Goddess of Light: Love As A State of Being

The more that we as humans move into higher consciousness, the more that all of humanity is opening to love. The Goddess of Creation speaks frequently about love as she assists people with this transformation.

This channel speaks at the beginning of releasing chains. I could see how so many people are weighed down perhaps by responsibility, perhaps by choices, perhaps by a misunderstanding, or even other people’s energy. How often do you find yourself struggling in life? How often are you frustrated, angry, or sad? These are signs that you are out of alignment with your divinity. Therefore, as you let go of whatever that may be, you can open up to new potentials.

Love is a higher frequency than these emotions. Love is a balancer. Love can assist you with finding your joy in life. This is not the love between you and others, this is the love from source or your soul. As you create a space for this to come into your life, it becomes stronger and stronger. You will find your life is balanced and that more potentials open up for you. In addition, the more love there is, the more everyone has the potential to ascend; be it conscious or unconscious.

Nama sika Venia benya, I AM the One, I AM the Whole

I greet you beloved loving family. I reach out from my heart to yours. I reach out to who you are as the person in this lifetime, as the person you are as your Soul, and as that key element that allows you to be the unique being that you are. Breathe in and breathe out with the intention that every breath is allowing you to connect deeply within yourself.

Society is transforming at a very fast pace. More and more people are becoming conscious of the way in which their thoughts have an impact upon their life. Of the way in which they are communicating with other people. Many are also becoming very aware that you have this open flow of love, light, and connection with your Divinity.

You have the ability to create change and to also move to a deeper and deeper realization within you. You are a divine individual. You are the representation of God in this lifetime. You are the culmination of your past, present, and future all coming together in this now moment. Allow your consciousness to expand as if you are pushing it out. You allow yourself to connect with the energy bodies within and around you and you literally pull them apart or push them out so that you may be in the flow of even more light energy as it comes into and around you.

So often people become complacent. They are aware of their everyday life, the tasks that they do as they move through their day, and then at times they just take for granted the spiritual aspect of life. However, if you flip that and take time; be it when you first wake up in the morning, perhaps multiple times during the day, whatever works for you just take the time to connect with your Divinity. Breathe in and feel the flow and the movement that is always there within and around you. Your distraction can keep it pushed away. So, take time to bring it back into focus.

As always, I invite you to breathe into your heart center. Everything within the 5th dimension and higher moves, through your heart center, so that you are in the flow of love both internal and external, and this is activating and assisting you to live your life through the energy of love. So, if you take a deep breath in you consciously create a ball of energy and light that comes from your heart center, and then in your mind’s eye you send that ball as it moves down to your solar plexus, your sacral center, your root center and it goes down into the Earth. As this moves into the earth the energy that is created from within you spreads out in different directions so that it may fully anchor you into the earth plane. Feel the essence of Gaia as you have this connection with her.

You then allow that energy and that awareness to come back up within you. It comes back up through that column that you have created on the way down and once more it swirls in the energy of your heart center. You then take an aspect of that sending it up to your throat, your third eye, your head center and you send it all the way up.

You first come to the space of your Higher Self. Look around at what this is to you. Some of you may have a sense of just seeing clutter because you are working on multiple different things at the same time. Others of you may see lined up your various experiences that you’re in the process of moving through. Still, others have just colors and light that represent different things without a set definition.

Take a moment to connect within your consciousness and then send, phew, a ball of light moving through your Higher Self. As you do so have the intention that you clear out anything that no longer serves you. You clear out the energies of your intentions that as yet have not manifested but yet they may be keeping you held back.

When you are ready you then send your consciousness moving further up that stream of energy and light until it aligns with your Divinity. Look around. You first have that sense of merging with your Soul. The consciousness of you in this lifetime merges with the Soul that is you which allows you to expand in every direction. Therefore, as you look around you can see different aspects of you. You can see yourself as that brilliant life of God source energy. You allow yourself to be in the flow so that it moves through your consciousness and all the way down into your Human Self.

I the Goddess walk in and amongst each one of you. I reach out. I embrace you and as our energies merge, we move into the All That Is. I ask you to take a moment so that you may consciously expand your energy, just as you did when you were in your earth plane. Consciously expand it right here also so that you may feel yourself ascending to a higher light frequency.

