The Council of Overseers: Accessing Awareness of a Multidimensional Being

You desire to be your Eternal Divine God Self in form. We are activating you through this, to BE that which you already eternally ARE.

When you are completely free from your beliefs in time and have released all attachments to time, you function as a DIVINE BEING.

In that, your are fully connected to ALL Aspects of YOU, including the YOU in many worlds.

In this state of DIVINE BEING you function through your heart. You see through your heart. You will know what this is when you experience it. You then have become new. You then have mastered form, which is why you are here on planet Earth AND SPECIFICALLY you, if you are reading this now.

Living through your heart is the accessing point and is the ONLY true connection to all of the dimensions. To all of your existences. To being in full Union with all of you, including parallel worlds. They exist connected NOW. You are in the process of reconnecting through your DIVINE awareness through your heart which exists NOT IN TIME. The eternal you and the eternal dimensions and parallel worlds.

It is not easy to describe a way of accessing something one is not capable of accessing.

To the people lost in time consciousness; the other dimensions, their God Self feel separate and foreign, in that, they are completely unaware that they are and CAN be THAT, in all moments.

The personification of the Divine GOD Self; exists through the full union of the Heart and the conscious awareness, through every breath one takes. Through ALL moments. The manifested DIVINE GOD SELF, here on Earth.

One may free oneself, over and over again, reaching new levels of awareness and this the process is what is labeled in mortal words your ASCENSION.

The ascension does not call itself that. Mortal language simply points to something. This something may be perceived in many different ways based on the level of conditioning and separation from the natural state of being.

The natural state of being is you BEING YOUR DIVINE GOD SELF.

This may be difficult to grasp any perception of this, when one is living through time. As it appears as a blocked part of awareness one seems to not be able to access.

The constant assessing situations and people based on your time beliefs, is the falsehood and misconception produced by your memories that in themselves lock out your desire to be Your God Self.

Are you able to accept the truth that all of your perceptions and therefore decisions based in this separated state have been based on falsehood? That the entire landscape of your consciousness was not what you thought it was? Are you willing to actually SWITCH OVER?

EXAMINE your consciousness.

Enter your inner sanctuary. If you are not doing this, begin this.

Let go of all thoughts, accept that your God Self exists now.

Enter your heart awareness, through each breath.

If you have difficulty with this letting go of time and thoughts, listen to any of my audio activations, they will take you into this sacred space.

The more you move your awareness into this inner sanctuary and your heart the more you are connecting to no time. Then the greater your awareness becomes of that which you eternally are.

The more you are AWARE of that which you eternally are, the more you willingly let go of your attachments to people, places and things, based in time. This includes your thoughts, they can be replaced, through awareness into the sacred space of your heart INTO BEING the accessing and awareness of BEING YOUR DIVINE GOD SELF.

We are here to help in your complete transformation into mastering form. In being your ascended SELF NOW. IN being your DIVINE GOD SELF NOW.

The veil is ever so thin in what you perceive as time and in that which is true and eternal.

TRANSF0RMING into this eternal you, is why we are here also now, activating the frequencies through these words as they appear before you.

In this we now reveal, to all those prepared their full transformation is at hand.

The sanctity and the profound nature of this, will be your own awareness of yourself.

And to ALL who read this, a quickening of your awareness, will enter deeper levels of this within you.

In this, a conglomerate of frequencies, we activate You now. With The Divine Council of Overseers, present here before Earth was created. The Queen of Light, The Pleiadian Delegate and inter Galactic Councils of Light. We anoint all in this the process of becoming the awareness, of All That is, of that which you are eternally, in love.

**Channel: L’Aura Pleiadian