Dreams of Atlantis

Greetings! From heart to heart in this moment we speak, I am Kejraj. The information expressed here is that of my perspective, my point of view. For all truth awaits you in your heart. Tune into the light within you.

Today I wish to share something profound which occurred recently, in the dream state.

I have been working with different sound frequencies for clearing and higher activations of DNA, and the chakras, particularly the Soul Star, the Heart and Third Eye chakras.

The feelings, the changes, and different sensations throughout the body are on going. Also a great amount of activity during my sleep time.

For quite some time the dream state has felt very vivid. I would say I am aware that I am dreaming. Instead I will say I am aware that the “dreams” are in fact one of many parallel realities occurring simultaneously. Most of these dreams are as real as, if not more so than the current reality we are living.

The joy of discovering, arriving to a new realization on your own is much greater than when something is simply presented to you from an outer source. Continuing with the clearing and transmutation of lower vibrational energies within, every day I feel myself expanding. Connecting the dots of many different events and AHA moments.

On the night of November 14, 2021 I went to bed at about 10:00PM EDT(late for me), shortly after meditating on attuning the Third Eye and Heart Chakra. I could not fall asleep right away, though when I did, it was deep sleep.

Every night I visit parallel realities, we all do, some filled with joy, others not so much, as it has to do with releasing of the old through replays of the events, and at times, experiencing some of them again.

This night, I entered a timeline, which I have not visited often, even with the desire to do so, nothing would occur, only glimpses, which would fade quickly. Some high vibrational memories, while others not so much. This time, the energy was so familiar. I felt as if I was home. No, not the “home” you may have in mind. My home, of Atlantis. Once home to many lightworkers.

The energies being familiar, waves of joy overwhelming in recognizing the place and setting. The state of joy in the reunion if you will, was brief. I felt something was out of balance. I sensed panic in the atmosphere. As I take a look around, to only see people running, some in circles, lost, while others being calm, as if they understood what is transpiring.

I write these words, it seems a slow unfolding of the mentioned events occurred. However, in the “dream” it all unraveled swiftly.

I understood quickly that I am visiting the timeline of the collapse of Atlantis.

As I am looking around, at what appeared to be indoor parks, without ceilings, views of the sky, exotic gardens, life thriving. In the distance I see huge waves of water rising. As water began to trickle into the indoor park I am present in, I remain calm, at first, understanding what is unfolding. Then I gradually started to move around, like the others present there, trying to figure out what to do.

Many people continuing to run back and forth in panic, I and a few others set down on what appeared as stairs, accepting what was occurring, saying in devastation “We the citizens allowed it to come to this point.”

“This is it” I said, as great areas of land were being submerged in water, the land breaking up. The water rising by the second in our indoor park. I turned towards the skies, I telepathically communicated the following; Galactics, Star Family, if you are there, now would be a good time to show yourselves.”

Seconds from being taken under the water, I see three Galactic crafts, there was more, but appeared blurry, moved in just above us. They sent down “rays” from their craft, and beamed us up, literally in a heart beat. As we are hovering above, we see the waters, having covered the vast majority of what was… Atlantis. With only a few islands remaining.

I woke up. Feeling much lighter physically. While at the same time confused, and heartbroken. I understand this was a clearing of the traumatic experiences, and transmutation of the lower vibrational energies remaining from those timelines.

I also recalled what was revealed to me a while back, one of my lifetimes as a sage in Atlantis. Where I foresaw the future events which would unfold. As a sage, I spoke to the people on how the continent would collapse. Few listened, some directed towards me with ridicule and laughter.

The revisiting of that reality opened a whole new perspective for myself towards the world. I have felt that I take this ascension process seriously, with a sense of matters being urgent. After this experience, this seriousness, and urgency has reached a whole new level.

The majority of lightworkers today do not remember what and how Atlantis was. As those of the Christian faith only choose to remember Yeshua’s suffering and crucifixion, so too the lightworkers, perhaps unconsciously choose to remain in darkness not only in their current lifetime, but also remain stuck and seem to only want to remember the dark days of Atlantis.

I will say it is unintelligent and pungent for a lightworker to make comparisons between Atlantis and Lemuria. Claiming they “prefer” and “align” with Lemuria because they were more “advanced.”

For the sake of this communication, I will point out a few things when it comes to the two amazing and unique in their own ways civilizations.

The truth is Lemuria was not more advanced than Atlantis. The Lemurians never fully embodied physicality, physical bodies. They always remained in a quasi physical state. Moved around in their etheric bodies. One can take it further, and say they were afraid to enter physicality as the Atlantians, and you today have done. They would not feel comfortable.

The Lemurians never “overcame” anything. The Atlantians on the other hand, did it all.

They went from lower 4D, to upper 4D, 5D, and many to 6D. They evolved for thousands of years, spiritually and technologically. Atlantis experienced over fifty thousand years of harmony and peaceful evolution.

Again, I say it is unfortunate, that many are not as “awake” as they think they are, and probably are not even aware of the Golden Era of Atlantis. Which once more, lasted over fifty thousands years. They instead prefer to focus on the dark years, because they erroneously think that’s all Atlantis was, a bad experiment. And that couldn’t be further from the truth.

You will understand the higher truths about Atlantis if you remain open to seeing with a broader perspective, instead of just seeing what you “want” to see, as many of a 3D consciousness like to do. Once in 5D, you will have the chance to view certain important periods, or timelines of Atlantis with the advanced technology of the Galactics.

All the answers await you within. Strengthen the connection with your Soul Self, and be prepared for a whole new Universe to be revealed to you.

That is all for today.


3 Replies to “Dreams of Atlantis”

  1. Zaevo

    So when you were beamed up from Atlantis, does that mean you were a survivor, while other didn’t make it?

  2. r3negade144

    Truly a moving article, the dream where you were saved really brought me to tears. I pray that the Lemurians and Atlanteans may bring forth the new earth and live in harmony together as one.