As you look around take in whatever it is that may be coming into your perception. As you look around become aware of I the Goddess, the other Angels, the Ascended Masters, those Light Beings that are working with you right now, that are here within this space exactly for this reason.

In your life how often do you feel as if you were dragging around a chain? That chain may manifest as literally heaviness, as depression, as fear and anxiety. Or it may manifest as many other different symptoms that caused you to feel weighted down. We have worked on clearing this many, many times before. The reason why I bring it up right now is because the Earth is in the process of integrating another level of conscious vibration and frequency. Therefore, even if you have cleared out and transitioned many things in the past there may be something that is coming up again for you. Ask to know what this is.

Okay, I also have the perception that it may not all be about you. How much of what you see around you or that you may feel is holding you down is actually to do with other people. Take a deep breath in, phew, then send through a ball of light and energy to clear out, not only your own but the energy of anybody else that may be stuck to you. Already as I look at you, I can see a difference.

How much of your life is spent in activities that you really don’t like? Sometimes you’re in a job you don’t like, but there are reasons for it. Sometimes it might be a relationship, but again you choose it for particular reasons. Sometimes it might be other organizations that you participate in. Howsoever that it may come across to you, look at it now.

As you look at what the situations may be within and around you consciously align with any vibration or energy that has to do with – it’s not my choice but I do it anyway, I don’t like it but I do it anyway. Allow whatever that may be because this is associated with that chain that I first spoke about. Therefore, allow whatever that may be to come up from within you. Bring it up, bring it up, bring it up, phew~ clear it out. I could see with that that many, many of you were able to clear out those things that were hanging on to you and pulling you down.

How much of your life is spent in joy? Fantastic, this is a big transition from what I saw in the past. There are still some of you that do not have a lot of your life that is spent in joy. But as your group, there is a great deal more than there has been in the past. So, celebrate anything and everything that makes you happy.

I find as I look at this that some of you think that if you’re happy you need to be happy 24/7. Not true. Happiness can come and go. Happiness can be stronger when you’re in an activity or with some people, but then you find yourself coming back to another balance. Celebrate anything that you may have that brings you joy.

Next let us look back at some of those commitments that you have which you were looking at through the eyes of frustration, boredom, whatever it may be. Look at those situations; okay we’ll do it that way. So, bring up one situation in your life that you find yourself in conflict over. You need this job for the income, but you’re frustrated with the people there. You need this job for the income, but it doesn’t allow you to be creative. You need this job for the income, but it’s such a long commute to get there. Be clear with yourself. Then at the end of the day, you’re going to keep this job no matter what the other things are that are listed here.

Therefore, look into yourself and recognize that you are honoring a decision that you have made. You’re going to keep this job because it creates stability. Whatever else that may be for you.

Therefore, honor yourself that you are making that choice and these other things they have been pulling you down or causing you to feel frustrated. Look at them in a different way. I am choosing this job, therefore even if I don’t get along with the people I will find something that brings me joy. I am choosing this job and even though I’m bored or it doesn’t allow me to be creative. I am there and I will find something that will allow me to be creative.

Another thing that we see so many people talk about are relationships. I’m in a relationship but it’s stagnant. We’re not growing with one another anymore. I am not in a relationship with a partner, a significant other, and I would like to be. I would like to have a family, but right now I don’t have any children. The list goes on and on and on when it comes to relationships.

In any relationship begin with I love and honor myself and I bring that into every relationship that I have. As you look at relationships that are stagnant, what is stagnant within you. Are you expecting the other person to change to satisfy you? Are you blaming yourself because as yet you do not have the family that you seek? Therefore, as you consider relationships, phew~, clear out the energy. Breathe in breathing into your consciousness that unconditional love of God, of Source, of your own Divinity. Just breathe it within you. You may stand under the waterfall of this light for his long as you need to until you can look at every other relationship that you have through the eyes of love.

You are filled up and nurtured from within therefore that stagnant relationship may simply be in a place of transition and it’s time to create a change. As you feel only love and light for yourself and you look to the people around you, or to manifest a relationship look through the eyes of love and compassion at the people that are around you. This opens the door and allows them to come within your energy field. If you are filled up with love and light and you look at your relationships you may recognize it’s time to let it go, it has run its course, it is time to move on.

Take a deep breath and breathe out.

