The Council: Realm of Imagination

“When you really allow yourself into the realm of imagination you begin to create new potentials, new possibilities as the infinite being that you are. The realm of imagination, where you play out possibilities and potentials.”

We are so pleased and delighted to be here with you on this glorious day indeed as we embark on yet another magical adventure, a magical experience.

Every day is an opportunity for you to celebrate. We say celebrate each moment of your life as this grand and magical adventure that it was intended to be when you chose this human experience as the place to be during this incredible time in human history, in your human experience on this beautiful Planet Earth at this time. Oh, such a magical time if you will allow it to be. So much to celebrate if you can allow yourself to be free. So much fun to be had if you will just breathe. Breathe in the beauty, breathe in the love, breathe in the magic and celebrate each moment of this magnificent magical adventure that you call your human experience.

You’re going into the time of the year where there is much to celebrate. You’re coming into the time of the year where it is your choosing if you will celebrate. You’re coming into a time of the year where you are welcoming in the new of the promise of what comes in this sparkling of the New Year, the sparkling of the holidays, the sparkling of all the celebrations. Really allow yourself to celebrate each moment of this magical adventure that is your life experience.

Some of you like the holidays. Some of you like the time when there are celebrations and traditions and ceremonies. And for many it can trigger a time of frustration, resistance, disharmony, old habits, old stories, limited thinking, expectations. And to that we say let go of the expectations and just celebrate each moment. 

We say that time is circular. We say that it’s like a spiral of energy going up and going down and going out and going in. It’s a circular experience, expanding and expanding and expanding upon itself. And yet when you collapse time, time becomes more restricted. It becomes more limited. There becomes a lack, or there becomes a comparison, or there comes resistance as you condense and collapse your experience of time into a comparison of other times past. And yet every moment holds the potential for the expansion of the moment where there’s more joy and more harmony and more bliss and more love and more abundance than ever before.

And so, no matter where you are and no matter when you’re listening to this and no matter what is coming for you in the days or weeks or month to come, remember, let go of the expectation, let go of the comparison, let go of the old, let go of the stories. Tell only the ones that you want to experience within this reality, within this moment of time. Tell only the stories that you want to expand upon from here. Tell only the stories of you as the powerful creator that you are.

Look how far you’ve come. Look who you are. Look at the magic all around you. You’re beginning to notice things that are reflecting back magic in your experience. You’re beginning to really notice that miracles are quite normal and natural for you, aren’t they? You’re beginning to notice manifestation just show up without any delay. You’re really starting to allow the realization of glorious manifestations.

You’re coming into this new awareness of TRUE CREATION, your incredible opportunity to let life present itself to you in the most magical and miraculous ways, knowing that you are so worthy that what you want and what you need and what you dream of shows up even before you know you need it, that it just comes and you say yes—yes to manifestation, yes to creation, yes to you, yes to life, and yes to each moment. There is nothing left to do here but celebrate, rejoice, for you are on a magical adventure. 

Before, you were—many of you were having a, meh, somewhat happy life experience. Some of you were having a very difficult life experience. Some of you came from very difficult situations, a very difficult childhood, very difficult experiences in your human existence, and yet you have moved yourself into an awareness that joy is really the basis for your life experience.

And as we’ve said, there’s always more. So once you really embrace that you are here to experience joy, not to suffer, not to struggle, not to have a difficult human experience but to have a joyful one— You’re not here to sacrifice and effort and force. You’re here to realize abundance and wellbeing. And then there’s more even beyond that as you begin to embrace yourself as the divine, sovereign being of infinite potential that you are, dear master, a divine, sovereign, infinite being of pure potential. Potential.

Even beyond having a joyful life experience where your wellbeing and abundance is assured there’s more. There’s more magic. There’s more miracles. There’s more manifestation, and there are new levels of consciousness on this grand adventure, and there are new levels of consciousness in this experience of true creation.

As we have said, there’s nothing left to fix. There’s nothing left to do. You have crossed the threshold. You have reached critical mass. You’ve done it. You’re there. You’re in a New Earth if you choose it. You’re in Heaven on Earth if you choose it. You’re in paradise if you choose it. It’s a state of consciousness, and from there a new magical adventure begins to unfold for you. 

Your realm of imagination is moving into manifestation and experiences of TRUE CREATION. When you really allow yourself into the realm of imagination you begin to create new potentials, new possibilities as the infinite being that you are. The realm of imagination, where you play out possibilities and potentials. And as you do, you begin to move new levels of manifestation and creation into the physical experience. There is so much more. And the more you become aware of the joy and the love and the peace and the harmony and the wellbeing and the abundance and the freedom that is here, well, it just expands, and there’s only more.

