Expansion and Caution

Earth Keepers, Earth Sensitives and Blue Rays, and the many Starseeds, Angelics, Light Bearers and Awakened Ones know the potential and holy power of being aware and in-tune to the celestial and planetary cycles. Being aware of how to best use and flow with them can bring huge opportunities of empowerment, insights and higher awareness. It is part of being awakened as you become sensitive to your Universal Galactic holy power of celestial awareness and Earth Star ancestry.

Contradicting energies will be emerging at the same time. Being conscious in how you feel and react to them is important as you have the holy God power and are fully capable of shifting the frequencies to a higher octave. It’s part of your code, your mission and path as you are gifted and this is your gift.

New discoveries for many of the Light Bearers, as your heart soul will be emerging with a new depth of beauty, magic and sensitivities. The freedom Soul codes will be activating deep release of emotions and stagnant energies. Old issues may arise that you thought you already had dealt with. This clearing and release will create space for the new energies and the Love power to arise in you. The heart strings of love and longing to have connections to family, friends and soul star family will also be engaged and felt.

Caution to be taken as these full moon eclipses are supercharged full moons and have effects over a longer period of time—weeks, months and even years. These energies will be giving you glimpses of the future. Everything will be exaggerated via potent hidden emotions; highs and lows in relationship insights can surface and increase sensitivity, beautiful healings and new friendships. Ascension symptoms are a combination of many energies, including celestial solar, interdimensional, galactic, soul awakening, Earth energies and vibrations.

It is suggested to consult a healthcare professional for symptoms as not every symptom is from ascension; and even though it may be an ascension symptom, you still may need assistance with the process.


  • A time where you feel the energy zaps you and you must lay down, like a sleep trance comes over you
  • Hearing sound frequency in one or the other ear, maybe sounding like a tuning fork. These higher frequency notes help make higher adjustments in your energy fields from your guides. Some are sent out in a ripple wave from the Holy Realms of Light—a high frequency wave attunement.
  • Sleep disturbance occurs with sometimes powerful, intense, strange dreams, dream work, astral traveling in dreams
  • Apathy wherein you can’t feel anything and are just going through day-to-day with a lack of emotion and connection. This is a phase some have already gone through and others are still flowing out of.
  • You may feel compelled to clean and clear clutter, get rid of things you no longer use or need and increase organization and beauty. This will shift the energies and bring upliftment to your environment.
  • Freedom, Expansion increased vibration of LOVE
  • New revelations of hidden information on many fronts and levels are being revealed. Be open to the other revelations that will be taking place, including new insights and awareness that are just not in the news.

This past full moon could bring physical sensitivity in your empathic energy field. Listen and tune-in to your sacred self as to what your needs are.


Cold feet and hands

Energy vibration attacks and distortions in the fields that can make you feel dull and lower your vibration. Some very empathic Earth Sensitives and clairaudient souls can hear them while many others feel them.


Remember your divinity. You are here for a reason, a purpose, to fulfill your piece of the divine plan, and your intuitive empathic sensitivities are a grand gift rendering you a blessing to Life. By re-membering your Soul, you are creating a profound awakening shift for humanity in partnership with Mother Earth Gaia, reuniting the Heavens to Earth—the divine realms of the true human and their home with the Galactic Star and Light families.

You are the awakening as it’s happening through you; as you vibrate the codes again, the expansion and the revelations, YOU are the frequency anchors of Love and Light. Thank you, Beloved. You are loved in every moment, every consecrated breath.