Sananda: We Are Babies in the Communications with Beings

Dear sons and daughters of planet Earth! I am Sananda!

Today I am going to change my way of being grateful a little bit, and bring to each one of you my image, sitting on that hill where I used to meditate. This will be my form of gratitude today. Open your minds. Let me show you this gratitude. It doesn’t matter how you raise me. At that time I was a tall, not very fair-skinned, sunburned man. I had shoulder-length hair and a beard. My eyes were brown; I won’t go on here praising my beauty. I had the characteristics of the people where I was born. So let you raise me this way. It doesn’t matter the physiognomy, it matters that you can have access to this image that I am sending you.

Many of you say at every moment that you can’t do anything, that you can’t see, can’t hear, can’t feel; and that when we tell you that you need to ask us whatever you want to know, you shrug your shoulders, as if to say, stating categorically that this contact will never happen. So I’ll give you an example: Let’s say we are inside a house, an apartment, it doesn’t matter. I am an adult, and I am walking around inside this apartment, this house. You are a child, a baby, still preparing for the journey ahead.

So a simple cry from you, my attention as a parent, let’s put it this way, makes me come to you. You are still very small, you don’t understand what I say, but you have already learned that when you cry, I will be there with much love, wanting to know what you want. You, like a baby, feel my love through my eyes, and you, too, with your baby innocence, are beginning to learn how to differentiate the moans, the cries, trying to show me what you want at that moment. You don’t speak, you don’t understand what I say, but by my features and the way I look at you, you perceive all my love. The baby feels loved and at ease. And when I say you, it is because you are this baby. Most of you are still this baby, who doesn’t understand what I say, but is already able to feel all my love.

So when you ask me something, you are this baby. I answer you, but you don’t yet have the capacity to understand what I say. However, you do have the ability to perceive all my love at that moment, because this love comes out of your heart, where my Divine Spark is. You just need to believe and feel this love. Many will say, but what about the answer? The answer you will have to look for every second, because it will come in your tasks, in your reading, in a conversation, in a song; all you have to do is be attentive, and the answer will be given to you.

The big obstacle is that exactly because you are babies, you don’t listen and you forget what you have asked. So the answer I give you stays in the wind, you don’t absorb it. This I am speaking for myself, but this also refers to all the other Beings of Light. So you see, the baby grows up; the baby as time goes by gains wisdom, begins to babble his first words, and then everything I say he begins to understand, gradually. And so are you. You will not be spiritual babies all your life. Don’t understand that I am saying that your souls are babies, this is just a way of showing you at what stage you are in our communication.

Then realize that you will mature, you will grow, and the time will come when you will hear my voice clearly. Mine and any other Being of Light that you ask questions of. Today, some people on the planet have the ability to hear us with ease. They are the channels we have chosen for such a mission. Many want to be channels, and I say that this mission is not a want, it is not a wish. As I have already said, it is a mission. So you can hear us and you will listen, but not with the mission of being a channel. A channel doesn’t just listen to a Being of Light. He matures and begins to be a channel for many Beings of Light. So don’t want to embrace a mission, which was not given to you. You will listen to all Beings of Light, you will listen to the answers to the questions you want, but you will not become a channel.

Feel today, like that baby I mentioned. Does the baby stop growing? No. Does the baby not evolve? No. He keeps evolving and each day he expands that conversation, that vocabulary, and he begins to understand what is being said to him. And that’s how you are. What can’t happen is that you give up, simply stating every second: “I can’t, I can’t, I can’t!”. Bravo to you, you have made a decree. And I tell you that you will not succeed, because you have decreed it, that you will not succeed.

Everything is learning and insistence. I will use an example from your world: Who sits on a bicycle and starts riding straight? Nobody. Usually you start as a child, with supports, with help, you evolve, you take the supports away, and then you start walking naturally. But there was a learning curve; that’s what you can’t realize, that things don’t happen in the blink of an eye. It takes training, it takes dedication, it takes willpower. As I have said many times here, do you want to talk to me? Put a chair in front of you and see me sitting there and talk to me. Then you will say, “But I can’t hear you.” Will you? Or is it that you hear something that you wouldn’t want to hear, and then you refuse to believe that you heard it, and worse, you say it’s from your mind.

So this is a path that has to be walked, has to be opened. It is as if you have to go through a closed forest, and I am there on the other side. So, each day you open the path to reach me. And I extend this metaphor to all other beings. But what happens? You look at the closed forest and give up. “I’ll never make it!” Bravo, again. You have just made another decree, and you will never make it. The exercise has to be constant. Talk to me, or whoever you want, all the time. Ask questions and watch the answers. Be attentive to the answers. Until the day comes when you will have opened all the way through the forest and will reach me or the other being you want. And then the communication will be direct, you will no longer have to search for the answer, it will come immediately to your mind.

So be patient, because you are still babies in this field of communication. But babies grow, and you are growing too. And it is up to you to stimulate this communication, to insist on this communication. And one thing that has to be very clear, that you also confuse a lot. Many times you are in meditation, you put yourselves totally in the divine presence, and as you hear something in your minds, you claim, “It was my mind.” Then that being who gave you the answer is really discouraged, because he tried to reach you in the most perfect way possible and you didn’t believe him. So everything will depend on your concentration.

If you are praying, if you are meditating with love, with awareness, within an empty mind; you will receive the messages and it will not be from your minds. Learn this. Your mind speaks when you are not internalized. From the moment you put yourself into a meditation where there is a Being of Light guiding, whatever comes into your mind will be from that Being of Light, whoever it is; an angel, a galactic, a master, it doesn’t matter, it will come from him, not from your mind.

What you have to be aware of at all times is to empty your minds. In that moment when you are praying, meditating, talking to us, your minds need to be empty. Leave the day-to-day tasks out of your mind, and you will achieve this contact. There will come a time when you don’t need to do anything to contact us. It will be natural. But remember, you are still babies in this field and you still have a lot of growing up to do, a lot of evolving to do to make it happen. But it is certain to happen.

So be careful with your affirmations and decrees. The “I can’t. I can’t do it!” are very strong decrees. So if you are following the Journey of the Violet Flame, use the “I Am” decree and bring all the power you need to communicate with us. I can tell you that this journey is taking you from the stage of babies to children, so you are growing up fast. Now, all that I have said here is right and easy, as long as it is done with unconditional love.

**Channel: Vania Rodriguez