So, the playgrounds by which you learn to really master your power are health, your wellbeing, your body, your levels of self-love, to the point of realization. Another being money, finance, your service to the world, your gifts, your talents, your abilities, your abundance, all the way into knowing that there are INFINITE RESOURCES available to you. And your relationships with your families, with your friends, with your loved ones, with your partners, with your spouses, with yourself, with Source, and in oneness with All That Is and all that is here for you, to come into fully knowing yourself as the consciousness of God, oneness or unity consciousness, aligned to the infinite abundance and infinite wellbeing and infinite love and infinite intelligence that is the truth of you. And as you learn to live as the masters that you are or, better said, remember that you’re here to live as the masters that you are, and you master your power in these playgrounds of potential, you are bringing forth new possibilities to explore within these playgrounds.

Your physical bodies did not incarnate here to be sick and diseased and painful. That is not why you manifested a physical body on Earth at this time. You manifested a physical body on Earth at this time to play and create in new levels of consciousness within physical form. You came to explore. You came to have experiences in this physical body. You came to express yourself in this physical body. You came to expand through the experience of being physical, in form, on Earth at this time.

And yet there’s no judgment ever of where your physical body is in relation to your infinite wellbeing because we know the truth of you. We know that your infinite wellbeing is the truth of you and that in every moment it’s available to you and you can choose to align to it through the realm of your imagination and begin to move it into manifestation.

If you’re experiencing any pain or disharmony in your body we understand that it could get a great amount of your attention. And so we say whatever you can do to not resist the pain and allow yourself to be in harmony in the moment, in peace, whatever that takes, whatever that means for you. Not trying to change your body, not resisting, not in expectation.

We know you want health and wellbeing and vitality and energy. We know you want to feel good. But you don’t resist your way to feeling good. You don’t resist your way to feeling good. When you’re in resistance because of the pain, when you’re in resistance because of judgment of your body, when you’re in resistance because of judgment of your body, you’re not allowing your infinite wellbeing. It is the resistance, the expectation that moves you farther away from the experience of your infinite wellbeing, which is why if you need to slow down or rest or take time for you or spend more time in nature and not pushing and forcing and efforting, if pushing and forcing or even movement creates resistance, then slow down because stillness truly is the access point to an acceleration of infinite wellbeing, of health and vitality.

Go into the realm of imagination, which is also the realm of instant manifestation, which is also the realm of true creation—and not with any agenda or expectation—go into the realm of imagination and feel your way into alignment with your infinite wellbeing.

See your body immersed in the light. Feel the brightest light that you’ve ever seen flowing down from the top of your head, going all the way down your body, all the way down to the bottom of your feet and out the bottom of your feet and out the bottom of your fingertips and going through the top of your head and beaming out from your heart and shining through you, every cell of your body illuminated, lit up, radiant, filled with the light of infinite wellbeing, and shine that light and shine that light and shine that light brighter and brighter and brighter.

See yourself as illuminated fully in the light, the body that is you, the being that is you, the soul that is you, the God that is you, and feel your way into infinite wellbeing where health and vitality and energy flow to every cell of your body. Energy flowing to your body, vitality flowing through your body, health, healthy, whole, complete. Feel yourself whole, healthy, complete, full of the light and the love that is you. Infinite wellbeing, infinite wellbeing, infinite wellbeing is who you are, dear master.

And then there are some of you who would say in the playground of money and abundance that you are not where you wish you were, not where you feel free, not where you can experience life without worrying about where every dollar’s going to come from. And yet the truth of who you are is infinite abundance. Here in this human experience where there are infinite resources available to you, every single resource on this planet is here for you and available to you. You are not separate from anything ever unless you buy into a story that what’s yours is yours and what’s theirs is theirs and what’s mine is mine and what you don’t have isn’t yours and what they have could have been yours or if they have it all you have nothing or it’s all going out that direction.

