Creation’s Tesseract Pulse

At the core of form’s movement is the tesseract. It is the form of duality that cannot be seen with two eyes, all directions must meet before form is complete.

The end, never ending; just beginning again.

As the tesseract pulses, it pushes and pulls form. From focus to blur, your being is moved and driven through time, back and forth your heart reacts. Pain and fear stir joy to bare, the true nature of life turns inside out.

The flow of inner and outer are the true directions.

All angles cross paths and point a-way. But the cube is the cross where the points meet and stay.

As movement occurs, it seems time healed the wounded. But the tesseract pulses the pain to the outer, either in form or in subtle perspective.

The in-for-mation always flow.

This is why inner and outer are the true directions. They occur no matter what, the invisible wound is a virus. It’s breathed in and breathed out, it saturates air (heir). The dragon breathing the clouds seems to poison the fair. Life is not so evil for it knows the outer is within. It sees clearly the air as the colors lay bare.

All form holds the four.  All that is be-fore.

The heart is a three four five all. For it is the pull of the five that destroys the formed.

It is five where the past pulses outward into future’s gift of life. Six cleans the mess through balance’s test. New form is creative and messy at best.

Evens and odds are creation’s glory. What destroys, creates. No human action motivates the pulse that innervates Life to create at destruction’s gate.

To even the odds, embrace your fate of divinity’s grace.

But what do three eyes see in the dark? Renewed grace and connection as love nurtures protection? The lines and curves are invisible to blind eyes, but the pulsing is real to those sensitive to feel.

All colors all corners all covered in eyes. One thousand perspectives focus prisms in line.

Only the inner holds the color that it has defined.

The tesseract pulses and vomits color about. The tesseract pulses and pulls the inner without.

Understanding is naught as the definition is held. Judgment freezes Time in the throat and the color is quelled.

How the cross comes to bear is the poison’s healing flare. Signals are lost to the righteous and strong. For the invisible poison saturates beyond a healing balm. The heat rises slowly and fear is talked away. Into the invisible wind goes the form, the past breathed a new day.

No one believes the invisible, the inner signal divisible. No one waits for the clarity of the cross to fold in.

For the outer is illusion to quiet solution within.

The giving of four receives the future before. The holding of one becomes 20s of fun.

Let youth renew grace in a wrinkled face as time pulses on through tesseracts contained. Who holds the breath dies first, for Life rules the depth of births. What you see outside is either poison or healing balm to guide the wise.

Don’t take in the poison from another’s beliefs or reliefs. Release the poison of fear to the understanding tear that empathizes pain into reflection’s gain.

The tesseract pulses stronger with sensitive nodes. Flexible and bold with Love’s rainbow inprismed in gold.

When you understand the movement of inner and outer, the tesseract pulse blurs into focus. The future is not forced but by agreement’s fear. It is for the three-eyed thousands to foresee Love coming clear.

You are Creation Pulsing as you breath life out and in. You are Creation Pulsing as you contract and expand.

You are Creation Pulsing, holding life in your hand.

You are Creation Pulsing, universally grand.

You are Creation Pulsing, you own future’s plan.

Breathe out, blessed ones, let Love fill your land.

**By Jamye Price