Update on Comments

Greetings everyone, Kejraj here.

The Era of Light blog is one of the very few websites in the spiritual community which allows comments by the readers on articles. I understand that it is important for us to share our perspective on what is presented by the different authors.

I have observed all the comments which are posted. There has been often ones that are of low vibration, I left them alone, even when they were directed at me, I was not moved by them, in hopes of the individuals would open up and choose to see things from more than just a single perspective. Again, we moved on, understanding that when people go with unpleasant ways of expression, they are simply frustrated, projecting, and need to focus more on inner lightwork and healing.

The time the low vibrational comments became an issue is when we started receiving emails and messages in the comments section how many of the readers felt the 3D types of comments were polluting the energies of the blog and what was being shared. For this we have chosen to take action. We will either have someone monitor the comments section, or disable comments altogether for the time being.

We do not understand why it is difficult to have polite discussions, especially when most if not all who visit Era of Light are aware of the process of ascension, and more importantly their true divine beingness. Instead they choose to belittle themselves, and play a role in disturbing their own spiritual growth.

Blessings to all. Thank you for understanding our message, and the necessary change we have to make at this time.

That is all!