The Arcturian Group: Desired Changes

Dear readers, welcome to another message intended to bring hope and encouragement in these times of stress for many. Know that all is proceeding according to plan in spite of appearances. The people of earth themselves are the only ones who can create desired changes and a higher collective consciousness.

Many continue looking to those in the higher dimensions to do the work for them. They wait, hope, and pray for forms of old energy to be removed but free will does not allow this. Those on this side cannot do the work for you. Guidance and advice yes, higher Light frequencies pouring to earth yes, but only those living in the energy can change the contents of earth’s collective consciousness.

This is the reason so many spiritually evolved souls are on earth at this time with more beings coming in every day. Many of the “new ones” are souls with nothing to clear, just coming to add their Light to earth’s ascension process. The work must be done by those living in the energy of the human collective but choosing to be separate from it.

Much is going to be revealed that will help mankind understand more of what has been going on for ages, awakening many who have been living comfortably in a 3d slumber. Much of this information will be denied, resisted, and rejected for personal reasons of power and wealth by those who stand to benefit from the status quo.

​Everything taking place at this time is part of earth’s ascension process. Concepts and beliefs that have been firmly in place for centuries cannot help but dissolve as increasingly more people awaken because it is only belief that creates, maintains, and sustains them. Never lose sight of the fact that you, as expressions of Source, are creators.

When you stay centered in your highest truth at all times, you will find that more information and spiritual truth begins flowing to your awareness. Those of you who are drawn to be active participants in outer activities will intuitively know it and will be guided. Those of you who are drawn to be quiet and silent are doing world work as well simply by being beacons of Light shining for those desperately seeking more.

Because there is only ONE and all life is in and of that ONE there is, always has been, and always will be in every individual a deep desire, pull, yearning, and inner drive to once again unite with SELF and feel whole.

​Because the third dimension is a dimension of duality and separation, this inner drive for completeness and wholeness is interpreted by the human mind as the desire and need for romance, companionship, family, praise, acceptance, and similar connections of all sorts. Violent gangs and crime groups are actually this same energy as understood by those living from a consciousness of separation.

Most of you are well into your clearing of remaining old energy, vows, promises, oaths, etc. which can and often does involve the re-experiencing of a few. Because romantic relationships have played major roles in many lifetimes they often play a large part in the clearing process.

You may find yourself having repeating dreams about people who are no longer or never were in this life. You may begin to examine past romances and question; “I should have done this. I shouldn’t have done that. Why did I enter in to that relationship? Why did I find this person so attractive?  l always make bad choices.” etc… all leading to the biggest one which is: “No one has ever really loved me.”

This belief is very common in three dimensional thinking and needs to be honestly examined, understood, and released because it will hold you in separation from SELF as well as from others. You must understand that human beings in and of themselves, are incapable of love because all love is in and of God alone. Only God has love to give.

​Divine love/ONEness is already fully present in every individual, but is only able to express as much as each individual’s state of consciousness will allow. The romantic sense of love is a concept of Divine Love/ONEness reflecting the soul’s search to once again experience wholeness. To look to human being for that which in and of themselves they don’t have, is three dimensional thinking.

​All concepts of love (3D interpretations) fall short at some point because duality and separation energy presently governs earth as well as the fact that concepts of all kinds are built on foundations of error. The idea that finding the perfect romantic partner will bring an end to all searching and yearning for happiness as presented in films, books, and societal belief will always be a journey in futility as most eventually discover.

This is NOT to say that you cannot experience happy fulfilling relationships on earth which is one of the joys of living on earth in a physical body. We are saying that when you look to a person expecting them to give you a sense of completeness that is only found within, you will be disappointed. However, joy and companionship flows automatically through each partner, not from them in relationships built on a foundation of Self awareness. The higher sense of relationship is two people standing together by choice, never need, looking in the same direction.