Money is an energy. Money is an energy. That’s all it is. And you are energy, and you are light, and you are vibration, and you are frequency, and energy is a frequency and a vibration, and it has a consciousness just like you. As you begin to come into oneness to the consciousness of money and abundance and the consciousness of infinite abundance and the consciousness of INFINITE RESOURCES, and you truly allow the abundance of Heaven on Earth that is here for you in your experience of Heaven on Earth, and you come into the realms of your imagination and feel what it would feel like to live as a fully, wholly abundant, wealthy, rich, and prosperous being, the master that you are—

There is no archangel, no ascended master that you ever think of as struggling with money. No, they are ultimate creators. They are powerful creators. They are divine ascended master beings. And yet you would think of all of them as fully in the knowing of the infinite abundance that is available to them.

And you, dear master, are so worthy of right here, right now allowing your infinite abundance. And even better said, it’s time to celebrate your infinite abundance. It’s time to really celebrate how abundant you are. And we mean money to include your abundance. And yes, abundance also includes resources, connections, opportunities, relationships, time, love, ideas, inspiration, creativity—all part of abundance. But you’re not here as the masters that you are to be anything less than infinitely abundant. 

You are moving into higher dimensions of consciousness. You are coming into a state of consciousness where your wellbeing and your abundance is assured, and you cannot take the old stories and the old forcing and efforting into these higher levels of consciousness. They simply will not go. You will find yourself entangled back in lower levels of consciousness because they simply cannot go with you. And if you will come into the realm of imagination where the manifestation of infinite abundance has already occurred and where true creation would reflect to you every day how abundant you are, not only will you begin to feel your way into alignment to the infinite abundance that is here for you, but you really will be celebrating your worth, your worthiness, and your wealth.

You’re here to be abundant. Not the old way of forcing and efforting and struggling and suffering and figuring it out and making it happen and coming to levels of exhaustion and expectation and frustration to make the money you think you have to have. No. You come into the realm of imagination, and you align with the infinite abundance that is here for you, and you feel your way into it until every cell of your body is glowing gold light through your body, the gold light of wealth and abundance, the gold light of richness and prosperity, the gold light that is pricelessness. 

You are priceless. This experience is priceless. You being on the planet at this time is priceless. Your consciousness is priceless. Your vibration, your potential is priceless. The gifts you’re here sharing with the world, the sharing you’re sharing with the world, the sharing you’re sharing with others, the gifts you’re sharing with others, all of you, every part of you is worthy, is priceless. 

And then we would say it’s time to start having a magical adventure with all of this abundance. Start letting your experience of abundance be a magical adventure. Let yourself experience a relationship with money that you’ve never even imagined before. Allow yourself into the realm of imagination where there is instant manifestation, into true creation.

When you feel the freedom you wish to feel when you have the money you want to have, you will have the money you want to have because you felt your way into freedom, prosperity, richness, and embraced that you are priceless, and then allowed yourself to receive and celebrate yourself as you are priceless, a priceless being of infinite potential who is divine, who is sovereign, and who is free.

Allow yourself to feel the golden light of abundance shining within you. Let every cell of your body from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet and out your fingertips glow in the golden light of prosperity and richness. Feel, feel that golden light of abundance in every cell of your body and let it draw to you the richness that you are here to play with and create with as the master that you are on this magical adventure.

And some of you would say your relationships are not where you want them to be with your family or your children or your spouse, or you’re still waiting for the one, still hoping and wishing that that one person is coming, trying to wait patiently.

You’re a master. You don’t think about the ascended masters or the archangels coming forth in their message and guidance and care and support of you with some sort of side note where they complain about their spouse or their parent or their children or their boss or their employees or their friends. The ascended master beings that you are are sovereign, powerful within yourself such that you know you are whole and worthy and complete and embodying the divine love that you know yourself to be.

There is no out there. There’s no one out there that’s going to complete you. Only you can come into complete wholeness within yourself and then allow your relationships to be something you enjoy, something you celebrate, a way that you play, a way that you love to create, where you expand and have new experiences and more deeply express yourself. But not because there’s expectation that anyone outside of you could ever make you feel more loving or more loved than you yourself choose to be, because it is the truth of you.

Every relationship is just a label that you have placed upon that person with some specific expectation of how they are to act and interact by which you judge them against to see whether they pass or fail, whether you will be kind to them or upset with them, whether you will give them your love or withhold it. Every relationship is just a label you place upon them, beginning with your parents. You look out into the world as you get older, and you begin to create in your mind the perfect mother and the perfect father and then you spend years if not a lifetime comparing the perfect father against your own, comparing the perfect mother against your own, seeking outside of you the loving, kind, supportive parent that can only ever be realized within you.

