Operation In Germany; Part 1; The Great Quantum Transition

In Germany, the ops of Lightwarriors’ ground team were directly related to the tasks they, along with Co-Creators, were undertaking during Operation Black Sun (see – DNI, 24 November 2021). Namely, the elimination of the remnants of this Archons’ infrastructure on the Earth’s Subtle Plane.

One of its key centers on the planet was Castle Wewelsburg in the northeast of North Rhine-Westphalia.

In August 1934, the Castle was transferred to the SS and at the beginning was a museum and school for the ideological training of SS officers within the SS Race and Settlement Main Office (SS-Rasse- und Siedlungshauptamt).

In February 1935 it came under the direct control of the Personal Commission of the Reichsführer SS (Gruppenstab zbV, from 1936 – Persönlicher Stab des SS-Reichsführer) Heinrich Himmler.

The rebuilding of the Castle was supervised by the architect Hermann Bartels. In the early 1940s, he also prepared an ambitious project for the development of the area around which was never implemented.

The reconstruction used prison labor from the Niederhagen concentration camp. Around 3,900 men were held there, of whom 1,285 were killed or died of cold, hunger, and torture. From 1942 a crematorium was in operation at the camp.

Himmler planned to build a Center of the World (Mittelpunkt der Welt) in Castle Wewelsburg after the “final victory”. In 1945 the entire complex was blown up but most of the rooms lasted out and are now restored.

Adepts of Hitler’s Black Order were creating in Wewelsburg a localization of the Third Reich’s egregore’s core as the basis of a new Aryan global religion to replace all existing ones.

It was more than an egregore.

It would have been closer to the Logos if the Nazis had completed the plan.

They created a graphic Mandala, copying the Mandala of the Grail Cup, with the Destiny Spear (Longinus Spear) in the center.

According to this plan, the entire Wewelsburg was to be reconstructed.

The Nazis did not have time to carry it out in full. The Second World War, which they unleashed, ended in their total collapse.

For the Center of the World and the Logos of the Aryan religion was to be rebuilt the North Tower.

It was planned as a stepped pyramid of several stories and on the Subtle Plane as filigree cut crystal.

Each hall – level of the pyramid – would serve as a receiving and transmitting antenna.

Its spire at the top was to be linked to the Black Sun in the Local Universe, and the Altar in the vault with the eternal fire – to a micro-copy of the Black Sun inside Earth.

From an engineering-architectural and space-energy point of view, it would be a masterpiece. It was the North Tower, accurately restored after the war that became the Lightwarriors’ operation site in Wewelsburg.

The Third Reich was the ultimate project of the Dark Hierarchy. Black Archons used Hitler and his elite as a tool to implement their projects on Earth by their hands.

They allowed Hitler to play his game. Thus, his maniacal idea of breeding an Aryan race of ideal people with blond hair and blue eyes was 100% a figment of his violent fantasy.

The Fuhrer’s demonic handlers had nothing against it.

They didn’t mind, as long as he did what they wanted him to do. And he did.

What were the goals of the Archons and the Dark Hierarchy?

Why did they need the Third Reich and Wewelsburg?

The goals were many.

But the main one is to create a complete micro-copy of the Black Sun on Earth so that subsequently our planetary Logos could be transformed into the Black Sun.

The Black Sun is the Anti-Pleroma which was destroyed by the operation of the Higher Light Hierarchy and the ground team (see – DNI, ARMAGEDDON CHRONICLE. PARTS 1-4).

However, its micro-copies remained in the Local Universe and on Earth. Particularly, in Germany – in Wewelsburg and on the island of Rugen.

Co-Creators instructed Lightwarriors to eliminate the field infrastructure of Wevelsburg and the Black Sun Matrix that the Nazis had created.

There was an important reason for conducting this operation. Archons, acting through the Portals, attempted to use a part of the Black Sun’s Wewelsburg Matrix to take over the Logos of 5D Earth.

Thanks to the urgent intervention of the Higher Light Hierarchs, this was prevented and the core of the micro-copy of the Black Sun was annihilated. Therefore the ground team saw on the Subtle Plane in Wewelsburg only parts of the former infrastructure, including the remnants of the Black Sun Matrix.

The SS Generals’ Hall (Obergruppenführersaal) and the crypt in the vault were the centers of the Nazi complex. The Castle was constructed as a cellular structure, where each cell corresponded (or rather, should have corresponded, since the reconstruction was not completed) to a particular hall.

