequencies of the significant stars in your horoscope

Time: 5-10 minutes

  • Find a place where you can be quiet and undisturbed. Sit in your usual posture for meditation either on a chair or cross-legged on a cushion or seat if you prefer.
  • Close your eyes and imagine that you are connecting to a light that lies somewhere within your being. A light that represents your inner spiritual self.
  • Next think of the sun and imagine that a golden sunbeam is coming down through the top of your head and connecting to the light within you. What do you sense or feel.
  • When you have done this replace the Sun by your particular star and try and be aware of what is the difference in its quality and vibrational energy. Try to assess this by noting any different sensations in your body or in your emotions
  • If you imagined this star communicating with you verbally what would it be saying? You can ask questions in your mind and note any replies.
  • Bring yourself back to full waking consciousness and then from time to time during the day try to sense this stellar connection and observe and changes that it brings within you
  • Bring yourself back to full waking consciousness and then from time to time during the day try to sense this stellar connection and observe and changes that it brings within you.

This exercise can be repeated with different stars so that you can begin to sense the variety of influences that we receive. This same approach can be adopted with the different planets and you might like to explore how the combined influence of star and planet operates in your chart.

One other point needs to be mentioned. This is the galactic centre, or that point in space, which lies at the very heart of our Galaxy and is thought to be a ‘black hole’. It is located at the moment in 26 degrees of Sagittarius and any planet that falls on this placement will be especially highlighted in your horoscope.


There are a number of people and groups today who recognize that something is not quite right with our DNA structure and have created different visual exercises to bring this back into balance. Recent new solar energies made available from the ‘Solar Logos’ after the eclipse in 1999 have now made this task possible. The following is a simple exercise that I use to good effect.


Aim: to energetically re-balance your DNA structure.

Time: 5-10 minutes

  • Find a place where you can be quiet and undisturbed. Sit in your usual posture for meditation either on a chair or cross-legged on a cushion or seat if you prefer.
  • Close you eyes and carry out the inner attunement exercise linking the Sun with your inner light..
  • Imagine in your mind that you are reaching back into the distant past to the moment when the very first mutation was carried out by the Elohimic race.
  • Connect to the Sun and ask for help to rebalance you DNA pattern. You can imagine the DNA spirals and then imagine that this is merging with or superimposed upon a Caduceus, the symbol of healing and balance.
  • Sense this new energy matrix is flowing through all parts of your body bringing a re-balancing and re-orientation.
  • Thank the Sun for its help and bring yourself back to full waking consciousness.

This exercise should be repeated a number of time to completely re-balance our DNA patterning.

Science will tell us that the DNA, once established cannot be changed. This may be true but what they fail to appreciate is that it is not the DNA that holds the blue-print for who and what we are. Our matrix is stored in energy fields in the subtle dimensional realms. Scientist Rupert Sheldrake calls these the Morphogenic fields, which he suggests are the memory banks of nature. Our DNA is akin to the channel tuning buttons of our TV’s, which plug us into different stations. The packets of information that flow through our DNA, like the broadcasting stations, lie outside of our selves. By sending new patterns back to these stations we are, in effect, beginning to modify the messages that are transmitted to us and in particular how we also receive those messages. These exercises are therefore helping the evolution of all of humanity, for everyone will ultimately benefit from the changes.

**By David Furlong


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