The greatest gift you give someone is to be a portal by which they can enter the human experience, coming together to create life. And while we understand that nurturing, loving, kind, supportive parents is a very wonderful thing, as all of you are and continue to be at the highest levels of consciousness, understand that every parent has simply done the best they could based on their own level of consciousness and awareness, which may have fallen short of your expectation. Be kind. Be gentle. There’s nothing to forgive. There’s only love. And you as parents in your relationships with your children be kind, be gentle, be loving to yourself.

It’s an incredible journey, the experience of being a parent in this human experience. Your children are masters just as you. Will they all follow the same path? Not at all. Will they be what you think they should be? Probably not. They’re here to show you something new. They’re here to teach you in some ways. They’re here to add to the potentials and the possibilities just as you. Celebrate them, and celebrate that little boy or that little girl within you. 

And your families, all sorts of labels. Brother, sister, uncle, aunt, grandparent, cousin. You give the labels, and you assign them as family. And even when you have expanded beyond certain relationships or dynamics you continue to recreate experiences with them because they are family. And yet you are all divine, sovereign beings of pure potential and possibility that are creating and recreating your experience any way you wish it to be. If you were choosing to continue to have relationships with family and friends and those around you, you are doing it because it’s what you are choosing to create and recreate.

And you could continue to create an experience with them because you love it. But if you are going to create an experience with them choose one that’s fun and loving and joyful instead of the old stories of the disharmony and the frustration, the anger, and the judgment, because it’s not necessary anymore.

You can have any relationship you choose, but the most important one of all is the relationship you have with you. When you come into wholeness and fullness and align to the infinite love within you, it’s easy to love the other. It’s easy to just love them. Love them and let them be where they are. And know that you have the power because you are a master. You have the power to stand in the light, to emanate the divine love that you are and not entangle, not go into resistance and expectation and judgment, and just love them. You are not here to change any of them. You’re here to love them. As the ascended master beings that you are, you are here because you so love humanity, humanity, humanity.

No matter who they are they are still part of this greater thing you call humanity having this experience in physical form at this time, navigating through levels of consciousness, and one day indeed they will remember who they are. But what matters most is that you do and that you emanate this divine love that you yourself are.

Now, many of you are beginning to explore even another playground, a new playground. You are using the realms of your imagination to explore infinite intelligence, the wisdom, the knowing, the truth that is here for you through your own experiences of channeling, intuition, aligning to higher wisdom, exploring new levels of consciousness. Sounds sort of like a playground, doesn’t it?

And again we say realm of imagination where there is instant manifestation and true creation that is always available to you.

You’re not making it up. Your human couldn’t possibly. But there is more. And the more awareness you move yourself into and the more you begin to perceive and the more experience you have of it, it just continues to expand what you can perceive.

And for all of you who want to come into even greater levels of intuition and connection into infinite intelligence there’s a key important step. Just as you access the 5th Dimension of pure love, one must go beyond judgment. When you begin to perceive beyond, there is no realm of right and wrong. There is imagination, manifestation, and creation. There’s expansion, greater expression, and even more experiences to be had.

It’s a magical adventure, which is why many of you are beginning to connect into other realms of consciousness—the angelics, the fairies, the unicorn, the dragon. There’s many more realms. As you begin to perceive them you will experience them because there’s always more. There’s always more. There’s always more.

So, play, create in the realm of your imagination. That is the easiest, most effortless and miraculous path towards instant manifestation and true creation. It will move you into the awareness of the multidimensional being that you are, not just this human you think to be in this physical form. However, the more you celebrate each moment, the more you come into your power in the moment, the more you embody the master that you are in every moment, the better it gets, and the more it expands, and the more magical your adventure will be. And so it is.

Take a deep breath. Celebrate each moment of this magical adventure. Celebrate each moment. Come into your power in the moment, live as the master that you are in every moment, and a whole new magical adventure will present itself to you. And so it is.

**Channel: Sara Landon


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    Infinite NRG’s of ALL That Is

    Wishing for ALL SouLites to Focus

    On Unity LUV Consciousness

    Only Truely could Divine Change

    Nourishing Replenishing EartHome

    1. Lisa

      I don’t agree with some of what this article says. I do not think we are on Earth to play. I think we are on Earth to learn, to develop and to help others. LOVE is the most important element to this life. Staying in the present time is also important. Money has nothing to do with happiness. In fact, money leads to unhappiness and false expectations. This article sounds like someone the elitist of this world are listening to. Do whatever you want…it doesn’t matter who or what you hurt…this reality isn’t real anyway. No, I know they are wrong.