It is important to note that Archons began creating an Earthly micro-copy of the Black Sun back in 1815, when lightning struck the North Tower of the Castle, causing a fire. In such a way, its first aspect was delivered to Earth. And the active phase became the Third Reich.

As noted above, the creation of the artificial Black Sun Matrix, as a working model of the Anti-Pleroma on Earth, was not completed because the Nazis did not have enough time. Dark Hierarchs realized at some moment that they were out of time, they would never make it, and abandoned the project along with Hitler. What became of the Fuhrer without their support, everyone knows well.

On the Subtle Plane, the entire infrastructure of Wewelsburg remained abandoned, inoperable, and no one could revive it anymore.

But the remains of the Black Sun Matrix survived in the Castle energy field.

Its location was the Black Sun Mandala in the Obergruppenführer Hall and a recess in the floor immediately below it in the vault.

A gas pipe was connected to it, and an eternal flame was to burn there. The most secret rites of the Third Reich, including VOLUNTARY human sacrifices, were also performed there.

The Obergruppenführer Hall also served as a ritual and cult place, with a floor mosaic in the form of a 12-pointed swastika of the Black Sun surrounded by 12 columns, located above the so-called Valhalla, a crypt in the basement of the North Tower that continues the multiple 12 symbolism of the upper room. Valhalla symbolized the Grail Cup.

On the Subtle Plane, the core of the Anti-Pleroma Matrix was a super crystal. It was created from the human Monadic substance, one of the most perfect in the Universe.

The Nazis took the material for it from the Monads of people who had voluntarily sacrificed themselves.

Most of them were Germans.

During the ritual, they were burned alive in an eternal crypt’s fire in the basement under the North Tower.

This millennia-old proven technique allowed to capture and to use the Monad of a person who voluntarily agreed to be martyred in the fire. It was used by the Mayan Black priests. Another method of capturing the Monad was the atomic explosions. DNI narrated it (see – OPERATION IN JAPAN, PARTS 1 and 2). And the one more was the cremation chambers in the Nazi death camps (see – THE DESTRUCTION OF THE DEATH NEST PART 2).

Lightwarriors chose the center of the 12-beam Black Sun Mandala in the Obergruppenführer Hall as the point of the operation.

This Mandala was an attempt to counter the True Pleroma by taking the original symbol and distorting it. A usual technique of the Archons.

On the Nazi Mandala, the 12 rays are in the form of the sacred sign of Fire.

The broken lightning is a symbol of the Force, the Pleroma.

It is noteworthy that under the Mandala, i.e. on the ceiling of the vault, there is a copy of it, only scaled down.

It seems to sprout from the one depicted in the Obergruppenführer Hall.

Everything had been thought out down to the last detail. It was not just a mosaic, not just 12 columns and windows, not just the rooms of the Castle.

THIS WAS THE ARCHITECTURAL IMPLEMENTATION OF THE MATRIX OF ANTI-PLEROMA combined with its real aspect in the center, placed in the Monadic substance of the sacrificed people.

A genius of demonic thought, the crown of the Devil’s creation…

The construction of the artificial Black Sun and the artificial Anti-Pleroma became one of the most daring projects of the Archons on Earth.

While on an op at the Mandala center in the Obergruppenführer Hall, Lightwarriors attempted to clear the place with Perfect Light first. It didn’t work. At the crypt level, they ran into something very hard and completely black. The group decided to go down into the vault and continue the operation from there.

Lightwarriors stepped into the center and generated a pulse from the core of Pleroma. It was the most powerful vibration in the Universe so far, and nothing could resist it. The result was nil, they could only break off some shard, no more.

Then the group got serious about studying this absolutely black body. As it turned out, Lightwarriors were faced with a perfectly faceted crystal, the core of an artificial Anti-Pleroma’s copy. Such superpower and strength were given to it by the human Monads, or rather, their substance.

The group applied other techniques but in the end, had to admit that there was nothing they could do. The crystal could not be not only annihilated but even split. It had sprouted at every level, from the Earthly on the Subtle Plane to the Logos. For Gaia, it was like a bullet or a shard stuck in Her body.

Another peculiarity of the black crystal was also revealed. I was able to amplify the energy to infinity and extinguish any vibration to zero.

Lightwarriors realized that their options were exhausted and there was nothing else for them to do in Wewelsburg. They returned to the hotel to go to Czechia the next morning, where Co-Creators had instructed them to conduct another operation.

