Extraordinary Things

An event is considered extraordinary when it is effortless.

What is the lure of the extraordinary? Why is ordinary not enough? Is it because it is the extra that makes life magical and keeps it from being just ordinary or is it more. What part of life has been forgotten, which when remembered, seems extraordinary?

Spiritual Seekers in particular are fascinated by unusual and synchronistic events. When these special moments happen, the delightful feelings that are produced are not only the result of something different and pleasing occurring, but also because at that moment an opportunity is available to revisit a reality where the extraordinary is the norm.

The cellular memory of each person remembers a Golden Age and longs for its return.
There are potential realities where every moment is exceptional. However, do not despair, the New Era has opened the pathway to such places. More importantly, as you fine tune your telepathic and imaginative skills, and more magical events find their way into your life, you will discover that your world is becoming a much more extraordinary place.

An event is considered extraordinary when it is effortless, occurring naturally and gracefully. When you tune into the guidance that is always available to you, life becomes filled with the energy of the Divine and when you connect to it, your life becomes a dance. As you participate in the flow of life, you are not only participating and observing all that it is good.

If this is not your reality at the moment, it is not difficult to make it so. First, you must have that intention, which is the primary requirement for accomplishing anything. Then it is important to realize that this is the reality that you deserve and which you are destined to experience. It is the default reality of a Spiritual Seeker.

After that comes the fun part, when you believe that everything will happen as it should and you allow it to do just that. Once you begin to see extraordinary things happening frequently, you will be well positioned to experience such events on a regular basis. Even when you become used to magical occurrences in your life, they will still continue to provide you with the same source of joy and amazement as when they only happened rarely. That is the beauty of it all, you get to be astounded by life all the time. This creates a perpetual state of gratitude in your Light Body, a cloud upon which you can float through your everyday existence.

Look for the extraordinary in all things. At any time, the most mundane object can present itself in the most magical way. You can be wondering about what to do in a particular instance and the answer may come from seemingly nowhere. You might even Google the answer and find a solution that is far better than you could have imagined. Alternatively, you may decide to just not do anything in a situation and wait for the solution to find you. Action is not always the answer, but timing is always essential. The answer to everything already exists, sometimes you must only wait for it to arrive—and it will.

It is not only the unusual that is extraordinary, the reoccurring cycles of nature and even the blossoming technology that is creating a global village, are part of the wondrous life that currently exists. Many choose to separate nature and technology; however, if everything is made up of energy, the only difference being a unique vibration, then, on a Quantum level, there really is no difference.

Isn’t it possible to receive the energy of a place by looking at it on your smartphone, as well as by actually being there? Many say yes, especially since we are able to connect to so many things etherically. Of course, if you look at a photo of the forest, you are not experiencing the smells and many other aspects of being there, standing on the Earth, but there is something, some aspect of the scene, perhaps the essence, that brings the energy of that entity, which is that forest, into your consciousness.

Technology, which some embrace and others shun, is another aspect of the extraordinary. Sharing information with almost the entire population, even primitive people living in the jungle, connecting with the outside world via satellite technology and cell phones, is extraordinary. All these discoveries, and those yet to come, already exist and will arrive in good and perfect time. They are not to be shunned for they do not take humanity away from anything, only towards something better.

Any time there is communication there is progress and when it is available to a large portion of the human population, creating less of a divide and more equanimity between the Earth’s inhabitants, it can only be good.

So look around, something amazing is happening right now. Oops, did you miss it? Don’t worry, it’s not always possible to see everything and another extraordinary thing will be coming along momentarily. That is life and what a life it is!

**By Wendy Ann Zellea