Uplifting Spiral

We are now being truly lifted, within the spiral of Creation, into a much higher dimensional tier as we truly step into the New Epoch, as the New Earth fully is unfolding.

In the next few weeks and indeed months, the great divide between the Old Earth and New Earth will be felt intensely.

With this, immensely powerful energies are pouring in as a Cosmic Portal opens over Christmas and New Year, and this is indeed bringing immense powerful shifts in consciousness. The shift is through the Open Heart and fully connected to the Soul.

This morning I was told that from now on, I fully need to create in the New Earth and consciously so. I was told that I now need to anchor in the New with great love and devotion. This affirms what I have felt intensely in the last few weeks, and indeed I will heed this guidance to the Tee.

The Old has served its purpose.

Whatever I have been before – is no more.

I now consciously choose the New and know I cannot create the New with the Old programming, old systems, and whatever else!

As soon as we totally let of the old, the past, a vacuum is created, and the Divine will immediately fill that vacuum, with something much better and more profound than before.

As I truly let consciously go of the old, I received the new Keys and Codes and the immense activations this morning which go way beyond words.

It brings crystal clear clarity, that there is an immense transfiguration, resurrection and rebirth going on, and I was told, that the preparations for this have come over many lifetimes.

I am deeply grateful for what is now unfolding.

Note, what is happening to me, may not be happening to you, for each soul will be given to the measure which they can handle and to measure in which they are ready for this, and in highest alignment with their own unique soul, their purpose and calling.

The exquisite beauty of Creation is that everything part and particle is unique, yet ONE. The One is the All and the All is One.

What a magnificent time to be alive and well and on the stepping into the New Earth, new life and new beginnings, with great love, awe and wonder! Joy!

**Channel: Judith Kusel


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