Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus, November 19th, 2021 – Clearing Timelines

Beloved Ones,

At a time when we, humans, are massively transitioning into a new harmonic timeline, we have a cosmic event, an eclipse in Taurus, that comes to activate the opening portal to this cosmic dimensional space. The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 27 degrees Taurus, is the longest since the 15 Century, and it promises to be one of the most powerful ones that we have ever experienced, as it will deeply affect the earth on many levels. An eclipse that will trigger the harmonic energies for us to anchor them within and into our physical reality, energies that will accompany us during 2022, as the eclipses will take place too in the Taurus-Scorpio axis.

We are heading into one of the most important periods of our human history in which our will to move away from distractions and remain into our chosen illumined frequency is pivotal at this time, to help into this planetary leap of consciousness that is already taking place. As time travelers, for as multidimensional beings we all are, once we awake and begin to achieve a master level in our meditative skills, we are able to shift and shape any timeline that we actually wish to change. We just have to be devoted to mastery ourselves so we can reach this level, and move into a sovereign space, where we are our own conscious creators. This is what this eclipse teaches us – the art of clearing timelines.

During the eclipse, we have a T-square with Saturn and Jupiter. This is an invitation for us to revise our lives and before stepping into a new cycle, meditate upon the things, situations, relationships, and old patterns that we continue repeating, releasing them, and creating more balance, as Saturn invites us to expand on the conscious releasement of anything that is no longer working for us, and that we, as humans, get attached to.

When we are ready to experience new beginnings, but we have not cleared and prepared, consciously, our mental, emotional and physical bodies, we cannot receive, and therefore create anew, for we will be creating only from the old energy that still remains into our bodies.

Another important message during the eclipse is to flow, as we have seven planets in fixed signs. However, we too have four in water signs to help us adapt ourselves to the new changes. It is important to work with flexibility, for we are immersed in a planetary change that even though it comes with some harmonic phases, as it is the main frequency of this new year, this change will be progressive, consecutive, and will last for the next four years.

The energies from this eclipse will be very present among us for the next following months, remember that energies do not just last for one day and that once they have been anchored on the Earth’s grid, they remain for us to align and co-create with them.

The only aspect that challenges us is the Moon opposition with Mars and Pluto. Both Planets represent power, one that if directed unwisely can result in anger, frustration, and rage. This is why it is very important to cultivate balance, at all levels, as we could fall into impulsiveness, especially when we are too eager to act, before the proper meditation about it.

We can always learn from anything that we make out of balance, as this is how we evolve and progress by making the mistakes that will help us see where we acted with unlove, impulsiveness, or too passionately without the proper organization. All serve us and all thas taken us to where we are now.

There are no victims within Creation, even though we may see horrible things happening. However, it all obeys to a greater lesson, order, and explanations that we are unable to see, from our human perspective.

Within this new dimensional space, it is very important for us to focus on not seeing ourselves as mere victims of the current planetary circumstances, but as the creators and conscious shifters of that, as it is the difference between slaves of the system, and sovereign beings.

Clearing timelines decree

Guides have shared the importance to work with clearing timeliness, at this time, for we are tremendously shifting, and it is important to be focused on the desired timeline. However, we can only do that once we have first dissolved past energies. It is pivotal that we consciously decree the dissolution of all parallel undesired timelines, before we embark on the creation of a new one as if not, we will continue carrying old results, into our present manifestations.

This is en eclipse to release, and to make space for the new changes that we have created and that are already being anchored. Being flexible, open, and above all, determined to make the best of the unknown, is what will keep us focused on our desires, rather than diverting our energy into other matters that are unimportant.

Our Planet is just beginning to receive a massive influence of stellar frequencies, ones that are first integrated by the Earth’s grids, as it is after Gaia processes them, that they enter into the earth and that we are able to tune into them. In order to do so, during this eclipse periods, first, we must make sure that we have released all that is impeding this natural flow of new frequencies into our being, which is what Guides desire by offering us this decree.

A decree preceded by the proper meditation and visualization techniques to support and protect us while we intentionally clear and proclaim our sacred space.

Guides invite us to call upon your Unified Selves and Guides team for protection and once we have done it, imagine ourselves within an icosahedron, a twenty triangular faces sacred geometry figure that will protect us, and help us be in perfect flow, as it resonates with the element Water, and hence with the female creative aspect of us. Remember that at the eclipse time we are reminded to let it go, flow and embrace the many changes that are coming.

The icosahedron is also associated with our first chakra, the root one, and at this time especially with Taurus, which is all about passion, pleasure, and the cultivation of all the physical world. It is very important that we work with it so we are properly grounded and anchored to Earth, as we too wish to be with the ethereal.

As we connect with Earth, and prepare ourselves for our decree, releasing past timeliness and all that no longer serves us, we too are emptying ourselves to receive, the joy, the passion, the creativity, and the determination, as Taurus have, to continue our trajectory within new horizons, as conscious creators.

As you imagine yourself inside it, allow your feminine creative essence to come to the surface and begin to create the next steps of your journey, from a space of total resonance, flow, and joy with All.

As you move into an inner state of joy and appreciation for all you have experienced, repeat this decree to let it all go and embrace the new:

I ( your name) thank my Unified Self and Guides team for their assistance in this conscious decree, and intention

Thank you for allowing me to clear all past/parallel timelines that no longer serve my chosen journey, and that therefore should be immediately dissolved.

I ( your name) clear all the unwise, unloving, and hence unconscious past choices that I have ever created when I had a lower level of consciousness.

I erase all past creations that are no longer aligned with my present chosen frequency, allowing only my conscious loving creations, to be manifested, At Divine Timing, for the benefit of All.

I, therefore, proclaim that all that I have created, fed, or fomented with my unconscious acts, is permanently erased from my current human timeline and I make of it an irreversible decision.

I now manifest only that which is one with my Highest Soul’s Will, honoring my Soul’s desires and respecting its times, for I only know one piece of the Great Universal Puzzle.

It is with love, gratitude, and joy that I thank my Unified Self and Guides for helping me on my chosen human journey.

I AM A CONSCIOUS creator in perfect communion with my feminine and masculine essences.

I AM a conscious channel of the Divine expressing myself through this earthly plane for the purpose of serving humanity and all living creatures.

I AM open to receiving what my soul has orchestrated next for my human experience.

And so be it.

As I always say, you can always alter it using the words that come to you, from your own guidance, for you are your own master and healer. This is just an example of what Guides shared and what I did in case it can serve your own path.

I send all of you all my love and blessings for a wonderful eclipse, Beloved ones,

Within Infinite love,

**By Natalia Alba