Why is the World Falling Apart?

You are probably aware, at least to some extent, of what the answer to this question is.

In fact, if you’ve been following the disclosure information for some time now, you may be all too well-informed about the situation humanity is currently in – and you might be wondering if we will ever be able to turn things around to create the New Earth so many of us envision.

At this point, you may even be doubting everything you think you know about Ascension and the Fifth Dimension; the planet certainly doesn’t seem to reflect the images you probably have about these concepts.

This is all very understandable. We are definitely passing through dark times – and the Fifth Dimension has never seemed so far away from the reality we now see around us.

And yet, the very darkness that is being revealed so clearly for the first time in history is very much an indication that Ascension of the human race is indeed occurring; all that is not of a 5D frequency must be revealed, dealt with, and resolved.

In particular, all the institutional control structures that have been in place for many thousands of years since we’ve been in 3D are being clearly revealed for what they are. They may look like they’re getting stronger, but they are actually in the process of collapsing. They’re taking their last gasp, fighting hard to stay in control, as the 5D frequencies flooding the Earth are in the process of taking them down and destroying them. We are witnessing the death dance of all the forces that have controlled, manipulated, and dominated humanity for millennia.

Why is it Taking so Long?

So, you may know all this – but perhaps you’re still asking, “But why is it all taking so long? Why hasn’t something happened, after all the obvious signs out there that we’re all being lied to? Why hasn’t the Alliance stepped in by now to stop all the destruction and misery, and told the truth? Why aren’t the masses being shaken awake?”

If you’re wondering all this, you may not truly know the depths of darkness that have reigned on this planet for millennia – and just how huge an operation the “clean-up” is. You may be aware of the outer, more visible, layer of corruption, deception and deceit our world leaders and other politicians are operating within. You probably understand the criminal reality of the “thing in the arm”. You may even know about the deeper level of the Deep State or what’s been called the Shadow Controllers.

But there is an even deeper level that exists that has been hidden for millennia that must also be known about and understood, if humanity is going to truly liberate itself as a species.

Not everyone alive on Earth will be able to wake up to these darker truths. But those of us who know we are here for these times and that we are here to help create the New Earth do need to at least be aware of them. We need to fully understand what the shift from 3D to 5D is really about, and how truly momentous an event this shift is. And we need to be strong and courageous enough to be aware of the spiritual war that is occurring far behind the scenes.

Spiritual Warriors

We don’t need to go down every rabbit hole into the darkness that is being revealed. But we do need to at least know something about it, and also be able to work our way through any traumatic emotions this knowledge brings up in us.

At this point, we are being asked to be spiritual warriors , to forge our own way through these tumultuous transitional times, and also help guide others to do so, as well. We need to stand up inside ourselves and claim the spiritual power we have and use it to lead the way into greater sovereignty and freedom.

Brief eBook

For that reason, I offer a brief ebook, entitled “Why is the World Falling Apart?”. It explains why we find the world in such a calamitous mess at this point and why it’s taking so long to turn things around. The initial section gives information you may already be familiar with; but the second half might present new concepts and even shift your whole sense of the reality we’ve been living in.

I believe you’ll find all of it a condensed and organized summary of the many different pieces of information about the horrendous corruption that is occurring in today’s world. In addition, it offers a description of how disclosure material and the experience of Ascension all fit together — something important for us to understand. And it may be a good introduction to all this type of information that you might want to give to someone you know who may be finally ready for it.

Hopefully, you’ll find that it also makes it clear how important you are – someone who understands the extent of darkness humanity has been stuck in for millennia – while, at the same time, holding the knowing about the Fifth Dimension and the glorious future that lies ahead of us

Despite what it may look like, humanity is still very definitely on a positive timeline into the Fifth Dimension. You can see, even through the meager intel that is leaking out, that progress is being made, slowly but surely.

We just need patience, courage, and faith, as we continue to walk through these dark times — realizing that, at this time, the full shift into the Fifth Dimension is actually not that far in the future.

All we can do is take it one day at a time, finding whatever joy and pleasure and peace we can in our lives. The 5D bandwidth is now very available to us. No matter what is happening out in the world, we can tune into it and ride it, experiencing the excitement, joy and peace it offers — all while we continue to track the events occurring across the planet.