This did not mean that the group had given up. It needed time to think through new schemes and approaches to solve the problem. And the solution was not long in coming.

Already in the evening of the same day, their Higher Self had devised a scheme to eliminate the devilish crystal. On the Subtle Plane, they connected Lightwarriors to it and somehow initiated the process of Monadic diffusion. That is, their Monads began slowly sprouting into the black crystal.

Diffusion continued all the way to Prague. The group members endured the procedure very hard. Every “millimeter” of penetration meant contact with the substance of the crystal, and it was horrible.

Something similar to absolute necrotic, a very scary thing.

Lightwarriors’ bodies were processing it very hard, actually fighting for life. And they needed to drill to the core of the crystal.

It lasted two days. With spikes in temperature, blood pressure, heartbeats, chakral cough, and body numbness.

In Prague, the merging with the black crystal was completed, and the Lightwarriors felt better and drove to the site of the next operation.

The venue was Sedlice, located in Kutna Hora. It is famous for Ossuary (Kostnice) – a Roman Catholic chapel, located beneath the Cemetery Church of All Saints.

The chapel is ornamented with skulls and bones of human remains. It took about 40 000 skeletons to decorate it.

On the Subtle Plane, Ossuary is a macabre place, but from it (and with it) the group had to work, including on the Black Sun Matrix.

First, Lightwarriors decided to find out what was there originally? Higher Light Hierarchs conveyed only brief info: “This is the place through which death came to Earth.

After scanning it with clairvoyance, the group found out that it is a planetary Portal, through which the necro-reality was unfolding on Earth.

Kostnice turned out to be the former abode of the Death Goddess Morana. In the past, it was a giant repository of necrotic energy. Some of it was recycled in its time by the Light Hierarchy, and some more recently were annihilated on 5D Earth.

When Lightwarriors went inside Ossuary, it was, paradoxically, energy neutral. Already cleaned up nicely.

But the general oppressive necrotic background still rested, even purely emotionally. Perhaps it is due to the necro-magical rituals that are still performed in Kostnice about which much has been written on the Internet.

The team decided to use this location to destroy the Black Sun Matrix and the black crystal with which their Monads completed diffusion.

Kostnice was the best fit for this op because it created a native necro environment for the crystal. Lightwarriors used this Portal to infiltrate and capture the core of the Wewelsburg’s Matrix into their Monads.

Then they produced a powerful inner-Monadic explosion. As a result, the Matrix core was destroyed. Then the annihilation of the black crystal followed. At the end of the operation, the group cleaned the Kostnice by Absolute Light.

Thus ended one of the Lightwarriors’ most difficult jobs in their entire service. In the evening, they returned to Prague and the next day left for Munich. From there the group traveled to the Bavarian Alps, to Berghof where Hitler’s residence was located.

By the time the Lightwarriors got there, they were pretty sure that no big job would be done there. Initially, they presumed that the Third Reich egregore may have had roots left and that it may have been involved in the attempted takeover of 5D Earth.

However, after Wewelsburg, it became clear that the egregore of the Third Reich, as such, simply did not exist. Or rather, it existed but only in the structure of the Black Sun Matrix.

At the end of World War II, the egregore of the Third Reich became inactive. All those monstrous sacrifices of millions made by the Nazis in concentration camps worked precisely for the creation of the Black Sun Matrix crystal.

Therefore, in Berghof Lightwarriors only cleaned the area from retro-negative energy and information. They worked directly from the ruins of the bunker blown up by an Allied air raid on 25 April 1945.

In two runs, 275 British Lancaster and Mosquito bombers and 98 Mustangs of the 8th U.S. Air Force bombed the entire surrounding area.

They dropped 1232 tons of bombs. The ruins of Hitler’s residence and its surroundings existed until 1952. On April 30, 1952, by order of the Bavarian government, the ruins were completely demolished.

Today, the few remaining concrete structures in the forest are a reminder of the former residence of the Fuhrer, surrounded by beautiful Alpine nature.

The other major part of the Lightwarriors’ operation in Germany took place on the Isle of Rugen…

(To be continued)

**By Lev


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    Some falsity here and not trustworthy at all, even strengthening the brainwash on German history. Again and again, German history is a good criterion for how true or untrue the stories are. Now, as the truth should come in everywhere, it’s no longer the time to reinforce the lies of the past, it’s just counterproductive.

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