Walk A Positive Path

Our brains are masterful machines. The brain is truly the computer operating system that controls our thoughts and our bodies. The brain can regenerate and be re-wired. We all have been “programmed” and those programs that become stuck in our brains, can create patterns that serve us in our highest good, or not.

The key to walking a positive path in this lifetime, is to take control of your mind. Recognize the hiccups in the functioning of your brain, and stay the course on correcting the negative patterns, behaviors, and malfunctions of your brain and physical body. Start with envisioning yourself and your brain functioning at full capacity.

We human beings do have the power within to create change for ourselves on all levels. It begins inside our minds.  It is not fluff talk when we say your attitude and beliefs affect all aspects of your life. You do actually have a canvas before you of free will.

Reflect upon what you truly want and start to focus on it with intent. Ask and you shall receive. All that you desire will come in time when it is in your highest good and the highest good of all people involved.

Stop living by default. Start living with positive intentions. Take control of your life starting now. Carve out time in your day to be still and enjoy all that you have first. If it is difficult for you to calm your mind initially, and visualize change, then write down your gratitudes and your wishes.

Map out your desires for the changes that you wish to manifest in your life. Focus relentlessly on the positive changes you wish to experience, and the beautiful life that you can and will have. Change, growth, and positive thinking starts with you.


I intend to live with positive intentions and take control over the function of my brain via stillness, meditation, gratitude, and positive thoughts that I think about often and write down, to maintain lifelong growth.


I am the controller of my life, my brain, my body, my happiness, my dreams, my present, and my future.

**Channel: Margarete Hyer


2 Replies to “Walk A Positive Path”

  1. Madeleine

    Not so simple living in South Africa. We have Evil people ruining this Nation. Any excuse and they would punish us, especially us the minority. If you are caught without a mask you are fined and or jailed.

    1. Joy Wilde

      Madeleine~ 🙏🏼❤️ My heart goes out to you and to all who are being oppressed and threatened. Most nations are now ruled by those who have been groomed by the dark ones for decades. It is true here in the USA too. Please remind your allies in SA that their Light is far more powerful than these desperate dark ones. We were born for this time; our souls knew this profound time was coming and we volunteered to come and hold the Light. It is not easy, but if it was it wouldn’t require courage and inner strength. May you be blessed with health and Divine freedom. 😘 Joy in Oregon