**By Vidya Frazier


15 Replies to “Why is the World Falling Apart?”

  1. Malissa Liburdi




  2. MaHa

    Consciousness Consciousness Consciousness…there is only 1 reason you are on 3D…to dissolve the duality and polarity of this Matrix and you can only do that by Doing the work..going within to balance all emotions and feelings that have one trapped in 3D…it is work!! You’re not going to be blasted into ascension by Anything…you have incarnated over and over again to do just this…merge the mind and Divine heart into unconditional Love which means total allowance and acceptance of all there is in a balanced state…no thought because in this state there is no mind control just pure God Divineness…God is not the Matrix..your mind is and in order to get beyond and into your GodSelf you must do the work..
    Consciousness holds this Matrix in place and the Dark is feeding off of your fear..nothing changes until consciousness ascends and it isn’t going to happen until the collective wake up, shut all of everything down and go within to find the answers…meditate, face anything within that is out of balance, and you must have a spiritual worker to help you See your mind because you can’t do it alone..the mind doesn’t allow you to see itself..if you could you wouldn’t be spinning in the Matrix…
    Stop waiting! And be careful who you listen to…there is a ton of misinformation, Spiritually, out there…I Know…I have been holding Love and Light for all for over 60 years and work directly with the Illumined World..
    All is energy..All..and if you Know energy you Know all there is to Know anything about anything there is to Know about…how could you Not…God is pure energy of Divine Love and Compassion and there are many of us who are here as emissaries of That Light to assist as we have spent lifetime after Lifetime dissolving to assist the human race to do the same…Heal your Pineal and tap into your Intuition to Know and Feel the Truth…go within and ask for assistance..your Guides and Angels are awaiting your request…we spent eons to assist and for you it happens quicker than ever before because you came at this time to do just this with the energy of those who are here assisting…we have done the hard work for you for now the energy of healing is greater than ever before…there is no such thing as time so stop waiting or not…you have free choice…but get out of the way for those wanting to Know…
    Blessings to All and Know how very Loved you are in pure nonjudgement and compassion …. It’s so much easier beyond this Matrix but your egoic mind must be disciplined and dedicated to a much grander version of You.
    You can Do this and in your linear mind frame you will find that You Already Are and there was no-thing to Do…
    In Loving to Service to all of humanity…maha’ 💜

    1. Harriet

      Thank you Vidya, maha’ and Alan. Actually, thank you to all, everyone is doing their part to make us all wiser and more accepting and compassionate.
      Sometimes I forget I need to embrace the negative and send it love.
      We all forget some of the reasons the negative is here. Yes we suffer, but every moment we learn how to solve problems, how to treat others and ourselves, all knowledge and wisdom gained, how strong we are to withstand all the onslaught and misery. Every night our spirit travels to other planets to help others because of all we have learned here. They say we are the strongest beings in the universe. In spite of the worst suffering, be glad for the negativity, it taught us everything. Now we are learning all the positive and it will balance out. Everyone will feel the love, peace, and contentment in every cell in our bodies. We will not be able to contain the love and light, we will radiate to all the Universes. We are fulfilling a step in our destiny here. A step that was needed to be all knowing, all love, and to meld into one to become a Creator. Yes, we will fulfill the greatest desire.
      Knowing this, it’s no wonder every sentient being in our Universe wants us to succeed. It’s joyous and wonderful knowing we will succeed. Love and light to all.

      1. MaHa

        There is a very specific process to the dissolve…ask if you want to Know the work…I AM tired of nobody telling you how to dissolve they all just say nonsense about feelings and emotions and just letting it all go…no no no…that just perpetuates…this is a world of duality….the mind sees hot cold, love hate, etc….it All must be balanced to see none of it….that is Gods way…neutrality…not polarizing from side to side within the mind…Buddha sat under a tree for 100 yrs to dissolve…you can do that too or understand what needs to be done and do it….blessings, as there are many ways to dissolve the Matrix but I’ve yet to See anything that works beyond what was given to me by worlds beyond this one to Be in service…this is Gods work, simply helping remind you of what you have forgotten…

        1. Claudia

          Thanks for offering Maha. Yes, I´d like to learn about “the work” that you are talking about because (unless it´s “The Work” by Byron Katie that dissolved anything for me) I´m always interested in keys/tools that work.

        2. Lara

          God’s way is not neutrality. Would God stand neutral in the face of pedophilia, for example? Self-serving New Age rubbish.

    2. Deborah

      Since 2000, I’ve been doing NET’s (neuro Emotional technique) with a chiropractor. Many times (100 +) we go back to age 7 – 8 where I know I am connected to god, and question why they are telling me I must do _____ and _____ and _____ to connect to god. 
      Like you, I probably have been holding the Love / Light for almost 60 years. I think my challenge is to get out of the ego, which I am slowly doing. 
      I have finally accepted it will take 10 to 12 months for the majority of the world to be awake. 
      Therefore, I quit looking for signs or clues, and focus more time on myself, BE, healing more, balancing more, freeing myself more, and sending more Love / Light to the world, galaxy, and beyond our universe.

  3. Alan

    Hello Divine Beloved Ones Myself;)))
    I feel the world seems to be falling apart because we haven’t learned how to love Unconditionally and that is apart of Forgiveness and when we learn how to Forgive within the depths of our heart we can change Past Present and Future very quickly as well as changing the mass Consciousness of this planet. Our anger and resentment only gives more fuel to the darkness we are Creating with those powerful emotions..
    Always Loving You. Grandfather;)))

  4. Nicole

    Very interesting, thank you! And where can we find the link to the brief e-book that is mentioned?