Romantic attachments, crushes, and even stable marriages usually arise from previous life relationships of one kind or another. Everyone has a spiritual family or group that they work and often incarnate with, playing different needed roles as needed for the spiritual growth of others in the group. Some roles may be humanly negative specifically for bringing completion to some long festering issue. Each role is decided before incarnation which is why it often happens that a person knows immediately or somehow recognizes their future partner.

​All relationships but often marriage relationships are for completing something not completed in a past lifetime in order to bring forgiveness and closure to both. It frequently takes several lifetimes for a person to be spiritually ready for the needed completion process if the past life relationship as partner, parent, child, neighbor, etc. was physically or emotionally damaging.

​This is why some marriages and relationships begin happily and then the connection simply fades out. Once the purpose for the coming together has been completed with love, both are free to choose to stay together or not. Never attempt to keep something alive that you intuitively realize is complete and finished regardless of outside pressure. Always trust your intuition and lovingly make choices that feel intuitively right for you as well as for the other person.

​Free will allows everyone to live according to their personal belief system but for those who are spiritually awake, it means no longer allowing world beliefs and concepts to determine your choices and actions. With spiritual evolution comes spiritual empowerment, the ability to say with confidence and conviction; “Thank you for your opinion, but I am choosing to do this.”

​You are coming into your power, spiritual power, not the three dimensional sense of power that is always a power over something. Spiritual power is strength of character, courage of convictions, and the ability to take necessary actions and make decisions from a place of love even when experiencing the fear that may arise from it.

Never resist or deny fear. Fear is a powerful tool in third dimensional living but as you begin to accept and live out from who and what you really are, irrational fears begin to fade. They will continue coming to your awareness because the human mind seeks to protect with what it knows drawing from the collective but you will begin to quickly recognize each fear for what it represents and switch your thinking to truth.

​Know that all is proceeding according to plan globally and personally. Allow the process. Trust that your Higher Self is running the show, allowing IT to do so even when things get tricky, difficult, or downright awful.


We are the Arcturian Group.

**Channel: Marilynn Raffaele


9 Replies to “The Arcturian Group: Desired Changes”

  1. Tammy

    Humans are a challenging bunch to assist in evolution. Some clearly don’t want to evolve. These messages are for those who do.

  2. Amy Sullivan

    I can never hear these words too much because with all the crap going on I begin to get trapped in my fear. Places like this are the only place I can feel understood and coached backed into this experiment of life. I am grateful for these posts.

    Good for you Jeff that life is so easy for you and you know it all. Then why the need to read these posts? I guess then you think you will be first in line at the ascension pearly gates…

    Go troll elsewhere.

  3. John

    Post again and again and again more light workers or future light workers are discovering this site every week if you have read it before simply move on to another page everyone i if they show interest i recomend this site always love to all.

  4. Jeff

    What is the point of publishing this message?

    There is absolutely nothing new in it, just a repetition of countless other identical messages of which we get 3 or 4 copies every day:

    All is proceeding according to plan in spite of appearances – check

    The people of earth themselves are the only ones who can create desired changes – check

    Only those living in the energy can change the contents of earth’s collective consciousness – check

    Much is going to be revealed that will help mankind understand more of what has been going on for ages – check

    ​Everything taking place at this time is part of earth’s ascension process – check

    You, as expressions of Source, are creators – check

    Most of you are well into your clearing of remaining old energy – check

    Everyone has a spiritual family or group that they work and often incarnate with – check

    ​Know that all is proceeding according to plan globally and personally – check again

    1. bodhimoss

      There are millions of people just waking up now who have never heard any of this before and they need all the courage they can muster. Thankfully the Arcturians have infinite patience.

      1. Tina

        Very true. I feel I have outgrown reading this, and maybe my new level is to seek answers within, instead of seeking outside. I guess I have been to lazy for that.
        However, many need these articles, as long as they use discernment, for the dark side like to infiltrate spiritual communities.

    2. Tina

      I guess you and I need more now, we have read this kind many times, and are ready for a new level, and maybe this site is not it.