Deeper Into The Light

An “X-Class” solar flare traveling at approximately 2 million miles per hour along with a coronal mass ejection is due to make impact with our planet on Saturday, November 27th, 2021—the very day of the penning of this document.

It is an ultraviolet LIGHT wave with a profound glow or fluoresce.

The strength of this incoming LIGHT has yet to be discussed by many mainstream scientific data institutes; however, some have been monitoring this major electromagnetism.

Exploring the term LIGHT, as it is rendered into the English language, we find that it vibrates to the number “9” relative to the Pythagorean numerological system.

In the spiritual science of Kabbalah, this number is the letter “TET” which has the message of “PROTECTION”, “GOODNESS”, ABILITY TO ILLUMINATE THE PATH OF OTHERS, and HEALING”.

As the ZOHAR (“Splendor”, “Radiance”) states, which is an ancient foundational work on Kabbalah dealing with cosmology and other spiritual subjects: “Sharing LIGHT with others heals the collective”.

The Kabbalist Moses de Leon translated the ZOHAR from the original language of Amharic in the 13th century into Hebrew, and it is now available in 23 thick volumes in English.

In Kabbalah, the Hebrew word for letter is “OT” which translates as “vibration”.

Thus, each thought that arises within the human mind and each sound that is uttered carries an “OT” because the words of our thoughts and their audible sounds have “consciousness” or “life force”–vibrational frequencies.

Letters, which have sound currents, are energy conduits which connect with our cellular memory, and by doing so, they can re-program our DNA.

The LIGHT that is soaring to Earth/Gaia and which is increasingly potent is causing an opening of consciousness channels for those who are endeavoring to reach the greater heights of knowledge being imparted by cosmic phenomena.

The incoming LIGHT precedes the Solar Eclipse of December 4th in Tropical Sagittarius—the constellation of “Higher Knowledge”, “Philosophy”, and “Expansion”, and in Sidereal Scorpio—the constellation of “Transformation”, “Revelation”, and “Transcendence”.

The HOLY QU’RAN states: “God is the LIGHT of the heavens and the Earth”.

The BHAGAVAD GITA states: “The LIGHT of all LIGHT is beyond darkness”.

Psalm 36:9 of the HOLY BIBLE states: “For with Thee is the fountain of life; in Thy LIGHT shall we see LIGHT”.

The AXIOMS OF TEHUTI states: “God is LIGHT, and all things come from LIGHT”.

There are many other sacred revealed texts which speak of the holy phenomena of LIGHT.

No galaxy, planet, nation, state, region, or race has a monopoly on LIGHT.

It is far, far more than what has even been discussed herein.

These words are mere appetizers to the entree of LIGHT that is coming as we move deeper into the LIGHT of the New Golden Age having turned into birth position and making its way down the birth canal.

Technically, most ancient holy books which speak of the various ages or eons of the planet teach that many years and generations are yet to be experienced prior to the arrival of the New Golden Age, known in Sanskrit as “Sattva Yuga” which must be preceded by “Dwarpa Yuga” (where 1/2 of human collective consciousness has arisen to great spiritual heights) and “Treta Yuga” (where 3/4 of human collective consciousness reaches grand heights).

However, because SOURCE is merciful and compassionate, perhaps the time/frame can be shortened so that peace and healing can be accomplished sooner.

As the THRICE GREATEST HERMES text asserts: “Let us lay hold, therefore, of the beginning, and quickly speed through all we have to pass”.

There will be many more frequencies of LIGHT coming via various cosmic energetics such as solar flares, solar winds, plasma waves, solar sector boundary crossings, helio-spheric current sheets, comets, etc.—all of which are messages about galactic and planetary conditions which are in need of clearing-out, cleansing, adjusting, refining—whatever the case may be.

We must, therefore, keep focused on the Divine law that we transmit and receive at all times.

When a woman is close to giving birth, if she works outside the home, she usually takes what is known as a “maternity leave”.

With this as a metaphor, the human collective must consider itself on “birth leave” and relinquish being entrapped by the baubles, bangles, and beads of the material world of buy, buy, buy, spend, spend, spend, acquire, acquire, acquire.

Yes, certainly we need particular “things” with which to be comfortable, but when does the constant need to acquire more and more “things” end?

When does greed run its course?

When does the worship of SOURCE as only a quick mention over food or a one- hour sermon with a bit of music afterwards from a choir on a certain day of the week stop and SOURCE become the main focus of each day?

LIGHT is sending us this lesson.

When major earthquakes or hurricanes or tornadoes or floods are raging, people certainly are not thinking about the huge screen television or the fancy car or the designer clothing that they were going to purchase.

Yet, these kinds of weather occurrences happen after human collective consciousness has reached a point of chaos which must be addressed.

Scientific research over many decades has found that when hatreds, war, oppression, and other horrible conditions are happening, cosmic energetics are more prolific, and these energetics stir-up earthly electromagnetic activations, and our planet’s inner core and outer field is jolted, tossed, and surges with power.

This is called “Pralaya” which translates from Sanskrit into English as “strife”.

The “strife” is eventually, however, soothed and calmed, and Earth/Gaia is sent upwards to greater LIGHT and a quickening vibration.

The creation upon the planet receives the same activations days before, the day of, and for several days, weeks, or months after the strongest occurrences.

The activations—“Light Activation Symptoms’—are necessary for the continuing consciousness-transfer of the collective and its realizations of the lessons that must be learned and the changes that must be made.

Prayer, meditation, and employing spiritual and natural modalities, which have been discussed extensively in previous articles, is a requirement for acclimating to the incoming LIGHT that will be constantly flowing as the months and years of human time calculations move on into the infinitude of SOURCE whose time line is uncalculatable but which can be shortened or lengthened according to what the majority of the human collective transmits into the ethers via its thoughts, words, feelings, and actions.

It will receive accordingly. Victory to the LIGHT. More of “IT” is coming.

Be prepared.

The LIGHT can be sacred sustenance as it fuels the Great Central Sun and then the Sun of our galaxy and then our planetary home.

**By Dr Schavi M Ali


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  1. Alan

    Hello and GO*D Day Divine Beloved Self;)))
    Thank you for your wisdom.
    Yes, the more upheaval in the world the more cleansing is needed, And so ” as within so without “, bring peace within and there will be Peace without, the outer is a reflection of the inner. Heal your traumas and the world can change,.
    Always Loving You. grandfather ;)))