The Peace Of The Higher Light

As the “1111 Gateway” has arrived, solar flares are in the lower “B-Class” range, and solar winds are flowing lightly within the “Cosmic Auditorium”.

The magnetosphere surrounding our planet, however, is still gradually building with plasma waves, and with all of this, creation is being gently upgraded with greater LIGHT.

Yet, there has been loud “song” from the “Cosmic Auditorium” with a strong 6.6 earthquake in Japan today, and therefore, there are indications that energetic frequencies are performing a rather interesting dance choreography of gentle slow rhythms at times and then faster-paced stronger moves at other times—vibrational ease and then vibrational intensity.

Earth/Gaia’s “Light Activation Symptoms” are a mix of “rhythms” and so are the “rhythms” of those persons who reside upon “Her”.

Regardless of the type of “activation rhythms” that each individual is experiencing, everyone needs lots of rest, water, and calming ritualistic connections with SOURCE according to the individual ways in which they reach the realms of the INFINITE PRESENCE.

Soon the Full Moon will arrive—November 19th—to heighten mental focus and emotional responses.

It will be an eclipse, but only a partial one because a slight slip of it will still be visible, and thus, it will not be totally darkened.

It will be in Tropical Taurus and Sidereal Aries which could engender deeper economic issues impacting finances and material goods, and these issues could be impulsively and erratically implanted into the collective global lifestyle.

Also, further earthquakes and volcanic eruptions could take place as Taurus is an earth element, and Aries is a fire element.

The Full Moon has a “pulling” and “stirring-up” sensation upon our planetary orb.

Sea and ocean waves surge as well, and of course, water is the highest percentage of our planet.

So, all elements work together—especially so at a Full Moon.

The quietude of the “1111 Gateway”, which is also a “Galactic Activation Portal Day”, is a prelude to the coming “Song of the Heavens” which will play with louder tones as LIGHT from the Great Central Sun “conducts” the “Solar Orchestra” with our planet being one of the “musicians”.

As we perform our rituals today and in the coming days ahead, either those suggested in various articles or those we do of our own creative accord, let us be grateful for Higher Knowledge and pray that others quickly elevate beyond the “3d” perspective of earthly life.

The “3d” level, which many refer to as “the matrix” ( a word which gained popularity after the movie of the same name), is a hypnotizing program whereby there is an attempt to force humanity to think, feel, and act in certain ways for the benefit of those who have an agenda to pursue.

The programming is done in numerous ways: via television (especially in news reports and commercials), through music (certain hertz levels harm the nervous system and the entire physical vessel), within educational philosophies, in religious indoctrinated teachings, and in many other enticing ways.

When people do not rely on their Higher Selves, their Souls—the indwelling SOURCE—to be their daily guides, then any road they take will lead to confusion and chaos which will usually end in people settling to allow “programming” to be their robotic focus.

Many (if not most) will argue that they are not “programmed” while, for instance, they wander down the road to a fast food establishment instead of to the local farmers’ market for healthy fresh food or to an organic restaurant for vegetarian or vegan choices.

Something “programmed” the fast food desire.

Perhaps the loud television commercials filled with singing and dancing and taste bud enticements?

This, however, is just one simple example of how often humanity allows itself to be manipulated.

LIGHT does not manipulate. “IT” offers.

“IT” gives willingly to those who choose to anchor to “IT”.

Yes, “IT” often zooms in strongly and powerfully, but “IT” it must sometimes do so in order to elevate those who are in need of the healing and transformational balm that is being provided.

We will hear and feel the sensations of “ITS” arrival—sometimes gently but sometimes potently.

During the relative gentle phases of the “1111 Gateway” this year of 2021, we can bask in the soothing rays of bliss as well as relax if symptoms are occurring which are signs of the further alteration of DNA and cellular records.

LIGHT is streaming into our planet in so many wonderful ways.

It is the person who offers that you take his or her place in line at the market because he or she has several items and you may have only one.

It is the blissful stretch that you take in the morning after a restful night’s sleep.

It is the little squirrel which pounces upon your porch to nibble at the nuts you tossed to the fur-filled and the birds the night before.

It is also the bright atmospheric canvas glowing with rainbows.

It is the peaceful feeling that you have during meditation as SOURCE envelops you and surrounds you with “ITS” angelic presences.

Happy “1111”.

**By Dr Schavi M Ali


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  1. Gem Ascending

    ✨🙏🏽 To Love, Light and the Angelic presence that surrounds and soothes us each and every day. Thankh you Loves for sharing!✨