Society has created such harsh boundaries for people. Society has been in a place of manifesting judgment in just about everything. Therefore, taking the time to clear that out and feel, accept, receive the unconditional love and light of source energy is completely different.

Take a deep breath and breathe out.

When you are moving in a direction that allows for love to be the focus of your life it always moves through you and into everything else that you come into contact with. It may be challenging at first however allow for love to be at the forefront of your consciousness throughout your day.

You are alive at a truly amazing time in history. You are alive at a time in which society is literally breaking off the chains of control and manipulation so that it may move into the higher light frequency. It’s a challenge. Anytime there is change it’s a challenge. I would therefore invite you to consider various ways in which you can tap into love throughout your day. As you awaken, perhaps before you wake up, or shall I say as you are waking up, perhaps as you get up and are taking a shower or brushing your teeth, or those initial actions that you take every morning do so with love.

I feel love because I awakened to another day. I feel love because I’ve got whatever your various activities may be throughout the day. I feel love because this is a day in which I have no activities. You’re acknowledging that you feel love and then you can send it throughout your day as you think about the various things that may be happening. You can also simply feel love because you are loved.

You’re driving down the road becoming frustrated in traffic breathe in and feel love. You’re in those meetings at work or you’re in a challenging situation breathe in love. You’re exhausted at the end of the day and all you want to do is vegetate breathe in love. You’re around your family or friends, or whatever the situation may be breathe in love. You’re ready to go to bed at the end of the day you can express appreciation for the various experiences that you have had. You may also resend love into every situation knowing that, that love went to you first and then out to everything else.

If you do this you will find you will have less dips and less irregularity in your life. You will find that you spend more time in the higher light frequencies. You will find that you are opening yourself up to not only a higher perspective of you, but a higher perspective of alignment with the Angels, your Guides, the Light Beings because you are now able to manifest that experience and what began as choosing love, or consciously sending love, becomes a state of being. You can feel the difference as I speak of this. The more that you are within this place the less you have to define how it manifests.

Take a breath in and breathe out.

I invite you to come back together as a group. You create that circle of light and energy. I invite you to be in that state of being of love. And then coming up within the group you see the hologram of the Earth. As you aligned within this hologram you send forth your state of being when it comes to love. You send forth that unconditional place of acceptance both for you and for others. Allow for all of that to move within and around you. This hologram takes on that energy of love. You may notice it becoming illuminated with pink, with purple, with the various tones.

You then send an aspect of that out into the Universe and the remainder goes down into your physical Earth. As it moves within your Earth begin to see how it’s clearing out the Collective Consciousness. There has been so much work that is done to clear out the Collective Consciousness that it is already quite transparent. However, we infuse love in that aspect of energy that surrounds the entire earth and then the hologram goes through it down into the center of the Earth.

As it anchors within the center then expands outward coming up through the many, many layers of Earth and that love vibration and frequency goes into everything that is within the Earth. As it comes up through the surface your own ascension moves up within you. It comes through the grass, the trees the water. It is made for every single person upon the Earth. Some may be aware some may not, but it is there if they so choose.

Take a moment to breathe deeply feeling as your energies become integrated with what it is to be in that state of love. You then allow the remainder of your consciousness to come back down from the All That Is. It moves through the soul plane, it flows down through your Higher Self, it comes down through that cord of light and it anchors in your heart center.

This is another way in which you’re sending that universal love and light all the way down through you into the Earth and it is allowing that anchoring of Gaia up into the All That Is.

Every one of you are important. Every one of you has an incredibly important job if you want to call it, just because you’re alive and living on Earth. The fact that you are choosing consciousness and choosing expansion amplifies everything. Create that reality as you are moving through your day.

Consider for your life what your day will be as you allow love to be at the forefront. Consider the various situations in which you find yourself when you then allow yourself to be in a state of love. Love as an energy as a frequency can cut through so many other experiences that you may have. Therefore, as you allow yourself to be love it is going to open the door for changes of which you have no idea in this now moment. Be open to all that is present for you.

Beloved know that you are already loved because you are the reflection of your Soul and know that I am ever with you and within you.


This is Shelly Dressel channeling the Goddess of Creation; the feminine aspect of source essence, for the free teleconference offered on the first and third Sundays of each month. All rights are reserved. You are welcome to share this information; we just ask that you keep it intact. For further channels and information on both the Goddess and Shelly please see our website: http://www.goddesslight.net

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