Council of Overseers: Quantum Superconductor

We are present here with you now, again as always. We are the Beloved Divine Beings that watch over this Universe and orchestrate the plans set out before time existed. We are The Divine Council of Overseers. We exist in many Universes. Again, The Queen of Light is present, Sanut Kumara and The Pleiadian Council of Light as well as The Intergalactic Council of Light.

We function in Union as the unified Heart frequency that shifts all Beings everywhere.

You may view us anyway that you prefer. As ALL LIGHT throughout this Universe you may sense us.

It is through the Void, the Quantum Field, as well as through The Central Sun, as LIGHT FREQUENCY through the heart, that we activate the AWAKENING of the Superconductor within you. That is, your HEART frequency.

There are many technologies beyond human understanding that represent the power of the Central Sun, within the very DNA of every being. This is the consciousness of the entire Universe.

This becomes fully activated within you through your heart frequency and results in the consciousness of the Heart superconductor to be fully awakened.

This may be for you what appears as super human capabilities.

Many who have fulfilled their consciousness embodiments have demonstrated these capabilities throughout the Earth cycles.

These super human capabilities is what awakens and take you THROUGH the ASCENSION Process into being your awakened embodied Divine Cosmic God Self.

Even if what appears as the pole shift, with the impossible chances of surviving through that, with these awakened frequencies, the ease of going through this will be automatic for your as the programming is set, and was set before time, as the consciousness way to a NEW Earth way of being.

There are many shifts going on within your own frequencies, even now as you read this.

What will take place is included in the process of all shifts, to the greater power within you, your Heart, your embodiment ASCENSION.

So as you continue to be activated through this, feel the LIGHT of the UNIVERSE and your own consciousness merging with this. That is how you are already, we are simply removing thought processes and memories that take your awareness from this truth.

The more you bathe in these NOW frequencies through this the light, the greater the awareness of your HEART Divine Power, acting and serving you in this, awakens to these super human abilities, that always have been yours and are now eternally. That serve you in the moments to come, that you will be fully prepared CONSCIOUSLY for.

The expanded heart awareness as the vast light throughout this UNIVERSE is the BEING your DIVINE COSMIC GOD SELF that we are NOW activating you through.

Feel the warmth in your Heart. The Light that you are as the GOLDEN cosmic Light, that is the very fabric of your consciousness, pulse through your heart now. Throughout all of your cells and DNA.

Embodying this AS WHAT you ARE. Heart frequency as Light throughout this Universe.

In the sacredness of your preparation in the ritual of endless love, heart activation, we activate you now. Remembering always, this is already WHAT YOU ARE.

In this the warmth and activation of the Central Sun, we activate you even deeper now, as you feel this. ALL NOW.

**Channel: L’Aura Pleiadian